Ayiana Sevo/Duty Log Stardate 239203.04

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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
Lieutenant JG Ayiana Sevo
Chief Science Officer’s Log
Stardate 239203.04

Our mission was a disaster.

I have just returned to the Victory after a brief transfer to the Duronis II Embassy and it’s accompanying ship, the Thunder. What had been expected to be a rather simple survey and mapping mission to the ocean planet of Luxis III turned into a devastating rescue and repair mission.

From out of nowhere, some sort of anomaly appeared near the planet. It sent a shockwave through the nearby area, sweeping through the Victory in the process. Myself and those of us aboard the Thunder were unaffected, as we were orbiting farther around the planet at the time, which must have shielded us from the shockwave.

While not very damaging in the traditional sense, the shockwave acted like a giant electromagnetic pulse which massively damaged or destroyed many of the electronics on board the Victory. Its computer cores were completely scrambled and destroyed, effectively rendering the ship brain-dead. The resulting EMP surges and blowouts on the ship were the main causes of the interior damage of the Victory.

Meanwhile, myself, Captain Frazier, Lt. T’Mihn, Lt. JG Brell, and Ensign Lupo, all of the Thunder, were already preparing to depart the Thunder for Luxis III on board a Bolian submarine, the Bol’ro’tar’ri. Admiral Turner instead redirected us to the crippled Victory to assess the damage the anomaly caused. What we saw can only be described as complete devastation.

The resulting electrical overloads caused massive damage to the structure of the ship. Shield generators, phaser banks, electroplasma conduits, and even transporter beam emitters overloaded and destroyed, causing massive damage to the surrounding sections of the ship. The uncontained plasma streams were the most damaging, causing a spiderweb-like effect of destruction all along the hull of the Victory.

Once we managed to dock the subship to the Victory, we were able to ascertain the internal damage. It was pretty much the same - destroyed computer panels, lighting, bulkheads, etc. Fortunately, life support has multiple mechanical and chemical redundancies which would not be affected by an EMP.

While I was onboard the Bol’ro’tar’ri, I was able to take a few scans of the anomaly with its substantial sensor suite before it snapped shut. Lt. T’Mihn also had sensor probes scanning the ship, and we were able to direct a few to scan the anomaly as well. It definitely originated in subspace, kind of like a white hole, ejecting highly charged particles in the immediate area. Unfortunately, with our equipment, there was no way to determine how it was formed in the first place. I have attached a copy of our sensor logs for Starfleet to study in detail.

What is more disturbing is that this anomaly seems to be related to the similar rifts appearing throughout the quadrant, dubbed the “Prometheus Incident” by Starfleet Command.

[Attached files:]

Ship Sensor Analysis - Subspace Rift, Luxis III
Forwarded; Related: Prometheus Incident

Finally, it looks like the Victory will have to be towed to a drydock for massive repairs, assuming Starfleet will bother with repairs at all. The Intrepids are over 20 years old; I’m not sure if Starfleet will even bother repairing the Victory. We might just end up being reassigned. Its a shame; it was just starting to feel like home. Perhaps I should have transferred to one of the two new ships assigned to the sector; one of them being a Vesta-class ship.

I think of one of my favorite quotes from the late Ambassador Spock is appropriate here:

History is replete with turning points. You must have faith that the universe will unfold as it should.

End Log

((OOC: This was written days after the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I felt adding a Spock quote was appropriate. ))