B'Sara Cody



B'Sara Cody


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Private Investigator
  • Company: D&B Cody Investigations Firm
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Marital Status: Single

  • DoB: 237804.20
  • Weight: 128 lbs
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Deep Space 17
  • Telepathic/Empathic Abilities: T4/E6

Awards and Service Ribbons
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B'Sara Cody is a private investigator, one of the two owners of D&B Cody Investigations Firm.

Character Information

  • Full name: B'Sara Cavann Cody
  • Race: Betazoid
  • DoB: 237804.20
  • Age: 15
  • Age in Appearance: 25
    • B'Sara appears ten/eleven years older than her true age due to a unique genetic marker.
  • Gender: Female
  • T/E Rating: T4/E6 (See Telepathic Prowess)


  • Adopted Father: David Cody
  • Biological Father: Unknown
  • Mother: B'Selle Cavann (Deceased)
  • Siblings: None


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 104 lbs.
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Hair Style: Wavy/Curly, past her shoulders
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Build: Slender


Mysteries Surrounding the Birth and First Five Years

B'Sara was born in a private practice run by a Son'a geneticist, Dr. Eileen delaSouza, on Deep Space 17, the daughter of one of Dr. delaSouza's nurses, B'Selle Cavann. Her mother had come to Deep Space 17 three years prior in 2375 when she was twenty and answered a job opening, although she didn't have a large skill set outside of her own empathic abilities (which she was already supressing- wanting nothing to do with them). A young, beautiful Betazoid who became a nurse for the geneticist, not knowing that Dr. delaSouza had ulterior motives for wanting B'Selle.

The circumstances leading up to the impregnation are unknown, but B'Selle was known for her lascivious behavior. In the late summer of 2377, B'Sara was conceived on what was later determined as a genetic experiment to design the perfect Betazoid. It remains unknown who B'Sara's biological father is, as delaSouza is the only one who knows and the geneticist hasn't been seen or heard from since she set off bombs to destroy an illegal clinic she was running at the Starbase.

B'Selle was killed in what originally looked like a Gorn gone rogue in the prelude of the Gorn Invasion. Later investigations by the Deltan security officer, Ban Storos revealed an elaborate cover-up homicide commited by Dr. delaSouza, which led to the events that permanently closed her clinic and illegal operations at the beginning of the year in 2383. B'Sara, already growing rapidly, wasn't yet five years old when she became a Ward of Starfleet.

She was discovered not far from her mother's body hiding in a utility closet by a member of the USS Independence-A's senior staff, science officer Lt. Allen Cruise, who removed her and took B'Sara straight to Sickbay.

Influences Shaping the Path

B'Sara Cody

B'Sara's most profound influence that shaped her life was the crew of the USS Independence-A, the people she refers to as "her angels" after the loss of her mother and took care of her with love and support as dealt with the loss of her mother. Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi (Ret.), LtCmdr. Sidney Riley, Lt. David Cody, Lt. Alana Devar, and especially Lt. Allen Cruise. They all played a role in shaping her life, but the roots of her family baring were forged by David Cody, as he was always there for her, and the closest person in the universe she could come to think, feel and believe as her father.

Time and the life of a Starfleet officer separated B'Sara from her angels as she spent more and more time at the station's Sickbay as a result of Dr. delaSouza's genetic tampering, which became evident as her body began to grow at an extreme rapid pace and forced her into maturing rapidly along with it as the result of mutating genetic markers. She spent more time in Medical than she did in living quarters as the entire staff of Deep Space 17 Medical began to search for and figure out what Dr. delaSouza had done over the next two years, finally developing a medication aimed at blocking certain receptors B'Sara's mutations were triggering.

She also spent a large chunk of her time with the station's counseling staff, helping her emotionally and preparing her intellectually to deal with the rapid fire changes happening to her body, including puberty and rapidly changing emotions that often times made her feel like some kind of freak of nature. In the beginning of 2386, B'Sara had completely changed from a little girl into the appearance and mindset of a seventeen years old girl. There was nothing that could be done.

With the support of her counselor, LtCmdr. Barbara O'Donnell, B'Sara focused her goals to become like her angels, and try to get into Starfleet, despite her actual biological age. She made that decision and after conferring with LtCmdr. O'Donnell, they developed a two prong strategy, where B'Sara would return to Betazed and enter Starfleet through its Outreach Cadet Training Program on Betazed. Two years on Betazed and transfer into Starfleet Academy on Earth for an additional two years.

On the eve of her leavetakings, the Independence came back. And emotionally charged, knowing she hadn't seen the man in over two years but was always in both her mind and heart, B'Sara found herself trapped in another crippling attack on the starbase that nearly destroyed it, and once more the Independence, more shocking, the man she felt should have been her father now commanding, came and helped her out of the rubble.

It was a turmoilous reunion, and seeing David Cody again, she knew. She knew that despite the years, he had somewhere along the way come to think of her as his daughter. Which meant more the universe than anything she could have ever asked for: a dad who loved her. They spent a grand total of three days before she shipped out, but they were the best and worst days of her entire life, as with the Independence's return, came a powerful vision that another David Cody would come for her dad.

With promises for a better tomorrow, B'Sara departed back to Betazed, although still frightened and scared for her newfound father and whether or not her vision would prove to be true. Her life at her mother's homeworld proved to be both a blessing and a curse. While she was expertly trained dealing with her enhanced abilities, B'Sara felt farther and farther removed from being able to co-exist with other people, while learning everything she needed to excel at the Cadet Academy and prepare herself for Starfleet Academy. The blow came within her third year, that her guardian angel, her focus, her influence, and "dad" figure, Commander David Cody, had mysteriously disappeared from his command, the USS Independence-A. Vowing to find out what happened, B'Sara threw herself into her studies, dead set on getting to the Academy and back out to DS17 so she could track down the only father she ever knew.

At the Academy, several changes regarding herself as well as her view changed. B'Sara never thought much about her own sexuality, in part due to what she remembered of her biological mother's promiscuence. Her roommate, Alicia Descartes, opened her eyes to a larger picture and learning about herself, B'Sara discovered an attraction toward both men and women. Alicia was intrumental in guiding her to remaining open to ideas and possibilities, which helped her, not only as a person, but within the scope of her studies in both genetics and computer science. She found a peace that eluded her during the turbulent years of childhood, and honestly, the Academy years were the happiest of B'Sara's life. But she never lost focus of her goals.

She wasn't the best, or the top elite, but B'Sara graduated within the top fifteen, due to her work in her respective fields. Along the way, she adopted her chosen father's "tinkering" traits when she cracked open the Morgan silver dollar he gave her a child and made significant modifications to the MCS (Morgan Communications System). She requested her assignment, but instead of landing back on DS17, Starfleet chose to send her to Starbase 118 Ops, where confluence struck and unsettled emotions rose to the surface as Commander David Cody was also there. But something was off from the get-go, and it led to B'Sara's temporary brig confinement as well as getting thrust into the middle of what appeared was a personal relationship between her chosen father and the station's commanding officer, then Captain Kali Nicholotti.

When the truth came out, that David Cody was outside the galaxy, B'Sara almost broke Starfleet regulations but got a hold of herself as an all out launch from Starbase 118 commenced to bring him back. It was a turbulent time for her, torn between duty and family. By the time they got back, with her father comatose and not knowing when or where he was likely to come out of it, B'Sara took a break. She needed time away to come to terms with the father she won the right to carry his name, and be there. She took temporary rights as a daughter to his property so she could make sure nothing happened, and everything would be there when he came back (not if... she will never consider the possibility her father won't come back). As a result, she came into contact with the last of her father's immediate family, Deborra Turok, who came out to the Starbase to facilitate David's care and deal with other matters pertaining to the family business.

B'Sara spent a considerable about of her time with Deborah (also a Betazoid), coming to understand and appreciate the elder Betazoid as well as learn about influences, how much of David was influenced by Deborah, and understanding herself much more. Deborah, in turn, once she had established the legalities, recognized B'Sara as David Cody's legitimate daughter. An unforgettable night between her and Deborah made B'Sara understand the true relationship between the (not) siblings and why David and Deborah would always consider themselves as a true brother and sister, giving her a greater understanding of her father, and her Aunt. Deborah offered her a job with the family company, but B'Sara declined, feeling she needed to stay with Starfleet for the time being.

Once the emotional crisis settled, B'Sara came off her leave of absence and went back to Science, settling in at the Starbase before Starfleet reassigned her to the USS Excalibur-A.

Cadet Outreach: One Hellish Year

Inbound to Betazed's Stafleet Cadet Outreach, B'Sara had problems from the start, largely from her mutative genes painting her ten years older from her biological age, which the Board of Supervisors used to block her entrance. B'Sara found, for the first time in her life, having to prove herself not only capable, but mature, as there was a prominent House member sitting on the board that decided she didn't belong anywhere except either in Medical, or in some kind of Science monitoring lab due to her genetic mutations.

B'Sara did the only avenue left to her. She doggedly pursued a hearing in front of the entire Board to hear her case. And even still, half were divided to whether she should be allowed in at such an early age, despite appearing eighteen, and even proving her learning capacity. The Board wasn't sure if she was even remotely ready to tackle advanced learning. She was willing to let them test her, but the major House player wasn't going to let her near Cadet training.

It took three hearings and two letters of recommendation from her former counselor, Commander O'Donnell, and from Commander Cody, before she was able to overturn the Board decision (aided by an unexpected source, the House of Turow’endial) and was admitted into Starfleet Cadet Outreach. B'Sara proved her worth that year, not only by her stubborn tenacity, but also by her developing intelligence. She found herself gravitating into Science, specifically in genetics and computer engineering (the latter an influence from Cruise and Cody).

It was supposed to be a two year run, but B'Sara proved herself by exceeding her mentors' and support's expectations. She tested out of several general education courses and earned enough credits for two years, earning her ticket to Starfleet Academy on Earth, despite a major emotional upheaval that happened at the end of her year.

It came in the form of Captain Patrick Ainsworth, to inform her that Commander Cody had disappeared off of the Independence, and might have been killed, while she was in class. The news just killed her, almost to the point of not finishing. Angel, rescuer, father... B'Sara barely got on finishing reeling from the grounding force of the father she never had, suddenly ripped from her life in the worst possible way.

It also made her determined. And Starfleet balking on giving her any details surrounding her father's disappearance only made B'Sara head balls into the Academy, if nothing else, to get back out there and find out what happened.

Starfleet Academy

B'Sara landed in San Francisco, despite attempts to get herself over to Paris (only if it would land her a little closer to Cody Distillers in Skye) and continued pursuing a career in Science, staying within the field of Programming, Engineering and Genetics, the latter of which fullfilled one of the two specializations needed. She chose Physics for the other, since she thought it complimented genetics. Coupled with her direction in program engineering and carrying a piece of unique construction, she quickly fell in love with system and structure design.

Social wise, it was much harder for B'Sara, since her actual age got into the way (in her mind more than circumstance) over her appearance. She flirted around a bit, enough to know a few things about the opposite sex and remembering her mother's voracious appetites when it came to men, decided intimacy on that level wasn't something she was keen to explore. Emotionally, she wasn't ready for anything serious beyond a date. On a more personal level, she didn't feel like she really could connect with anyone. She had friends, some of which she continued to connect with after they finished, but at the end of the day B'Sara felt like she wasn't an adult any more than she was a child, or a teenager. She always felt trapped, continuing to suffer growth spurts despite the medical regimine she kept up.

But she stood proud when she finished, maybe not at the top of her class, but she placed well enough to earn her ticket to starbase 118. B'Sara just wished her angels could have been there to see her graduate, especially "dad". It was one of the best moments of her life, and seeing her first ambition fulfilled, to become a Starfleet Officer.

She was dispatched to Starbase 118 on October 1st, 2389.

Personal Notes

Interests and Hobbies

B'Sara picked up a rock hound bug when she came to San Francisco. Her current prized find was an eighteen inch amethyst geode she traded a silver peace dollar for. She likes various things out of cultures and history. She spent several months on an archaeological dig in Mexico during a summer break, finding a new love for the field (and a couple of silver Reals she got permission to remove).


B'Sara inherited a somewhat smart alec, snarky outlook to make up for the beginning bleak years, modeling herself somewhat around David's personality. However, despite her snarky quirks, she is compassionate (sometimes extremely passionate, of which she admits she's working on) and keeps an open mind. She does get a little brash at times (she blames David for it), a bit impulsive, but her inquisitive nature helps to balance the firey enthusiasm of youth.

Likes and Dislikes

She is known for being a coffee hound, and in quarters, usually doesn't wear a whole lot. She absolutely loves chocolate (and cold pizza, of which she has a tendency to eat for breakfast), and doughnuts. Putting cholocate around her is a really bad idea. She loves archaelogy where she developed a love for rock climbing and cave diving, two sports she'd love to have more time doing.

Notable Relationships

Family History

B'Sara doesn't know much about her actual biological family, having lost her mom in the summer of 2383 during the Gorn Invasion and it's questionable whether there was a biological father in the picture or it was chromosome donations from several. For several years she was a ward of Starfleet, accepting them as her family, and the Independence crew.

During her first year in school, B'Sara made a choice to ask what had been a father role model to her, David Cody, if that could a permanent thing. Unfortunately before she was able to ask about adopting her, he went missing from the Independence. She nearly left the Academy to go search for him, but held off in the last minute. She wanted access to Starfleet resources, so she finished her studies and was outbound to StarBase 118 to start her career and pick up the trail.

She didn't expect to find David at the Starbase, or in the brig. Half-tired and stressed, B'Sara reacted, and badly, in part from the frustration of not being told (mostly because even she wasn't legally his, she was acting as such). They did not reconsile until an unlikely source, in the form of her commanding officer, Captain Kalianna Nicholotti approached her during a celebration event between three ship crews and dropped a bombshell that made B'Sara realize what she had just stepped into and left feeling both an interloper and defeated.

However, the Captain brought her home and the second time around after David arrived, B'Sara found her endgame when he finished the application and the Captain signed off on her paperwork. On stardate 238912.14, B'Sara was officially adopted as B'Sara Cavann Cody.

After her father was recovered, B'Sara was able to establish parental visitation rights and during her time off, made her first call to David's family, or rather, talking with Deborah Turrow, which became a rapid fire conservation as Deborah quickly grilled B'Sara (of what B'Sara claims felt like an interrorgation) on the specifics of her relationship and David's current condition. Followed by a first meeting when Deborah came to the starbase to deal with family business. It was a rather unique experience for B'Sara, who gained a chunk of insight into some of her father's characteristics molded after Deborah's decades of influence growing up together. Her relationship with Deborah is slowly developing.

Career History

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Ensign 238910.01 - 239008.01 Starbase 118 Ops Science Officer
  Ensign 239008.01 - 239201.10 USS Excalibur-A Science Officer
  Civilian 239201.10 - 239306.15 JTSC Intern
  Civilian 239306.22 - Present D&B Cody Investigations Firm Private Investigator

Professional History

Out of the Academy onto Starbase 118, B'Sara got off to a rocky start setting off the controversy around the reappearance of what ended up being a biomatrix construct of Commander David Cody, of whom she had set out to find out what happened. It was not B'Sara's finest hour, and following the wake of that mission, took some time off to get her head on straight and keep vigilence over her adopted father, brought home, and in a coma.

Coming back, B'Sara settled within the Science department on the station within Research and Development, continuing studying some of technology that came up while gradually branching into her fields of study between computer programming and genetic research. She adapted herself into the department when she was reassigned to the USS Excalibur-A. She later retired from Starfleet as her father's caretaker when he came out of his coma in the beginning of 2392 and went home with him to Mars, enrolling in one of the nearby universities.

Interning with the JTSC, B'Sara finished her degrees in criminology and trade economics last June, with the intention of launching a private investigation firm. Having stopped in at Deep Space 285 to visit with her father, she liked the location well enough to file for permits, which enabled her to open the investigation firm during mid-summer of 2393.


Starbase 118 Ops