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Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
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Ayiana Sevo

NOTICE: This personnel record and any attached reports are confidential and intended solely for the use of authorized officers of sufficient clearance. Violations of confidentiality are subject to punishment under the Federation Uniform Code of Justice.
  • Condition: Normal
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Dr. Hella Lirux, Starfleet Academy, Trill
  • Medical Notes: FINAL ACADEMY REVIEW: Cadet Sevo shows introverted behavior, preferring to work alone and have minimal interaction with her peers. She has expressed a lack of confidence in her abilities and tends to defer to people with legitimate or perceived authority. Recommended Cadet seeks social gatherings such as hobby clubs.
  • Condition: Low-Grade Claustrophobia
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Dr. Hella Lirux, Starfleet Academy, Trill
  • Medical Notes: FINAL ACADEMY REVIEW: A few months after being Joined to the Sevo symbiont, Cadet Sevo expressed mild discomfort in confined spaces. Initial speculation suggests the unlikely scenario that the condition was passed to host via the symbiont. Cadet recalls no prior incidents of claustrophobia in any former hosts or herself prior to Joining. Recommend future observation.
  • Condition: Anxious
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Dr. Talia Kaji, USS Victory
  • Medical Notes: Lt. JG Sevo has expressed worries and concerns about being promoted to a supervisory position, namely head of the science department. Noted continued lack of self-confidence. Recommend further monitoring and evaluations.
  • Condition: Post-coma assessment. Patient recovering.
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Medical staff, on behalf of Dr. Talia Kaji, USS Victory
  • Medical Notes: Dr. Talia Kaji attempted a dangerous and untested telepathic procedure on patient to ascertain the nature and root cause of their comatose state. Dr. Kaji reported an ever-changing dreamscape, described as a "perversion of reality." Kaji perceived the patient's mind through a combination of her own memories, those of Ayiana, and those of Sevo, the symbiont. In effect, both the host and symbiont were dreaming independently of the other, yet their physical brains were still communicating. Through the dreamscape, Sevo appeared as a distinct entity, appearing as a typical, albeit flying, symbiont, separate from Ayiana. Sevo was reportedly able to "talk" to Dr. Kaji in the dream; it expressed confusion as to the nature of itself, as it had not been separated from a host for centuries. Sevo was also concerned why Ayiana was nowhere to be found. Eventually, Ayiana is found "imprisoned" in a glass box, screaming for help, but oblivious to the outside. Dr. Kaji questions Sevo, who realizes Ayiana's claustrophobia stem from a traumatic incident during Sevo's pre-join life. It felt it was not ready to be Joined and was scared and confused when it was placed in a transport box by a Guardian. As Sevo recounted its memories of the incident, it seemed to cause the glass encasing Ayiana to slowly break, eventually freeing Ayiana. The pair were then able to mentally "rejoin" with each other. Patient woke immediately after.
    • CASE STUDY: This procedure created a permanent telepathic link between Lt. Sevo and Dr. Kaji. For reasons still not understood, this created a permanent, short-range (>2 km) telepathic bond between the pair. They are able to share emotions and surface thoughts with little effort. They can also sense when the other is nearby.
  • Condition: PTSD, Anxiety, Sleeplessness
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Dr. T'ruk, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth
  • Medical Notes: Mandatory Counseling - Submitted into regular psychological examinations for the foreseeable future concerning patient's time trapped in another universe, dubbed "Over There" by much of the crew of the Gorkon. Patient recounted experiences and struggles following their return to prime universe, henceforth referred to as "Over Here." Repeated attacks by superior enemies caused acute anxiety; the patient reported being startled by common visual and auditorial experiences. Acute insomnia was reported by the patient following their return Over Here, despite showing a chronic lack of regular REM sleep Over There. Mandatory for all Gorkon personnel who participated. Counseling ongoing for the foreseeable future.
  • Condition: Chronic Outbursts of Anger
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Medical Staff, on behalf of Counselor Corliss Fortune.
  • Medical Notes: Volunteered Counseling - Patient began new talks with counselor in an attempt to rein in her long-troubling anger management issues. Primary motivation resulted due to being removed from the post of First Officer of the USS Gorkon following several emotional outbursts "unbecoming of a Starfleet officer in a command position." Patient has had prior counseling sessions in the past to discover the cause of and in an attempt to control her outbursts. It has been determined that the issue originates from imperfect reassimilation of the memories and personality of the formerly suppressed host, Toran Sevo.
  • Condition: Relationship Counseling
  • Counselor:
  • Counselor Notes: Medical Staff, on behalf of Counselor Corliss Fortune.
  • Medical Notes: Involved parties: Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo, Lt. Cory Stoyer, & his spouse Lt. JG Petra Bjarnadottir (in absentia). Overseeing counselor: Ensign Corliss Fortune. Core dispute: Relationship between Sevo and Stoyer, despite the latter's marriage to Bjarnadottir.
    During a hijacking attempt of the USS Gorkon, the entire crew, including the involved parties listed above, were placed in a shared dream state where they lived alternate lives. Stoyer had asked Sevo out on a dinner date, which she accepted. In the dream, the pair had apparently had feelings for the other for a long amount of dream time. Liason between Sevo and Stoyer started shortly after waking up from the dream. Sevo admits knowing the affair was immoral but pursued with the relationship regardless. Stoyer pursued with Sevo to the exclusion of Bjarnadottir, whom Sevo had not even spoken to. It is important to note that up until this time, Sevo and Bjarnadottir had considered each other close friends. During a shipwide formal party, Stoyer had propositioned Sevo to dance. Midway through the dance, however, Stoyer called off the entire relationship, walking off the dance floor, leaving Sevo behind. The pair still work closely together aboard the Gorkon.