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UFOP: StarBase 118 Fleet,

I hope you had a great 2011 with us. It's been a really amazing year for our organization, and I'm excited to present to the fleet an award ceremony that shows just how wonderful our community is. In late January I'll be checking in again with the entire group to present our State of the Federation Address, which will talk more about the accomplishments of our organization and our goals looking toward 2012. But for now, we're here to recognize the achievements of our individual members!

As we begin our 2011 award presentation, I'd like to note that we've made some changes to our award structure. The Captains Council revamped our awards this year by retiring some awards, adding new awards, and creating a whole new category of awards called Service Ribbons, which are presented In Character. For the first time in the history of our Community Awards ceremony, we're now presenting all other awards fully Out Of Character, which allows us to more clearly describe the reasons why each person is receiving their award, which I feel goes to the heart of why we're doing this in the first place.

For those of you who are new here, let me take a moment to just reiterate what a special ritual this is for our group. Our organization is over 17 years old, and the Awards Ceremony has been a part of our history for about 15 years. We do this to show each other how much we value the commitment and time spent over the course of the year to create great writing and strengthen our community.

I'd also like to make special note of "The (Image) Collective" Team, who worked together to create all of the images you see for this award presentation, completely overhauling the award images for 2011. Thanks to them for their hard work and diligence during that process.

Now let's get going! -- FltAdml. Wolf

Duty Post Awards

We begin with the awards presented to members of our fleet who most fully realize the Duty Posts in which their character sims. The nominations to this category are reviewed by a panel of five Captains and Commanders.

The Prantares Ribbon

The Prantares Ribbon

Awarded to those medical officers who has moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine. The officers given this award should display the ability to keep a steady hand in the often hazardous conditions in which they must practice, as well as the willingness to risk their own life to save the lives of others.

Lt. Jen Malcolm, USS Avandar - presented by Captain Della Vetri

"It is very easy for someone simming a Medical officer to pretty much just haunt sickbay, coming out only when and if the plot demands it, but Lt. Malcolm has quite adeptly avoided that little trap. She routinely sims her character getting involved in anything and everything that it makes sense for to be mixed up in, giving an excellent insight into the professional - and personal - aspects of a Starfleet Doctor.
"As a routine part of her simming, she coordinates OOC with other players when their characters require her services, making sure that what is simmed is both to their satisfaction in terms of the story but also high quality reading.
"A key member of the Avandar's team, Malcolm doesn't just work to keep everyone fit and healthy between check-ups - she has also simmed herself into some rather precarious situations in the process, demonstrating that a medic sometimes has to go where her patients are, and those places are seldom the most comfortable or safe.
"The creativity, dedication and attention to detail that Malcolm brings to her role as the USS Avandar's Chief Medical Officer makes her, in my opinion, well deserving of recognition, and it is with great pride that I present her with the Pranatres Ribbon."

The Natasha Yar Pin

The Natasha Yar Pin
Named after the Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise-D, killed in the line of duty, this award is given to those Security officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of their crewmates, even at risk to their own.

Lt. Jade Shryker, USS Tiger-A - presented by FltCapt. Sidney Riley

"Lieutenant Jade Shryker is a fine example of an officer who fulfills the description of this award. She is a great example of what a security officer should be. Shryker is always willing to sacrifice for other characters. Her devotion to her crew mates is evidenced by her willingness to rescue anyone in trouble and her willingness to endure interrogation and torture to save another member of the crew. She bravely tackled intruders during the sabotage on the Independence, finding a device from one that ultimately aided the crew in returning to the normal universe and also sacrificing herself to dance with a Reaper to buy time for the Captain to escape. Lieutenant Shryker never shies away from her duties. Both IC'ly and OOC'ly she is excellent at boosting the morale of her crew. She keeps their spirits up and she is certainly deserving of the Natasha Yar Pin for 2388."

The Voyager Medallion

The Voyager Medallion
Named after the USS Voyager, this award is presented to those Operations officers who have shown great skill in keeping a starship in working order despite near-impossible circumstances. The officers receiving this award have advanced the field of Operations, making sure duty rosters, provisions, gear, and even recreation time are available... no matter what.

LtCmdr. Eric Lundrigan, USS Discovery-C - presented by Captain Tyr Waltas

"Lieutenant Commander Eric Lundrigan has been a member of my crew for quite some time now, and the primary feeling you always get around him is security. When he’s at the Ops console, a Captain doesn’t have to worry about how the power is being allocated, whether the ships’ systems will be available, or if we’re correctly analyzing the phenomenon that’s affecting the ship. With the rough-and-tumble Avalon sector as his proving ground, Commander Lundrigan has taken it all in stride. He was also responsible for launching the latest ship to bear the name, the Discovery-C, and quickly brought her systems up to his unusually high standards. Commander Lundrigan, I think, will soon be taking his place amongst the command staff of Starfleet and I for one believe that we’ll be better because of it. Congratulations, Commander Lundrigan."

The Sisko Tactical Cross

The Sisko Tactical Cross
This award is given to those Tactical officers who have shown cunning and bravery in battle. Master strategists, and experts in targeting and shield power distribution, these officers have done the impossible to save their ship and the lives of its crew.

LtJG. Scott Reed, USS Mercury - presented by Captain Tallis Rhul

"Scott Reed is well respected by his crew, and for a good cause. His SIMs are written with attention to detail, and huge amounts of character. His understanding of the duties of a Starfleet tactical officer was clearly above and beyond expectations for an academy graduate as soon as he joined the crew, and he wasted no time at all in demonstrating his proficiency for that position. He is renowned for his creative tactical solutions, all of which tie very strongly into Trek canon, and has most recently begun to develop his role even further aboard his new posting, the USS Mercury. As a science ship, the Mercury is not built for combat, however, Reed's mind began to work immediately not only on how he would write his character in such a situation, but also on how to ensure a degree of survivability aboard such a ship. His consideration for keeping the Mercury's abilities in balance shows him to be exceptionally accomplished as a tactical officer and the right person for this award."

The Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award
Named for the vessel that legendary engineer Zefram Cochrane piloted during his historic first warp flight, this award goes to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering. By performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence, by managing to make their equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, the officers meriting this award further the mission of their ship by their superior know-how. In short, miracle workers.

LtCmdr. Kevin Breeman, StarBase 118 Ops - presented by Captain Andrus Jaxx

"Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman is an Engineer's Engineer. Kevin is able to pull off the duty post so well, he could give Geordi La Forge a run for his money. He can be found using real world principals and applying them to the futuristic feel of Star Trek. He has the ability to think outside the box and puts out some of the most thought provoking sims. He can turn the smallest malfunctioning system into the most fascinating side plot. He is always front and center in trying to find small ways to make improvements, without sacrificing the imperfections. He is one of those people you can give an end result to and he can find a way to make it all work out. Kevin leaves everyone sitting on the edge of their seat to see what he comes up with next."

The Cochrane Award

The Cochrane Award
Given to those Science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career, by staying knowledgeable about their field, participating in the community of science, but most importantly, by placing their knowledge at the service of their ship and its mission.

Lt. Arden Cain, USS Mercury - presented by Captain Tallis Rhul

"Initially SIMming as an Engineer aboard the USS Ronin, Arden Cain was called upon to fill the vacant role of Chief Science officer after the quality of his SIMs caught the attention of the command staff. Happily accepting the role, Lieutenant Cain really began to find his niche, quickly settling into his new position and adding productive and insightful plot twists to a mission with a strong science-based element. Over the course of the weeks that followed, he co-ordinated his department with aplomb, writing interesting and engaging SIMs with his second in department that added depth to the mission, and using just the right balance of technical terminology to make his posts believable, yet easy to digest. There was also the small matter of playing a vital part in saving the ship.
"It is often said that the role of a science officer is to come up with answers where there are none. Arden Cain does that and then some, and sparks ideas among the rest of the crew in the process."

The Pilot's Sextant

The Pilot's Sextant
An award named after an old Earth navigational tool, the Pilot's Sextant is given to those Helm officers who have proven themselves to be the best of the best. From finding a safe route home to flying an emergency atmospheric landing, pilots who have earned the right to this award know the importance of staying focused, and puts their ability to make spectacular maneuvers at the service of their ship and its mission.

LtJG. Cayden Dunn, Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder - presented by Captain Toni Turner

"The Pilot's Sextant is an award that is given to the person sitting at Helm. We count on them to sail us through the rough waters of battle, and plot our courses straight and true, preferably without putting to many dents and scrapes in our ships. At the Embassy our Helmsman has to make a transition from starship to shuttles or fighters, and despite my hand print becoming a permanent part of my center chair from holding on so tightly, Lieutenant JG Cayden Dunn Embassy/Thunder has manage to do that with some hair raising sims. Good job and Congratulations, Cayden!"

The Order of the Valiant Heart

The Order of the Valiant Heart
This award is given to those ship's Counselor who have shown great skill in protecting the mental health of their crewmates, clearly demonstrating superior ability to care, assist, and comfort those in need. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting their crewmates with their problems, and in preventing future problems from occurring.

Lt. Ashley Yael, Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder - presented by Captain Toni Turner

"Every duty post on every ship or station has pressures that can sometimes bring the best of us to our knees. When that happens, we at the Embassy/Thunder know that we can count on our Head Counselor to get to the root of the problem. He questions and challenges our psychological wellness, gives sound suggestions that we can easily apply to our lives, and gives us hope when hope alludes us. And while doing this, he creatively is unafraid to show his own shortcomings with some of the finest writing in the Fleet. I am proud to present this year's Order of the Valiant Heart for Counseling to Lt. Ashley Yael Embassy/Duronis II. Congratulations, Ashley!"

The Semper Fidelis Award

The Semper Fidelis Award
For those StarFleet Marines who have shown great skill in protecting their crew, accomplishing their mission, avoiding tragic loss of life in the line of duty, and upholding the values of the UFoP in times of crisis. This is the first presentation of this award.

Maj. Heath West, Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder - presented by Captain Toni Turner

"The Semper Fidelis Award is new to our group, and one especially design for the Marines among us. And what better candidate than the man responsible for compiling most of the Marine data on our WIKI which is still in use today. He set the standard for our Marines, and now it is my great pleasure to present the Semper Fidelis Award to Major Heath West Embassy/Duronis II. Congratulations Heath!"

The Strange Medallion

The Strange Medallion
Named after Commander Sally Strange, widely known as one of the most creative and dedicated First Officers in the fleet's early years, this award is given to those who perform above the call of duty in the position of First Officer.

LtCmdr. Kalianna Nicholotti, StarBase 118 Ops - presented by Captain Andrus Jaxx

"Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti is a driving force on the starbase. She is often found pulling in quiet players, directing aspects of the plot and serving as the ultimate conduit between the Captain and crew. Heading up the mentor program on Starbase 118 Operations, she is sure to team incoming Ensigns with officers they will learn the most from. She has a unique ability to identify weaknesses and come up with a plan to combat them. She is responsible for ship-wide images and works to upkeep the wiki. There is almost nothing she doesn't know how to do. When she is faced with a challenge, she is able to find the answer through various sources and retain the knowledge. Kali has a personal drive to learn and improve. She often jumps in to help and challenges others to be on top of their game. She is a rock the crew can look to and a CO can rely on."

Special Awards

Next, we continue with awards which recognize members of the fleet particularly important contributions, or roles which affect the fleet's OOC areas. Here, too, the nominations are reviewed by a panel of five Captains and Commanders.

The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award
For members who show great promise in many facets of their participation in the group, and to whom we look to as a future leader. This is the first presentation of this award.

LtCmdr. Kalianna Nicholotti, StarBase 118 Ops - presented by Captain Andrus Jaxx

"Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti has a hand in many OOC activities. She is a member of the Publicity Team, News Team, Training Team, and leads The (Image) Collective that is responsible for aiding players with avatars and banners. The group is also responsible for the graphics found on our website. Kali selflessly utilizes a lot of time for the group in each of these areas, as well as her ship. She can be found lurking on the forums and has a great line of communication with people on other ships. Earlier this year, Kali used some of her work resources to assist UFoP: Starbase 118 rank for competitive keywords on search engines. The result has increased the traffic to our sites and generated record membership numbers. She is a great asset to both her ship, and the fleet."

The Kalendra Award

The Kalendra Award
Awarded to a simmer who has performed (on more than one occasion) devious, unexpected plot twists. The simmer must have shown an ability to surprise their colleagues with clever plot twists that were relevant and plausible, given a particular plot.

LtCmdr. Hannibal Parker - presented by Captain Tallis Rhul

"Wherever Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker walks, military and political intrigue have a tendency to follow. As a writer, he has a plethora of tricks up his sleeve, which he has used at key moments to surprise and challenge the crews of the USS Challenger, USS Ronin and USS Mercury. His most notable plot twist came during the Battle for Bajor campaign; during a covert mission to disable an Orion shipyard hidden within the confines of the Badlands, Parker raised the stakes by throwing in a most devious twist. Assigned to upload an adaptive computer virus into the shipyard's computer core, Commander Parker and his team stumbed on a captured Defiant-class warship in the process of being reverse engineered. With such a major threat to Federation security now uncovered, the Ronin and her crew had no choice but to liberate the warship as well as complete their primary mission.
"Such twists are always well-thought out and add much to the crew's enjoyment of a mission, and as such, Lieutenant Commander Parker is thoroughly deserving of the Kalendra award."

The Sarpeidon Award

The Sarpeidon Award
Given to any simmer who has made outstanding contributions to the 118Wiki. Sarpeidon was the world in TOS's "All Our Yesterdays," in which the planet's population created a library containing their entire world's history. This is, in essence, what our wiki strives to become: a collection of our group's history and a simming database.

Lt. Alleran Tan, USS Aurora - presented by FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

"With 921 contributions to the wiki, Tan represents a wiki contributor with a great many diverse skills, many of which are helping to make our wiki more easy on the eyes. He has contributed a number of images, like this gem, and banners galore, like these. In addition, he's of great help to many crews throughout the fleet, creating and maintaining character pages while making them easier to read. For all of his dedication to our site's central repository of knowledge, we present him the Sarpeidon Award. Thank you for all you do, Alleran!"

The Boothby Award

The Boothby Award
For trainers who go above and beyond their Academy Training Requirements. These trainers display an outstanding example of dedication to bringing new cadets to our community.

Capt. Toni Turner Embassy/Duronis II - presented by FltCapt. Sidney Riley

"The Boothby Award is presented to those trainers who display an outstanding committment and dedication to bringing new members to UFOP: SB118 while going above and beyond their training requirements. This year's recipient is more than deserving of the award and I can think of no better example of what it means to be an Academy Trainer in the group. Captain Toni Turner has gone more than above and beyond her academy requirements, she has volunteered in more classes than any other member of the fleet. She is a permanent fixture on the training team and is always available to assist with classes.
"As Deputy Academy Commandant she sets up classes sometimes on a moment's notice, assists trainers and cadets on a consistent basis. She is always enthusiastic which is inspirational to both trainers and cadets. Toni's dedication is second to none on the training team and it is a pleasure to award her The Boothby Award for 2388."

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award
Given to any simmer who overcomes any sort of disadvantage while simming. This award was originally called the "Rachel Garett Pendant," but was renamed for the 2000 ceremony to to honor a respected simmer in UFOP: StarBase 118 who passed away in that year. This is the only Special Award that is given more than once per ceremony.

Lt. Rebecca Gilaars, USS Aurora - presented by Captain Della Vetri

"It can be a bit of a job keeping up with events in simming on one ship, let alone two, and given the additional difficulties that I am aware the writer behind LtJG. Rebecca Gilaars has to cope with, I am especially impressed that not only does she do a pretty decent job of running her character on the Avandar (plus a couple of attendant PNPCS) she also maintains active status on the Embassy - what appear to be the two fastest simming postings in the fleet. Whilst at first glance, her role in the crew may not seem the most exciting or glamourous, she plays it well, giving us a great characetr to enjoy following and some excellent contribuitons to the Avandar's ongoing story. Given the stated nature of the Xalor Clan Xifilis award, I believe she is well and truly worthy of receiving it, and it is a great pleasure for me to present it."

Ens. Jarveth Adan, StarBase 118 Ops - presented by Captain Andrus Jaxx

"Lt.(JG) Jarveth Adan is a remarkable officer. Completely blind, and suffering from various medical problems, he is able to put out well thought out, character building, and properly formatted sims. His illnesses often pull him away for blocks of time, but he is still able to follow the story and participate in OOC discussion, even when he is unable to devote the time it takes him to prepare a sim. His will and personal drive set him aside from many others. He motivates himself to do better and improve despite the overwhelming odds against him."

Ens. Alexander Richards, USS Tiger-A - presented by FltCapt. Sidney Riley

"Ensign Alexander Richards is a good example of simmer who has perserved through personal difficulty over the course of this past year. He has worked his way through some medical issues this past year but he has continued to sim and forge ahead. He looks at simming as his "lifeline" in difficult times. He is very dedicated to the group and has already been asking about helping with OOC work in the coming year. He is a great simmer, who has been working hard to keep up with the group despite the difficulties he has faced."

Staff Awards

Staff Awards are reserved solely for officers who are Commander in rank, or above. As the people in our group who carry the burden of leadership and investment in our future success, it's critical that we take a few moments to recognize all of the dedication and work they put in throughout the year. Without a staff as dedicated as the one we have, we simply wouldn't be able to sustain our community nature and many of the activities we enjoy.

Staff Member of the Year Award

Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearMedal 2011.jpg
For staff members who have contributed tirelessly to the organization through any number of OOC channels, while maintaining excellence in simming on their vessel.

Capt. Toni Turner, Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder - presented by FltCapt. Sidney Riley

"This year's Staff Member of the Year is a shining example of what it means to be an officer in UFOP: SB118. She is a model of dedication and perseverance, an inspiration not only to her crew, but to others on the staff as well. Captain Toni Turner is always willing to help others. Whenever she is asked she is willing to set aside her own time for the good of the fleet. She always makes time for the fleet. Her consistent and constant efforts on both the Training Team and the Publicity Team have helped to bring many new members to the group. As CC magistrate she has made sure the votes are called in a timely manner. Whenever there is a task, Captain Turner volunteers and she does so with grace and dignity. She does all this while maintaining a high level of simming on her own ship. She is always well spoken of by members of her crew and throughout the entire fleet. Turner is a patient and caring commanding officer. There is no one more deserving in the fleet than Captain Turner when it comes to Staff Member of the Year."

The James T. Kirk Cross

Awards Staff KirkCrossMedal 2011.jpg
Given to new Commanding Officers who show outstanding potential in the field of commanding.

Capt. Tallis Rhul, USS Mercury - presented by Capt. Toni Turner, last year's recipient of this award

"By definition, the James T. Kirk Cross is given to new Commanding Officers who show outstanding potential in the field of commanding. This year's recipient has proven to show that potential and much more. He took command of a ship that brought two fragmented crews together, and meshed the different personalities together into one cohesive crew in a relatively short time. This took patience, understanding, and a strong ability to lead.
"His SIMing style is easy going, but his crew knows he is in command. It shows in the way he stimulates good SIMing qualities by setting a excellent example of good grammar, spelling, and attention to detail. I couldn't be more pleased, or honored, than to present the James T. Kirk Cross to Captain Tallis Rhul. Congratulations, Tallis!"

The Sarek Star

Awards Staff SarekStarMedal 2011.jpg
Given to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff.

Capt. Della Vetri, USS Avandar - presented by FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

"Della Vetri came to her position as Captain by bringing together members of every ship to form the USS Aurora. In the span of just a few weeks, she was able to pull together a diverse crew with varied styles and interest and knit them into a tight-knit ship that has become one of our more active vessels. Vetri earned goodwill throughout the fleet for an affable and easy-going style, a willingness to help in training, and quality sims that were fun to read. Having moved into the position of Captain At Large, Vetri continues to act as a goodwill ambassador throughout the fleet. For the ability to build a crew from the ground up, we award Captain Della Vetri the Sarek Star. Congratulations!"

The Christopher Pike Pendant

Awards Staff PikePendantMedal 2011.jpg
Awarded to commanding officers who command their ship with honor and dedication, and help to provide an creative atmosphere which fosters outstanding simming.

Capt. Andrus Jaxx - presented by FltCapt. Sidney Riley

"Captain Andrus Jaxx is definitely an officer who exemplifies this award. After taking command of the USS Victory on short notice, he has created an atmosphere of creativity and communication on his ship. He is always available to offer advice or foster creative ideas. He is a master at allowing new officers to jump into things without stifling their visions or creativity, but offering suggestions on how to get better integrated with the plot and the crew. He has high standards and great pride in his crew. He also serves in various areas outside of the ship, showing dedication to the StarBase 118 fleet as a whole. Jaxx has a commanding knowledge of the inner workings of the fleet and of both Trek and Simming, which, coupled with his approachable nature, enables him to be an outstanding leader with the ability to answer questions, guide new officers, help older officers grow, and foster excellent simming on Starbase 118 Ops. He is very deserving of the Christopher Pike Pendant."

The Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition

Awards Staff ShuvalisMedal 2011.jpg
For long-term achievement in leading the Training or Publicity Teams as a way of advancing peaceful relations with "newly discovered life forms."

FltCapt. Sidney Riley - presented by FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

"It's not hard to find praise for someone who has been the backbone of our training team since 2007, when she took over as Academy Commandant -- otherwise known as the Training Team Facilitator. This is one of the most critical, visible, and grueling positions in our fleet, requiring a time commitment far above any other job I can think of. In addition to this, she is also a full time Commanding Officer, a member of the Executive Council, and the facilitator for the Top Sims Contest. But all that aside, FltCapt. Riley has led Academy with distinction, helping to usher in literally hundreds of new cadets over the past five years, amounting to the vast majority of our current group members. For all this, we thank her, and award her the Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition -- the highest distinction for this position."

Member Service Awards

For the first time, we are presenting awards for duration of member service in our fleet. It was quite incredible to review the list of joining dates for our fleet members -- all the Captains took part in compiling this information -- and realize that 1/5 of our fleet had been a part of our group for five years or more!

Members who have served for up to three years received their awards on their vessel, except for two Captains, which are presented below. Everyone else who has been a member for five years or more is recognized below, for the whole fleet to recognize!

3-Year Captains

  • Andrus Jaxx, graduated from training on 10/7/2007
  • Della Vetri, graduated from training on 7/1/2008

5-Year Members

  • Paul Sharpe, graduated from training on 10/2/2007, but was a member previously as well
  • Heath West, graduated from training on 11/1/2006
  • Hugh Barnes, graduated from training on 10/10/2006
  • Darius Clack, graduated from training on 10/6/2006
  • Toni Turner, graduated from training on 9/22/2005
  • Jacen V. Fanel, graduated from training on 8/16/2005
  • Aron Kells, graduated from training on 8/16/2005
  • Scott Shepard, graduated from training on 7/13/2005
  • T'Lea, graduated from training on 11/20/2004
  • Ashley Deneve Yael, graduated from training on 11/20/2004
  • Lluneh Walker (Ben Walker), graduated from training on 10/3/2004
  • Sidney Riley, graduated from training on 9/10/2004
  • Samal Frazier, graduated from training on 2/26/2004
  • Marcus Dickens, graduated from training on 09/24/2003
  • Rode Mitchell, graduated from training on 5/15/2003
  • Eskyys, graduated from training on 11/11/2002
  • Tyr Waltas, graduated from training on 10/20/2002
  • Solok, graduated from training on 8/26/2002
  • T'Pen, graduated from training on 4/1/2002
  • Boris Hendon (Samuel Perkins), graduated from training on 3/1/2002
  • Tracey Townson, graduated from training on 8/19/2000, but took more than one year of LOA time

10-Year Members

  • Galon Sudra (Kare'en), graduated from training on 8/9/2001
  • Steve McCall, graduated from training on 10/20/2000

Top Sims Contest Winner

"Fun" on the holodeck by Ens. (now LtJG) Evanna Blackwood and PNCP York, USS Aurora.


Special Recognition

FltAdml. Wolf here, speaking directly, I want to make one final recognition. As our longest running Captain, Tyr Waltas has received almost every staff award available, including the Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition, the (now retired) Karagite Order of Heroism, the (now retired) Federation Peace Medal, and the Christopher Pike Pendant for distinction as an outstanding commanding officer. He continues to serve in that role, running a solidly reliable vessel for five-and-a-half years now. For his continued, long-standing service, I want to make special recognition and thank him!