Ayiana Sevo/Duty Log Stardate 239209.19

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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo
Chief Science Officer’s Log
Stardate 239209.19

U.S.S. Tharsis, GSC77143, Menthar Corridor

Responding to a distress call, the U.S.S. Gorkon encountered the Oberth-class research ship Tharsis. The initial distress call indicated the ship was trapped in a gravitic anomaly, unable to move. Initial sensor scans proved inconclusive, as the anomaly was generating large amounts of radiation and gravitic lensing, distorting sensors.

As multiple away teams were sent to the Tharsis to ascertain the status and rescue of its crew, the Gorkon continued its analysis of the anomaly. In the course of the mission, through exhaustive observation and analysis, it was discovered that the Tharsis was trapped by a convergence of multiple microsingularities (a “mini black hole” in layman's terms). Alone, a single microsingularity poses little threat to a modern starship. Their gravity is not strong enough to counteract a modest warp field, and their relativistic effects are limited to within a few kilometers of the event horizon.

However, the area where the Tharsis was trapped appears to be an uncharted cluster of microsingularities. Most likely they are the remains of a dense cluster of stars whose combined gravitational forces destroyed each other. From its substantial distance, the Gorkon detected fifteen separate singularities. More may be located further in the cluster, obscured by dense gases and gravitational lensing. The convergence of a large number of singularities within a small area distorted subspace enough to prevent a warp field from forming, preventing the Tharsis from escaping or even “dropping anchor.”

A complex network of gravitational and solar eddies formed between the singularities, passing stellar debris among the cluster; similar to how the plasma fields create eddies within the Badlands. Away teams from the Gorkon reported unusual gravitic anomalies inside the Tharsis, which often manifested as small gravitic vortexes twisting and contorting objects unlucky enough to be in their area of influence. It is possible, but not verified, that the Tharsis’ own artificial gravity network magnified the normally microscopic gravitic vortexes to macroscopic levels. Thus an object could be twisted and sheared in multiple directions. These anomalies also caused havoc with the ship’s power net and computers, disabling many systems.

[Attached files: U.S.S. Gorkon Sensor Analysis - GSC77143 Singularity Cluster]

I have forwarded to the Captain recommendations of commendations for the entire astrographic and gravimetric departments for their exceptional work on detecting and classifying the singularity cluster, as well as developing a means of safely towing the Tharsis out of the area.

Sarpedionital Gondii

The mass delusions and paranoia experienced by the Tharsis’ crew was not a result of the cosmic anomaly, as originally theorized, but caused by unfortunate happenstance and negligence. Dr. Lazsar Morzon had kept an unauthorized supply of the parasite Sarpedionital Gondii in sickbay. As the ship was initially overcome by the gravitic forces, he had lost isolation and they managed to escape containment and infect most of the crew.

According to Medical, the parasites burrow into a host and attach themselves to the nervous system. A person is not immediately aware of their infection, as the parasites alter a person’s reasoning and perception. The victim may feel completely logical and justified in their actions, even to the point of disregarding sentient life. Paranoia becomes a matter-of-fact. In the case of the Tharsis, it caused the crew to split into multiple packs intent on killing the others. They set numerous traps, some of which the Gorkon away teams unwittingly encountered.

There is no known cure for Sarpedionital Gondii. They were only removed from the Tharsis crew by the ingenuity of the Gorkon’s Medical Officer, Chythar Skyfire. After obtaining a sample of the parasites, he was able to have the biofilters of the transporters programmed to remove the parasites’ patterns. Thus, as each away team and Tharsis crewmember was transported back aboard, they were thoroughly scanned and decontaminated.

[Attached files: Sarpedionital Gondii Case Study]

End Log