Bajoran Militia

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Bajor's equivalent to Starfleet is the Bajoran Militia. The militia contains a large number of personnel who were active during the Resistance, as well as engineers and medics, and is responsible for homeworld operations as well as interplanetary and spatial operations, such as some of the maintenance of Deep Space Nine.

The Bajoran military hierarchy runs as follows, from lowest ranked to highest:-

Militia Ranks
Field Colonel
1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant


The militia operates in divisions, denoted by different coloured uniforms. Command-branch officers wear terracotta and red; security wear tan and brown; engineering and ops wear grey and either green or mauve, and medical wear blue and copper.

Command Security Engineering Medical
BajoranCommander.jpg BajoranSecurity.jpg BajoranEngineer.jpg BajoranMedical.jpg