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The Bat'leth is not up on the promenade of Starbase 118. It is down in the "bowels" of the starbase not far from Mundok's Bar. The Bat'leth is not surprisingly run by a male Klingon named, H'Nok V'Kor (37). The "Batleth" is much more than a bar. V'Kor leases an arena in a space adjoining the bar. Anyone wanting to "settle things" with an enemy can go to the Batleth, and for a fee - they can go into the arena and settle their dispute. Of course, this has not gone unnoticed by Security. V'Kor gets away with it by calling the matches "full contact combat training." He is an accomplished Martial Arts instructor and holds classes on the base. Before any match, V'Kor will actually spar with each combatant for a moment or two just to insure that they are capable of defending themselves. Pity the fool that tries to go into the arena drunk. V'Kor has little patience with such people. He paid for holo-projectors to be installed in the arena area. He has a EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) that will treat the injured. V'Kor charges both combatants 100 credits to use the arena. Of course whenever someone comes in to mix things up - the people in the bar want to sit in the stands and watch. They can, for a price. (V'Kor is, after all, a business man.) To keep Security off his back, V'Kor requires both combatants stay and eat together on the house.

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