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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

Personal Log, Stardate 239109.04

This is my first log aboard the Victory. I can already say that this is going to be a very interesting assignment. I have been aboard less than four days and feel like I have been tossed through a plasma vent.

Where to start? Well, I was ordered to a briefing of the senior staff as soon as I docked. I had to leave my bags laying in the shuttlebay for two days! Apparently, the ship was in the middle of stopping a race of aliens from literally eating our galaxy; which, by the way, they were not from. They were aptly dubbed the “Hunger”. Oh and there were time-traveling future-Victory crewmembers who already saw it happen. Yea, time-travel and the end of the galaxy. From there, it was a grav-coaster ride of insanity.

I (briefly) reported in to my XO, Lt. Commander Eerie, a huge, stone-faced Brikar. He ordered me straight to the bridge, as we were heading to a potential source of information. We spent several hours at warp, then entered a system that was believed to contain technology related to the Hunger. I was busy at the Science station, trying to get used to the ship’s systems, when I was suddenly placed on an away team! I had only been here a few hours! Talk about being tossed into the fire!

So there we were on an ancient moon station trying to find information on where this Hunger would be coming from. Sounds simple, except the station was defended by nanorobots that liked to combine and take spider-like forms. And were controlled by the most sophisticated AI I have ever seen. While I was down there, I discovered that those nanobots communicated with each other and the station’s AI through an extremely sophisticated subspace network. I compared it to the Borg’s collective consciousness. Anyway, once we reached the core, the AI was surprisingly helpful, giving us complete information about the location of the extragalactic gate.

So we beam back to the ship, and it looks like I have a little free time. I take the opportunity to get my transfer physical. Sickbay was packed with wounded. Something big happened before I got here. Anyway, I’m done and about to check out my quarters when I’m suddenly ordered to the bridge. I get there and discover we are trying to enter some sort of subspace passage.

This is where my Subspace Mechanics degree came in handy. I discovered it was some form of Quantum Slipstream, but it was prebuilt, instead of being dynamically generated as we flew. I found the Voyager’s records of their own Slipstream experiments very fascinating. (In fact, I did my Subspace Mechanics thesis on Quantum Slipstream.) That helped me find a way to stabilize our journey through the corridor, since our ship wasn’t advanced enough to handle its stress normally.

After a few hours in flight, with my eyes glued to my Science station, we arrive at a system called Duronis. I later discovered that this system was very important to some of the crew. Starfleet even has an embassy on one of its inhabited planets. Anyway, to everyone’s surprise, the corridor exits INSIDE THE SUN’S PHOTOSPHERE!! No wonder it was never discovered! Near the exit there was a huge gateway. I was placed on another away team and sent down to that gateway to destroy it.

So we beam in and immediately find ourselves being attacked by more of those spiderbot things. Being a scientist, I wanted to try and find a technological way to stop those things. I plant myself down next to Lt. Eerie and get to work on my tricorder. I literally owe that man my life. He used his massive, durable frame to shield me as I worked.

Using the knowledge of the subspace network I discovered earlier, I managed to generate an interference signal that completely disrupted the local subspace network! The spiderbots lost their shields and were unable to communicate with each other. After that, it was just a matter of mopping them up.

We decided the best way to destroy the place was to plant spatial charges in certain locations. As we were fighting our way through, a Human Ensign, whom I previously knew from the Academy, was severely injured. But we managed to plant the last charge. In the end, we were transported aboard a friendly pirate ship at the last second.

So basically I just helped save the galaxy. Not bad for my second day. Oh, and I finally managed to see my quarters. Small, but they’re my own. I think I spent almost an entire day in bed after all that. I was tired!

Oh, and a final note: my replicator refuses to replicate new uniforms for me. I plan on formally introducing myself to the Captain today, so we will see what he says.

We are remaining at Duronis to repair the ship and give most of the crew shore leave. It looks like it will take several weeks to repair the Victory. In the meantime, I expect to remain on duty and get to know the ship.

End Log