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Lieutenant Drake Barlow was a Chief of Surgery serving the USS Challenger


  • Full Name: Drake Barlow
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human Gene Type (Beventokian)
  • Place of Birth: Royal City Beventok Empire
  • Eyes: White, no pigmentation.
  • Hair: White


See personal history.

Personal History

An Introduction to the Beventokian Race

The Beventok citizen known as Drake Barlow is second in the Royal liniage to become King for the systems controlled by the Beventok Empire. The Empire is based as far as the Federation can descern and understand at this time on a Monarch model. The Beventok Empire consists of approximately 100 class M planets. By diplomacy and agreement with other Non-Federation planets the Beventok Empire controls another 275 class M planets.

The planet Beventok is a class M type planet with a lighter gravitational field then Earth Standard. The planet land mass is made up of 80% land with only 20% water. The result is a planer that is hot and dry when compared to Earth Standard.

The Beventokian race has developed a Camila type skin pigmentation. As a result of this genetic survival process all Beventokians are able to match the color of there skin to that of there surroundings. While all Beventokians innately have this ability, only the Royal liniage can change there skin color to a Royal Metallic Blue.

As a result of these genetic changes and there home world environment a typical Beventokian is a talll slight race with no need for clothing. A typival Beventokian finds clothing to be restrictive and ugly.

The Royal Family

The Monarchy of the Beventokian Empire understands the benefits of joining the United Federation of Planets. The Empire itself rests more on mutual betterment for its citizens then on intimidation or military threats.

Because the Empire is contemplating joing the Federation and because Drake Barlow is, while Royal, will most likely never become King, it has been deemed most pratical to train one of the Royals in the ways of the Federation.

Professional History

While in the Academy it was his fellow cadets that came up with the name "Drake Barlow". Because of his Roayl Metallic Blue skin pigmenttation it reminded the Human cadets of the Earth male Mallard duck, that also has the same type of coloring.

Drake Barlow liked the name so much that he instructed Federation Command to always address him as "Drake Barlow".


Drake Barlow as a Royal has already had training in piloting, star navigation, combat (space and planetary) and engineering to Beventokian standards. This is reflected in the age of Barlow as he en-rolled in the Academy. However, Drake Barlow is very pleased to be released from Royal Duty. He has found a large amount of personal freedom. As a result, during the Academy training Barlow has not driven himself hard to perform. Barlow has gotten into trouble, generally at the expense of the Federation. The troubles includes: Unauthorized use of Federation equipment, including shutlecrafts. Inappropriate use of transporters, public intoxication and several weeks in the brig.

Is romantically linked to Shannon Riley, Sidney Riley's twin sister.

Transfer History

238403.03 Transferred from USS Discovery-B to USS Challenger

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