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USS Avander
Ensign Azul


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Ship: USS Avandar
  • Position: Helm/Comm./Ops
  • Race: Tellarite/Terran hybrid
  • Gender: Female
  • DoB:
  • Birthplace:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Eye color:
  • Hair Color:
  • Skin:
  • Build:
  • Handedness:

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Ensign Elopii Azul, a Tellarite/Terran hybrid, served aboard the USS Avandar.


  • Full Name: Elopii Azul
  • Nickname: 'Lopi
  • Race: Tellarite/Terran hybrid
  • Date of Birth: 236101.01
  • Place of Birth: Aboard ship in Bajoran Space
  • Age: 33
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: E0/T0 Telepathic/Empathic Scale Azul feels emotions very strongly which can be distracting or annoying for some Readers.


  • Height: 1.55m (5ft 1in) Little more than ½ the size of the female Tellarite average of 2.2m.
  • Weight: 50kg (110lbs) +/-a bit
  • Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder length
  • Eye Color: Mischievous Green
  • Skin Tone: Peaches and Cream
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Radiation burn scar along left side of torso from Engineering accident.
  • Tattoos: Stylized tattoo of Antares class freighter enfolded by swan on her left upper arm
  • Build: Short, sturdy and curvacious. A runt by Tellarite standards.
  • Face: Heart shaped, with a scarf covering her snout she could pass for human save for her limbs.
  • Eyes: Large with expressive eyebrows.
  • Mouth: Shifts between a impish smirk, a surly pout and tightly pursed in concentration.
  • Snout: Lovely pert snout with large nostrils.
  • Arms: Human in appearance save for two broad digits and one thumb on each hand.
  • Legs: Tellarite in form and function ending in the typical split hoof.
  • Carriage: Bold step with distinctive Tellarite hop/skip when in a hurry.
  • Poses: Stiff with authority, defiant with taller sentients, abrasive with peers.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Dresses in warm, fashionable layers, always with a scarf.
  • Shoes: Tellarite boots, black and shiny, shiny shiny...
  • Voice: Soft and lyrical save when punctuated by snorts, snuffles and excited squeals.
  • Handedness: Equally clumsy with either hand save when aiming a phaser.


  • Quarters: Tepid and dimly lit with a rich, earthy, herbal aroma. Several hydroponic shelves support a host of small edible plants. Sumptuous fabrics drape the few pieces of furniture and her closet is full of stylish apparel and smartly pressed uniforms. One wall is completely mirrored and it's quite orderly save for numerous datapads scattered on her desk.
  • Favorite Room: Arguably the holodeck or bridge... or the arboretum. She likes to argue.
  • Mannerisms: Taps fingers or hooves when impatient, Snorts derisively... often.
  • Physical Limitations: Poor climber and swimmer. A bit clumsy. Sensitive to strong odors. Lactose intolerant. (Really. It's not pretty.)
  • Temperament: Mercurially passionate. Most often argumentative, abrasive or wary.
  • Habits: Wears a scarf which she can cover her snout with when odors become too distracting and also to keep warm in Starfleet's uncomfortably cooler default temperature. Takes care not to let it caught in turbolift... yet again.

Religion/Spiritual Devotion

Like many Tellarites, Eopii's ethical and spiritual outlook is shaped by her Life Argument; a personal debate that's justifies one's continued existence and defines one purpose for being.

She also wears IDIC pin on collar opposite of rank pip(s) an is extremely broad-minded in the matter or religious experience and spiritual devotion.


Elopii Azul is most obviously argumentative and abrasive and quite blatantly honest. Tutored with Vulcan sensibilities, she detests poorly founded arguments and jumping to conclusions. She tends to judge and measure individuals by their reasoning skills. Like many Tellarites she sees professionalism, discipline and piety as laudable evidence of a well founded 'Life Argument'.

Less obvious, at least to non-readers, is 'Lopi's capacity for emotional gymnastics. She is mercurially passionate and can go from disgusted outrage to joyous abandon with a pace that would leave most species disoriented. Such unfettered spirit is also well within the range of Tellarite norms and like that species she experiences her emotions with an intensity that can be discomforting for unshielded readers.

Born to privileged, Elopii is still appreciates the finer things in life, including fine arts, stylish fashion and haute cuisine. Her life experiences have humbled her greatly however and she just as happy breaking open a Martian microbrew at a poker game as a attending a sumptuous highbrow affair. She has adopted a "We're all the same in the dark" Paradigm and for those patient (or thick-skinned) enough to befriend her comprise an eclectic mix of sentients from all walks of life.

Azul is most comfortable around typical Vulcans, Bajorans, Tellarite and Betazed or other races known for their honest, straight forward behavior or piety. She also finds herself attracted to the company of individual marines, priests, followers of Surak and others who live by a definable moral code. It is also the reason she has a soft spot for Ferengi who live by Rules of Acquisition. On the other hand she is quite wary of the often duplicitous Cardassians, Romulans and most especially Terran. She also dislikes Starfleet Intel who she views as antithetical to the Purpose and Founding of the Federation.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Loves to go dancing.
  • Avid holodeck user. Has a host of programs all design to hone skills, especially less used ones.
  • Poker (Earth's one great contribution to interstellar culture)
  • Testing the patience of peers and strangers alike.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Enjoys a good insult, even if directed at her.
  • A good argument, win or lose.
  • Likes getting mail and messages from her siblings.
  • Mud baths. Hmmmm. So hard to find, too.
  • Trying new food and drinks. Tries to never to eat the same thing twice.
  • Fashionable/Stylish clothing.
  • Attending parties, ceremonies and religious rituals.
  • Dislikes giggling in the 'human way'.
  • Dislikes people jumping to conclusions.
  • Dislikes tools designed for daintier digits.
  • Dislikes getting mail from her parents.
  • Dislikes intelligence work and most intelligence operatives.
  • Dislikes people trying to figure out where her Tellarite ends and her Terran begins.

Ambitions and Goals

Ambitions are hard for Ęlopii to embrace as she feels like she's been trying to escape the past for most of her life. For as long as she can recall her chief motivation has been to prove herself, as the runt of the litter, as a daughter worthy of her father, as something more than a spoiled child of privilege, even as cadet worthy of a 2nd (or 3rd) chance. Azul is done with that!

Arriving at Starbase 118 came on the heels of life affirming 'failure' and she has begun looking at her life with new eyes. With over half her life spent in space, Elopii sees the Starbase as a potential home. Her life as an Ambassador's daughter, a Merchant Marine and even now as a Starfleet Cadet suddenly seem to fit. While Azul is ready to pay her dues, for the first time in her life... Elopii feels like she's come home. Her singular goal is to make a future at the Starbase... as a Starfleet Officer if she can... or a loyal and productive Federation citizen if she can't.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

Ęlopii is secretive about her pre-Academy life, even more so of her youth prior to the Merchant Marines. Issues she keeps close to her bosom are failing the Starfleet Academy Exam the first time, her humbling years as a sailor, her disastrous marriage, her semester long suspension as a Starfleet Cadet, failure at her one and only Intelligence mission, being an Ambassador's daughter and the child of a prestigious Tellarite Clan, rejection by her Terran relatives and, most especially, her 'failure' as an attache in her father's service. She is also rather annoyed at having to meet with a counselor indefinitely.

She is, however, rather proud of surviving Starfleet Academy despite several setbacks. Ęlopii is quietly pleased with her eventual success and acceptance as a Merchant Marine albeit short lived. She is also quite proud of her skill as marksman and as a dancer. (The latter is measured more by enthusiasm then talent.)


Elopii Azul was conceived at the behest of Ambassador Horkal Azul for his beloved Terran mistress Sylvia Freilander. Upon her birth the Ambassador's estranged wife, the Matron Azul took full custody of the child which was her right by law. She was then raised in full Tellarite tradition with her six brothers and sisters.

After Frielander died tragically years later, Elopii was returned to her father. Doting on his small daughter, hired a Vulcan tutor to educate and guide the girl. The Ambassador kept the child close and involved with many of his diplomatic assignments, most often to his benefit and pleasure. Unfortunately, when Elopii was barely 17 years of age, a convoluted mission turned disastrous and she responsibility for the turn of events.

Elopii returned to Tellar in disgrace and was soon involved in an arranged marriage to another Tellarite hybrid in effort to restore the family's honor. He affair turned disastarous and Elopii was 'rescued' by her siblings who eventually help her get into the Federation's Merchant Marines. While dropping holiday hellos to her Tellarite parents, it's her siblings that she really keeps in touch with and regularly shares tales of adventure from throughout known the known universe.


  • Marital Status: Annulled
    • Spouse: Hammin Insu Tark (Tellarite/Betazoid Hybrid)
    • Place of Marriage: Betazed.

Hammin was a second generation hybrid, indistinguishable from a standard Betazoid male save for a rather dashing pair of small tusks and small beady eyes that he hides behind a stylish visor. A son of the 2nd House of Betazed he was a haughty, self important hedonist with limited telepathic abilities. Theirs was an arranged marriage and while legal in record, Ęlopii's Tellarite siblings spirited her away before the ceremonies ensued in full. Arguably so they wouldn't have to see their parents naked as was the local custom during marriage rituals. The marriage was finally annulled during her third year in as a Merchant Marine. It had apparently taken that long for Hammin to realize that Azul WASN'T going to change her mind.


Ambassador Horkal Azul, Father This Tellarite Ambassador was fiscally and biologically responsible for the conception of Elopii Azul, who he had created for his beloved Terran mistress. While his estranged spouse, the matron Azul would demand custody of the child by her legal rights, he later became Elopii's fulltime parent after the death of his mistress. Doting on his youngest child, he made sure she had the finest of education in the hiring of a retired Vulcan professor. As Elopii matured, she would routinely accompany him on his diplomatic missions, even serving as an attache in her teen years. While the younger Azul took responsibility for the diplomatic disaster that occurred along the Cardassian border, some believe it was a sacrifice to save her father's career and honor.

Sylvia Freilander, Diplomatic Attache This savvy Terran litigant was the biological mother of Elopii Azul and carried the child for most of her development. Upon Elopii's birth, the babe was spirited away after legal action was taken by the Ambassador's wife. Despite Freilander's own talents as a lawyer, the Matron Azul held firm that the Azul's Premarital Accord cited that only the Matron herself had right or privilege to raise the Ambassador's progeny. While numerous legal maneuvers were attempted throughout the years, Freilander seldom saw her daughter and even then, never unsupervised. She died over twenty years ago while protecting the Ambassador Azul from an assassination attempt.

Matron Jalalla Azul, Head Householder of Clan Azul Wife of Horkal Azul, she was also legal mother to all of his children, even the one runt she did not give birth to. Outraged by the gift of a child to his human whore, the matron persevered in securing the runt from the tawdry pair, raising the child in strict Tellarite tradition. While small in size, the spirited runt proved clever enough in mind and her presence was not the complete suffrage the Matron had expected. When Horkal's whore died, the Matron dissolved her obligations to the runt and passed her to the Ambassador's care. While this was done out of pity or merely to exacerbate her estranged husband's pain, both possibilities have been argued. The stoic Matron has admitted nothing.


Ęlopii has six Tellarite siblings, three brothers and three sisters, all by the Matron Azul who is the legal wife of her father. All Elopii's siblings are part of the same sextuplet litter though everyone insists Dakum is adopted. He's never been been able to provide a reasonable argument to the contrary and this general accepted as proof in and of itself.

Brother Dakum is a bartender on a space station not far from Earth. Recently married to a rich Bolian widow, his life is fairly laid back when not seeded with shady characters and ever shadier schemes for greater wealth. His communications are sporadic and usually include a request of financial assistance.

Sister Solia is a medical doctor on a reclaimed colony along the Bajoran (now Federation)-Cardassian border. She is the proud mother of six and seven. Six are her own by a fellow Tellarite colonist and seven are adopted orphans a mix of Terran, Bajoran and Cardassian foundlings. Elopii always gets tearfully emotional when hearing from them. Several of the oldest are already starting families of their own and hardly a day goes by with Elopii hearing from Solia and her litters.

Sister Huppala served as an Ensign aboard Voyager when it was lost. Now a Lieutenant, she works as engineer on a science vessel exploring the Gamma Quadrant. Her communications are infrequent but always intriguing.

Brother Torkel is a litigant with Starfleet and deals primarily with Ferengi contracts. He communicates regularly, often bragging about his conquests in and out of the courtroom.

Sister Lydia is the Matron Azul's personal assistant and caretaker. She is contracted to be the next Matron Azul and has become engaged to Elopii's jilted husband who Lydia insists isn't really all that bad. Her communications are a matter of routine and often contain some aspect of the Prenuptial Accord that is being negotiated. She also reminds the rest of the family as to birthdays, special events and special events ona frequent basis.

Brother Pip is an archeological artist performing restorations on Bajor. He's fallen in love with a Vedek, a pious young man who seems to take great joy in arguing the authenticity and artistic liberties of Pip's work. While her brother insists this is some form epic foreplay, he has yet to defrock his priest. Though his communications are sporadic, they are always lengthy, dramatic and include beautiful images of the work he's been doing or the places he's visited as well as images of the clueless Bajoran who has captured poor Pip's overly romantic heart. This same fellow who also appears to be curiously present during Pip's frequent adventures into the vast catalog of Bajoran antiquity. While Pip has no children of his own, he's taken several foundlings, two Bajorans and a Cardassians as 'apprentices'. His students are treated as relatives even by the Matron Azul who has visited her 'youngest' son several times in recent years...arguably to enjoy what remains of half a million years of culture.

Extended Family

T'maj, Vulcan Tutor Shortly after the death of her biological mother, young Elopii was sent to live with her father who, in turn, hired a tutor, mentor and guardian for the tempestuous runt: T'maj of Vulcan. Previously retired from the Vulcan Science Academy, T'maj proved to be an effective, if demanding teacher and calming, if emotionally distance presence. More than anyone alive or dead, Elopii loves and respects this woman as her 'truest mother'. While serving her first tour as a Merchant marine, it broke young Azul's heart upon hearing of T'maj's decision to participate in the emotionally cleansing ritual of the Kholinar.

Major Grot, her Sensei and head her father's security detail Several years after joining her father, the Ambassodor hired a new head of security, a former Andorian major. Their first argument revolved on the liabity and security concerns an adventurous young girl presented for the Ambassadorial team. The elder Azul refused to budge on the matter and the Major was forced to pursue another strategy: to make sure the child was not a liability. Grot became a second teacher for Elopii, teaching the child self defense and introducing her to weapons as appropriate. An eager student, he eventually provided other security training as she matured, butting heads with her protective Vulcan Tutor. Elopii loves the Major and verbally paints him as a doting Uncle. In turn, Grot believes the hybrid child is delusional and any prideful smile elicited in her presence is attributed to an old war injury.

Doctor Hermopolus, a Tellarite doctor specializing in hybrid children Nicknamed by Elopii, 'the Love Doctor', she spares no affection for the eccentric scientist who conceived her at Amabssador Azul's behest. She would argue the crazy old fool sees her only as as a 'reasonably' successful science experiment which is a reasonable assessment of his character. The rest of the Universe sees Hermopolus as Azul's family doctor of record and several of Elopii's physicians have consulted with him as a matter of course. When this hypo-happy nut job finally kicks the bucket, Elopii will not shed a tear but she might very well buy a round in celebration.

Personal History

Full Article: CHARACTER NAME Personal History

Elopii Azul was a gift from the Ambassador Azul to his Terran mistress. Conceived by an eccentric Tellarite doctor, she was then carried to term by her biological mother. Upon the her birth, Elopii was taken into legal custody by the Matron Azul who raised the hybrid child as Tellarite until the mistresses death years later. At that point she was returned to and raised by her father and his staff with the inclusion of a retired Vulcan educator whose sole responsibility was Elopii's care and education.

With the Ambassador Azul, Elopii was academically and physically prepared for the life of a diplomat, becoming a treasured assistant in her teen years. After a diplomatic mission went horribly wrong, Elopii took responsibility and was sent back to Tellar to repair the family honor with an arranged marriage. Rescued from the marriage by her older siblings, she joined the Federation's Merchant Marines if only because she failed Starfleet Academy's entrance exam.

After two tours and over a year of advance training as a sailor, Elopii Azul took Starfleet's Exam a second time. Not only did she pass but she was able to matriculate several years of Academy training by way of her previous life experience. While her Academy experience was not without set backs and censure, Elopii Azul graduated with a dual major in Helm and Com/Ops as well as a minor in Security. Azul also spent a year at a specialized training facility, after which she participated in a delicate mission. Though the mission was arguably a failure, after several months of debriefing Starfleet has decided to transfer Cadet Azul to Starbase 118 for her Cadet Cruise.


As Elopii lived with an Ambassadorial delegation, a number of interstellar events that at least peripherally affected Ambassador Azul's duties are included.

  • 235701.01: Birth and custodial intervention of Matron Azul.
  • 2366xx.xx: Death of birth mother, Elopii sent to live with Ambassador, T'maj becomes tutor.
  • 2368xx.xx: Crystalline Entity destroys 11 worlds, Ambassador Azul involved in aftermath.
  • 2369xx.xx: Starfleet occupies DS9, Trade with Gamma Quadrant, Major Grot joins Azul's father.
  • 2370xx.xx: Federation-Cardassian Accord
  • 2371xx.xx: Vulcans find Shroud of Kahless, Voyager disappears with Elopii's sister Huppala
  • 2372xx.xx: Klingons attack Cardassia and eject Federation
  • 2373xx.xx: DS9 abandoned
  • 2374xx.xx: Betazed conquered by Dominion.
  • 2375xx.xx: Dominion War Ends, Azul takes responsibility for unrelated diplomatic disaster.
  • 2376xx.xx: Runaway Bride Azul fails Starfleet Exam; joins Merchant Marine's Academy instead.
  • 2377xx.xx: After 9 months of Academy, begins mandatory four year tour in Merchant Marines.
  • 2377xx.xx: At the end of 1st Merchant Marine tour, Azul is sent for command training. Voyager returns.
  • 2381xx.xx: Azul begins 2nd Tour as merchant.
  • 2384xx.xx: Azul makes 2nd attempt at Starfleet Academy Exam and passes.
  • 2385xx.xx: Azul begins Starfleet career as listed below.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238901.05
  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238912.15
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Avandar
  • Duty Post: Helm

StarFleet Assessments and Records

Full Article: Elopii Azul StarFleet Records

At 18, Elopii Azul made her first attempt to enter Starfleet's Academy. Her exam scores were most notably lacking in more advanced sciences and oddly, for one of Tellarite background, engineering. Traditionally, this species scores quite well in that aspect. She was also determined to be a character of questionably maturity. Rather then join as a non-com, Azul applied to and was by accepted to the Merchant Marine Academy.

After two tours of with the Federations Merchant Marines, including advanced training their ship operations, Azul retested and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Her acceptance is supported with several laudable recommendations from her previous assignments and service as a sailor appears to have been instrumental in her maturation. Eight years aboard freighters, Azul's previous experiences as a diplomatic attache as well as her private education provide numerous opportunities for matriculation and she entered the Academy with sophomore status and was approved to pursue a dual major in Helm and Com/Ops.

During Azul's second year, an Instructor in the Diplomatic Department recognized Azul as being held responsible for a certain diplomatic disaster ten years previous. Using her reported youthful indiscretions as an example of Hostile Psychologies, the Instructor was attacked by Azul, only to rescued by her peers holding the cadet back. After a closed door hearing, Azul received a semester suspension (which she spent 'volunteering' at a rehabilitation facility) after which she was allowed to return providing regular consulting sessions and routine medical examination to assure the soundness of her hybrid state. While the Instructor involved question resigned rather then take a sabbatical or be reassigned to another facility. Upon her return, Azul was directed to complete requirements for a Security minor and she has been 'volunteered' to help assist in security assignments as her duties otherwise permit. She has served in this capacity competently.

Part of the agreement to allow Azul continued presence at the Academy was partial loss of her matriculation. While the course material was counted as taken in substance it was not counted toward meeting the quantity of credits and she was required to take four years regardless. During the 3rd year she had met requirements for a dual major in Helm and Com/Ops.

Azul was transferred to an alternate Academy facility her fourth year and initially appeared excited at the opportunity to enhance her skills with the specialized training. Toward the end of her support training, her enthusiasm waned greatly and she exhibited several unresolved conflicts with students and faculty alike. Despite her reluctance and a protest from the Counselling staff, Azul was recruited for a special mission where her experiences as a Merchant Marine would prove crucial. While the mission proved a technical failure, Azul preserved Federation principals and after several months of debriefing was more appropriately reassigned to Starbase 118.


  • 237610.15: Eloppi Azul takes first Starfleet Exam and fails.
  • 238409.22: Elopii Azul takes second Starfleet Exam and passes, matriculating two years.
  • 238501.05: 1st year of Academy, embarks on dual major in Helm and Com/Ops.
  • 238601.07: 2nd year of Academy, Semester Suspension
  • 238605.03: 2nd year of Academy, fulfills Security minor requirements
  • 238701.06: 3rd year of Academy, graduates with dual major (Year of the Romulan Supernova)
  • 238801.04: 4th year of Academy, transfer to 'specialist' Academy.
  • 238901.01: Special Assignment along Romulan border.
  • 238912.10: Failing her special assignment, Azul is transferred to Starbase 118 for Cadet Cruise.

Working Areas

As a Helm Officer, Ensign Azul arranges her interface to shadow the Tactical station as rest as well the rest of the Com/Ops station. Additionally, Azul makes a point to regularly communicate with Stellar Cartography throughout her duty shifts and keeps apprised as to ongoing projects that might be supported through the Helm in specific or the HCO in general.