Badges Procedure

The following guidelines outline the awarding of badges.


Any member who has completed training and the badge requirements is eligible to receive the badge.


Any Captains Council member or observer (Commanders and First Officers) may present a badge unless otherwise denoted.

Non-staff Lieutenant Commanders acting as facilitators for teams or committees (or other such ad hoc bodies such as forums, etc.) may request that a staff member review a list of nominations for badges. The staff member is responsible for carefully reviewing such a list and editing or asking for clarification if necessary. The approving staff member may then delegate the presentation of such badges to the non-staff Lieutenant Commander, but the staff member is still responsible for reporting the badges as detailed below.


Each month, all badges presented in the previous month must be reported to the Captains Council by the presenting or authorizing staff members. A form on the Captains Council website will assist in this simple process. The form may be filed at any time (for example, a captain may file a report for just one badge), but we encourage all staff members to batch-report badges.


Badges may be presented at any time.


Players can receive more than one badge at a time, and can also receive a badge multiple times through enhancements -- a marker on the wiki that denotes repeated achievement.


Badges are presented only Out Of Character, and should not be presented in sim.