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PNPC - Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar



Character Information

  • Full Name: Be'RT
  • Race: Altoran
  • DoB: Unknown
  • Age: 35
  • Birthplace:
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Hair: He has black hair that seems to be partially standing up.
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Skin Tone: Pale white with light blue and light green shading
  • Build: On the light side of stocky with a fit, athletic body.
  • Identifying Marks: N/A
  • Clothing: Wears extremely expensive suits mostly but will wear what ever it takes to get the job done.
  • Voice: cool with a hard, rough undertone
  • Handedness: right
  • Tattoos: none


Ruchard is a human male and was born on New Scotland in 2354. He had a number of brushes with the law starting as a teen but never served any time and soon joined a street gang. His activities soon made him the one of the main leaders of the gang but he was also forced to flee the planet one step ahead of the law.

Little is known about what he did or where he was until 2374 when he was arrested on Corindis III. Unfortunately the witness vanished leaving no trace and he had to be released. Shortly after this he was recruited by the Orion Syndicate. He quickly climbed the ranks and soon had his own team of people.

In 2380 the Federation started cracking down on the Syndicate and he branched out, joining the Black Daggers, an independent sub-group within the Orion Syndicate.

In 2385 the USS Eagle captured a smuggling ship while on a routine patrol of the Trinity Sector. Based on the evidence and the data retrieved it was confirmed that this was most likely part of a larger problem. Star Fleet Command issued orders making this a top priority with in this sector.

In 2386 as a result of the ongoing investigation he was suspected of being the mastermind behind a massive smuggling and slavery ring that was operating in the Trinity Sector. This was shortly after he was supposedly promoted to the position of right hand man to Lord Vur Han'drin, head of the Black Daggers. A major part of this operation was the use of Starbase 118 as a transfer point for stolen or illegal goods.

In 2387 Federation Intelligence confirmed that Ruchard was indeed the right hand man with in the Black Daggers. A team was sent to apprehend him but they vanished. No trace of them has ever been found.

In 2388 he was arrested and placed on trial on New Scotland. Somehow his team of 5 lawyers were able to beat all 162 charges that had been brought against him.

In 2389 he was suspected of expanding his operations and was linked to the supply of illegal weapons, munitions and explosives to numerous terrorist, criminal gangs and other anti-social groups.

In 2392 he was the leader of a strike force of Maquis Reborn terrorists who captured several members of the USS Constitution-B's senior staff while they were aboard Deep Space 285.


His name has turned up in connection to a number of criminal organizations and activities, but most recently, he has been associated with the Maquis Reborn. One of his oldest known associates is Kav-Nhoo. He is suspected of being very intelligent, cunning, deceptive, completely amoral, violent, unpredictable, and technically loyal as long as it suits his own end game.

In fact he is one of the few people to have ever beaten a Zakdorn at any kind of game and supposedly he has done it twice. His brilliant mind seems to always be thinking 10, 12 maybe even 20 steps ahead. He also builds in numerous contingency plans, back up plans and fail safes to ensure his success

Hostage Situation on Deep Space 285

The real mastermind behind this attack was Ruchard who with months of preparation led his team onto Deep Space 285 on different shuttles to avoid detection. He was disguised within a lifelike costume of Kav-Nhoo, a Moropan criminal and thug that he had worked with a number of times in the past. Their mission, it seemed, was to capture senior crewmembers of the USS Constitution-B and vital information from the station's information servers. With lightning speed, they took the Infirmary, where the Ruchard posing as Kav-Nhoo quickly murdered an innocent Bolian nurse.

As the situation played out, Ruchard/Kav-Nhoo demonstrated his wanton violence and foul nature, being abusive to the hostages both physically and mentally, at one point shooting Commander Tal Tel-ar and nearly killing him and toying with the station's commander Glim Kyyrampa as she attempted to negotiation the hostages release. Once Haren Det had hacked the station's systems, the strike team teleported to a pre-arranged position and made for their shuttle.

At this point, it was revealed that Kav-Nhoo was actually a mysterious criminal leader with some unknown connection to the Maquis Reborn named Ruchard. He had been wearing an incredibly sophisticated replica of Kav-Nhoo's body. He explained that Kav-Nhoo was actually being held in a Klingon prison and their entire mission had been designed to drive a wedge between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. At this point, Haren Det betrayed her colleagues and teleported off the escaping shuttle and back to Deep Space 285, where she revealed her identity.

Ruchard and the other members escaped from justice. His strike team consisted of: Haren Det a female Terran and electronics expert who was secretly a Section 31 operative. Mark Hamp, a male Terran who was hired muscle and a skilled weapons expert. Shinsa, an extremely tall female Betazoid and hired muscle and Avine de Massard a Terran female and former Starfleet scientist female who was planted as a spy aboard the USS Constitution-B.

Current Whereabouts

He is known to be very active within the Trinity Sector as it seems to be the location for the headquarters of the Black Daggers. However he has and probably will continue to operate and plan various crimes in other sections and regions of the Federation as well. It is believed that he may currently be somewhere within the Trinity Sector.

Vital Statistics

Description The man who stood there was unusual in appearance. He had pale skin and his deep sunk eyes were large and menaceing.

Backstory Born rotten, Be'Rt only cares about 1 person, himself. Everyone else around him is expendable. He was born into incredible poverty on a back water sewer of a world. Their was no chance for advancement. All the individuals on the planet were there because they were criminals. Over a dozen species wandered around and worked in the mines. They had to work as the planet was incapable of growing food and had no native lifeforms. In exchange for the raw materials they dug from the ground useing nothing more than the strength of their hands and a few primative tools they were given food.


  • Organized other street kids at age 10
  • Killed his first man at age 12
  • Sold his mother into slavery at age 14
  • Became part of a criminal organization at age 15
  • Became a Lt in the group at age 17
  • Took control of the group at age 18
  • Planned and lead the attack that got him his first ship at age 21
  • Escaped from the prison planet with a picked crew at age 21
  • Became a member of the Orion Syndicate at age 23

Additional Information

  • Be'RT was the Captain of a vessel boarded during the USS Eagle's initial shakedown cruise. He was able to convince them that he was just an innocent freighter Captain with no knowledge of what it was he was transporting in sealed containers. See Federation Intelligence File # EAG-2385-0935
  • Be'RT was the Captain of the cloaked freighter that escaped from Miri IV while the crew of the USS Eagle were busy investigateing a murder planet side. He was transporting trilithium to the planet. See Federation Intelligence File # EAG-2386-4692
  • Escapes from the crew of the USS Challenger-A