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While sleeping in a empty storage bin that she had found and was able to convert temporarily into a room she recently started to have dreams of places, people, and events that she did not remember. She had been on her own for as long as she could remember, going from place to place after someone ran her out of the various sleeping places. She was able to get odd jobs fixing electrical things for merchants, and was also able to fix electrical things that she found in the various garbage bins and sell them.

Being on her own she soon learned different ways to protect herself, for the most part. A few times she had been beaten and what little credits she did have, was taken. There were times it had taken a long time to heal and garner enough again for food. But, she always bounced back, eventually.

A few years back, she started hearing things in her head. It was like everyone was talking all at once even when there were not enough people to account for what she was hearing. It was starting to drive her mad until she decided to start shutting them out. After three or four years she finally was able to listen to just whom she wanted to. Using that and her fixing ability she was able to make enough credits to make an appointment in one of the fancy Starfleet medical units. She wanted to find out what she was and hopefully how old she was. Maybe they could also tell her who she was.

The medical report came back: Gender: Female Species: Betazoid Born: unknown, approximately 18 years old Parents: unknown

(( Sickbay ))

Dr. Nadia: I am Dr. Nadia, I will see what I can do for you. Will you let me try and help you? 
Girl: Y--Yes please, no one else has tried. 
:: Dr. Nadia took an interest in her after finding out that she knew nothing about herself. They talked for a while trying to come up with a name to call her, finally settling on Bas. She like the name and for some reason it felt right for the girl. :: 
Bas: What is a Betazoid? :: She asked Dr. Nadia :: 
Dr. Nadia: They are a humanoid telepathic race from the planet Betazed. An integral member race of the United Federation of Planets. 
:: Bas thought over what was told to her, then centered on Telepathic race. :: 
Bas: What does Telepathic race mean?
Dr. Nadia: A race that are able to read and talk with their minds.
:: What had happened to her made sense now. ::

((Some days later))

Dr. Nadia had taken her to Starfleet Academy Admissions office. They put her through a series of placements tests to see where she would fit in at. Dr. Nadia had acquired documentation that they needed for her to be able to start the academy. Dr. Nadia had attained guardianship paperwork, since they could not figure who her parents were. ::
When the placement results returned, she qualified in computers, electronics, engineering, administration. Their suggestion was major in Administration and computers with minor in electronic engineering. She accepted their suggestion after talking it over with Dr. Nadia. ::
She started Starfleet Academy the following term. For the next four years she did nothing but study hard in all her classes. She graduated with As and Bs in most all her classes. She graduated at the age of twenty-two and was offered the position of Captain’s Aide on Starbase 118, which is a top of the line assignment. ::

Service History