Battle the Kentic (Columbia)(Victory)

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Columbia and Victory Learn of a New Danger Facing the Federation Stardates: 238205.24-238209.13

Victory Mission Synopsis: Battle of Truth

Captain Avatar and Captain Hurne after meeting on the Victory following the promotion ceremony of Robin Phoenix to full Commander discussed an apparent clandestine attempt by a race known as the Kentic to gain control of vital sectors of the Federation. It was determined by Captain Hurne after completing an intelligence gathering mission that this was a very real threat and needed to be dealt with immediately. The Victory's next orders were for shore leave while the Columbia was instructed to explore a nebula which is located near the Kentic homeworld. After realizing that this was likely no coincidence, Avatar and Hurne decided that the Columbia's upcoming mission was likely a trap by the Kentic to gain control of the ship. The two decided to go along with the plan of having the Columbia explore the nebula, but have the Victory standing by in case trouble arose.

After finding nothing out of the ordinary in the nebula, the Columbia picked up a distress signal from a Federation transport, the Maelstrom. Avatar sent over an away team to investigate as the distress signal appeared to be legitimate. In order to complete the transport, the Columbia's shields had to be down. It was at this moment, that two stolen Hyrook ships decloaked and locked a power sucking tractor beam onto the Columbia, rendering her powerless. The Columbia's weapons were no match for the Hyrook ships. Fortunately, Avatar and Hurne's plan of having the Victory in the area was a savior. The Victory was able to lure one of the Hyrook ships away from the Columbia diminishing the power of the tractor hold. The Victory and the Columbia were able to together destroy one of the Hyrook ships and severely damage the other.

Meanwhile, the puzzle on the Maelstrom was still being unfolded. Commander Franks and her away team found the crew to not be exactly what they appeared to be.

Columbia and Victory Prepare For Strike on the Kentic

The Victory and Columbia are still on their joint mission to explore the Kentic plans considering humanoid life in the quadrant as we know it. It is the hope of both Captain Hurne and Captain Avatar, the combined efforts of both ships and crew will ensure any and all Kentic invasion plans will fail before deployment.

After a swift but fierce battle with some stolen Hyrook vessels, the transport ship SS Maelstrom was boarded by a mixed team from both ships in a response to its sos. It soon appeared this transport ship was part of an elaborate Kentic plot to infiltrate both Federation ships.

The Kentic partially succeeded in their plot as the Columbia is currently under control by Kentic forces. Columbia fired upon Victory causing critical damage to its engines and communication arrays. Licking her wounds, Victory is being prepared to persuit the Columbia before it arrives at SB118.

Currently there are two away-teams. One under the command of Captain Avatar and one under the command of Commander Parker. Burdened with the tasks of exploring Kentic prime and investigating a possible Kentic listening post, both teams have set course away from both Starfleet ships. Though the situation looks grim with the Columbia under Kentic command, both crews must succeed as the future of the Federation and thus Sb118 hangs in the balance.

Columbia Completes Joint Mission with Victory

The Columbia and the Victory remain immersed in conflict with the Kentic invasion plot, however the tide has tipped in the favor of the crews of these two brave crews. With the crews mixed and split into three teams, the pieces of the Kentic puzzled have started to come together.

A team lead by Commander Parker, successfully located the original bodies of the Starfleet personnel who had been replaced on a moon in the Arrpell System. Although the officers had no knowledge of what had transpired, their Kentic replacements were able to tap into their consciousness to make convincing imposters. Parker and her team were successful in the liberation of hundreds of Starfleet officers, as well as destroying the moon base in order to prevent future Kentic transgressions.

The Columbia was recaptured by non-replaced Columbia and Victory personnel. This was made possible by both a daring mission lead by Commander Phoenix as well as Commander Parker's mission in the Arrpell System. At this time, the Columbia is in the midst of being purged of anything Kentic.

The third team was lead by Captain Avatar, who used the Federation Transport Maelstrom, which had also been previously under Kentic control, to force a settlement from Kentic Prime. However, once the Maelstrom reached Kentic, the ruse of her pretending to still be under Kentic control failed and she found herself under attack by Hyrook vessels who were under control of the Kentic. After crash landing, Captain Avatar's team made contact with a group of Kentic resistance fighters. It was here that it was learned that the Kentic are dying and there are those who are desperate to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of their race, including invasion of the Federation. The Resistance provided Avatar with the location of a ship as well as the subspace frequency used to enable Kentic replacement technology.