Awards Ceremony, 2010

((StarBase 118 Ceremonial Hall, Docking Bay))

::Captain Sidney Riley tugged at her dress uniform jacket out of habit and entered the room to see several attendants busy putting the final touches on the buffet and the stage for the coming celebration. It was the Terran/Deltan’s custom to arrive at such events early, but she hadn’t expected to be the first to arrive. She nodded and smiled to several of the workers who looked in her direction and then moved over to the large window where she could watch the ships coming and leaving the bay.::

::Her bright green eyes focused on the lights of the docked ships as they blinked in and out of existence as the people entered and exited various room. She’d almost forgotten how busy the station was, it had been a long time since she’d stood here.::

::Admiral Luke Reider strode into the ceremony hall, carrying a PADD and wearing his best dress uniform. Besides a few attendants straightening chairs and preparing the refreshments table, Captain Sidney Riley was the only other officer present. She was standing in front of a breathtaking large window into the cavernous ship bay, which protected and housed the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet while they were in port. He cleared his throat, as he approached, so as not to startle her.::

REIDER: Captain Riley?

::He knew her from her personnel file, but they had never met in person. He extended a hand in greeting. Sensing a presence behind her, the Terran/Deltan turned lightly and smiled at the green eyed Admiral. Taking his offered hand, she shook it firmly.::

RILEY: Admiral Reider, it’s nice to meet you.

REIDER: And you, as well. ::Looking out into the ship bay and motioning:: It’s amazing, isn’t it? I wish my office were down here. These old ladies are quite a show every single day…

::An Akira class vessel was slowly floating by the window, having just entered the bay.::

::As the Admiral motioned, Sidney let her gaze fall on the ships within view. It was quite breathtaking, a sight she hadn’t seen since leaving Starbase 118 for the Ithassa Region.::

RILEY: I bet…I had almost forgotten. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to the station.

::She paused for a moment focusing her attention back on the Admiral.::

RILEY: I’m looking forward to the ceremony…the room is set up beautifully.

::As he turned to look, a few people had begun to trickle in. It seemed like a few turbolifts had just stopped on the deck, as groups of three and four people at a time began streaming into the room. With over 1200 people expected from the fleet, the flow would soon become a deluge. Reider motioned to the refreshments table near the stage, leading Sidney that way.::

REIDER: So, how are you faring in the Ithassa Region? Quite a trek home…

RILEY: ::Laughs lightly.:: Three months… but it’s worth it, the Ithassa Region is home. ::Her face took on a serious tone as her mind turned to recent events.:: Things have calmed since Operation Bright Star, with the Vaadwaur resettled, things have begun to return to as close to normal as can be expected. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected…

::Reider grabbed one of the beautiful crystal glasses from the table — one of the benefits of replicator technology: you can always serve in the finest — and ladeled some of the vibrantly purple punch into it, then handed it to Sidney. Doing the same for himself, he took a sip before responding.::

REIDER: That’s StarFleet for you. Never a dull moment — unless you’re traveling, which is about 80% of what we do, right? ::He chuckled.:: But you’re doing good work out there. A region so fraught with strife needs the steady hand of the Federation to help normalize life for everyone. I can only hope that our influence has brought peace to some people who wouldn’t have had it otherwise.

::Members of the fleet were streaming in by the dozen now through the large double doors at the rear of the room.::

::Taking the crystal glass, Sidney once again marveled at the pomp and elegance surrounding StarBase 118. She knew the proper decorum, but it was something she’d never gotten used to even when she had been CO of the station. She swirled the liquid around in the glass before taking a light sip and making a sour expression she hoped the Admiral didn’t see. The punch was bitter to her taste, strange and different much like the station itself had always been to her. She coughed lightly.::

RILEY: Thank you Sir. Hopefully such is the case. ::She raised the glass gracefully again, and without thinking took another sip of the purple liquid. She forced a smile.:: I’ve never had a drink quite like this…what is it?

::Reider sipped the liquid and waited for it to coalesce. In a bubbly flash, it fermented and brightened delightfully into a wonderful watermelon flavor.::

REIDER: M’klexan root spice tea. Quite an experience… Shall we? ::He motioned to the raised stage, at the front of the room, running perpendicular to the huge windows.::

::The Terran/Deltan Captain smiled brightly, her bright green eyes focusing on the stage as the Admiral motioned across the room. The noise level around them was rising as people continued to enter and find their seats.::

RILEY: Of course Admiral, let’s get this party started.

::As they began walking to the stage, she took the opportunity to set the crystal glass down on a side table. They climbed the short stair to the stage, Sidney first, the Admiral following. At the center of the stage was a podium, on which the emblem of StarBase 118 was emblazoned in shiny, polished metal. At the far side of the stage, a few chairs for the presenters, while a table stood behind the podium, dozens of small black boxes lined perfectly in rows of 10. The Admiral glanced at his chronometer, and then at the crowd. There had to be at least 1000 people there, and still more streaming in. To one of the attendants at the base of the stair, he nodded. The attendant moved to a nearby wall panel and tapped a few buttons, causing the lights to gently dim and brighten three times. Most of attendants began looking for seats soon after. After a few more moments, Reider moved to the podium.::

REIDER: Welcome, everyone, to the 15th annual community awards for the StarBase 118 fleet!


REIDER: I’d like to begin with a promotion. Sidney Riley has been a dedicated member of our fleet for many years now, and has proven herself a worthy Commanding Officer. Tireless, loyal, and always ready to take on more responsibility, she is most definitely ready for the responsibility and honor of her new rank of Fleet Captain.

::Reider waited for Sidney to approach the podium, and then took one of the small black boxes from the nearby table and opened it. Carefully, he removed all four of the pips from her collar, and replaced them with one full pip set inside a small square. Then, he shook her hand.::

REIDER: Congratulations, Fleet Captain Riley! ::Then, back into the microphone:: And now, I’d like to hand over the mic to Captain Waltas for the Pilot’s Sextant.

::Reider took his seat. The Ba’ku, his long, graying hair tied back into a ponytail, took the podium, resplendent in his dress whites. His deep blue eyes looked out over the assembly, noticing some significant changes from last year. There were lots of new faces, and some old ones as well. The Captain smiled.::

WALTAS: oO Guess I’m one of the old faces. And it shows. Oo

::He reached to his left and snapped open the first wooden box.::

WALTAS: Thank you, Admiral. I am honored to be here to represent not only the Discovery but our fleet in general, and pleased to see so many new faces in the crowd. We’ve undergone a lot of changes since we all got together last year, and if your bios are half as accurate as they read, the future is in good hands. It’s to the future I wish to speak tonight. These awards are something that everyone should strive for. Certainly, they’re cause for celebration, but more than that, they’re cause for pride. Pride in what you’ve accomplished, and pride in the fact that that accomplishment has been noticed. Whether you have one pip on your collar and you’re just starting your career, or you’re an old, scarred codger like me..::The Captain smiled:: the pride should always be there. The desire to succeed should ALWAYS be there. And if being away from my homeworld has taught me anything, it’s that we should always be mindful of the future. We should always strive for excellence, because none of us know how long we have. After all, none of us are immortal-not even me.

::Tyr chuckled and got down to business.::

WALTAS: The first award I have the pleasure of handing out is one very close to my heart. I began my career as a pilot. The Pilot’s Sextant represents the pinnacle of that ability-whether it be a starship or a runabout, this award means you’re the best Starfleet has to offer. Look around you-that means you’re in pretty good company. Will Lieutenant JG Alleran Tan please step forward?

::Tyr applauded as the young officer stepped up. He leaned forward, removing the award from its case and affixed it to his uniform. Tyr applauded with the rest of the group as the officer returned to his seat.::

WALTAS: The next award was the last duty post I held before going into command, so I know the challenge and difficulty that it holds. Defending a starship is one of the most intimidating duties an officer can have. Most Tactical officers will tell you that what you learn in the academy will save your life, but it’s ingenuity and creativity that will win the battle. The Sisko Tactical Cross is a special brotherhood, and I’m honored to welcome into that group Lieutenant JG Sturm Kobylarz.

::Tyr applauded as the officer approached the podium. He handed him the award.::

WALTAS: Thank you, Lieutenant. ::Tyr applauded as the officer returned to their seat.:: The next award is the Tasha Yar Pin. Security officers put their lives on the line to protect their fellow crewmates, and they are the first to launch themselves into the teeth of combat should the away team or the ship itself come under attack. We sleep under the blanket of protection that they provide. In the spirit of that, please welcome to the podium the recipient of the Yar Pin, Lieutenant Katy Orman.

::The Terran/Orion officer made her way to the stage and Tyr smiled, handing the award to her.::

WALTAS: Thank you, Lieutenant. ::Tyr applauded as the Lieutenant returned to her seat.:: The final award I have this evening is for one of my own. Will Lieutenant Raj Blueheart please come forward.

::Tyr smiled as the Lieutenant awkwardly made his way to the podium. He didn’t need to be an empath to know he was nervous.::

WALTAS: Repairing a wound or setting a broken bone is an important skill, but one area many of us don’t realize we need healed until it’s too late is the mind. The Order of the Valiant Heart is given to those outstanding individuals who excel in Counseling. I can tell you from personal experience that there are few crews in the fleet that could survive without a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear to listen to them. Counselor Blueheart is all of those things and more, and he deserves this award. Congratulations, Counselor.

::Tyr applauded as he handed the award to his friend and crewmate.::

WALTAS: That concludes my duties this evening. Congratulations to everyone, and I will see you all next year.

::The Captain gathered his PADD and stepped down from the podium, shaking hands with Admiral Reider and Captain Riley as he did so. As he stepped back, Sidney moved forward, smiling at the assembled group as she took the podium.::

RILEY: At this time it is my honor to present the Voyager Medallion. The Voyager Medallion is named after the USS Voyager, this award is presented to those Operations officers who have shown great skill in keeping a starship in working order despite near-impossible circumstances. The officers receiving this award have advanced the field of Operations, making sure duty rosters, provisions, gear, and even recreation time are available… no matter what.

::Sidney took a small box from the attendant and turned to the audience.::

RILEY: Lieutenant Tracey Townson, please come forward.

::She paused as the Terran woman with the long black hair approached the stage.::

RILEY: Lieutenant your dedication to the field of Operations is well known throughout the fleet. It is my honor to award you the Voyager Medallion.

::The Terran/Deltan handed her the award as the audience applauded enthusiastically. When the Lieutenant had returned to her seat, the Fleet Captain continued.::

RILEY: From Operations to Engineering, we now honor the best of those who help to keep our ships in proper working order. The Pheonix Award is named for the vessel that legendary engineer Zefram Cochrane piloted during his historic first warp flight, this award goes to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering. By performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence, by managing to make their equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, the officers meriting this award further the mission of their ship by their superior know-how. They are truly miracle workers. Would Ensign Luna Walker, please join me on stage.

::As the Ensign approached, Sidney’s smile broadened. She took the award and presented it to the pink haired Terran/Romulan Engineer and shook her hand.::

RILEY: Congratulations Ensign.

::The woman took her seat amidst continuing applause. When the crowd calmed, Sidney continued.::

RILEY: While we are speaking of people who repair, we can not forget to honor those who repair our physical bodies. These officers are also know for miracles. Would Lieutenant Tenzin Zhou please come forward.

::The Trill Medical Officer approached the stage and the Terran/Deltan reached out to shake his hand as she handed him the small box containing his award.::

RILEY: Lieutenant Zhou the Prantares Ribbon is awarded to those medical officers who has moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine. The officers given this award display the ability to keep a steady hand in the often hazardous conditions in which they must practice, as well as the willingness to risk their own life to save the lives of others. Your compassion and willingness to save others is well known throughout the fleet. Congratulations.

::Sidney paused as the room applauded and the Lieutenant returned to his seat.::

RILEY: At this time it is my distinct pleasure to introduce Captain Toni Turner who will be presenting the next awards. Captain Turner…

::Sidney took her seat as the Terran Captain took the stage. Stepping up on the stage, the attendant handed Toni an award. She smiled, turning to face the audience, then began.::

::She smiled when she read the name of the person who would receive it, and after gathering her thoughts, she spoke clearly.::

TURNER: Of all the duty posts the most valuable is an executive officer who has an inherent sense of responsibility to the ship, crew, and captain. An officer who fosters goodwill, professionalism, and demonstrates loyalty by the things that are done both on and off duty that enhances the Fleet at large. The recipient of the 2387 Strange Medallion personifies all these marks of excellence, and it is with great honor that I present the medallion to Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul, who has performed as my First Officer on the USS Ronin far above the call of duty. Congratulations!

::Captain Turner retook her seat and Admiral Reider once again took the stage to present the next awards.::

REIDER: The Cochrane Award represents excellence in the field of Science for StarFleet officers. It takes it’s name from Zefram Cochrane, the father of modern space travel. The recipient officer this year was key to the discovery of entrance pathways to the Vaadwaur underspace corridors during the recent Starfleet/Vaadwaur conflict, and his discovery saved a great many StarFleet lives. He is constantly finding ways to ensure that his Science department doesn’t stand alone. And for that, we award LtCmdr. Marcus Dickens of the USS Challenger, the Cochrane Award. Marcus, please come forward.

::An Angosian/Betazoid moved through the crowd to the stage, where Reider took an award from an attendant and then presented it to Dickens, and then shook his hand. As the Lieutenant Commander left the stage, the Admiral was handed another award.::

REIDER: It’s my honor to now present the Kathryn Janeway Award. This award was created before Voyager had returned from the Delta Quadrant, and we had all feared the worst. It is given to commanding officers who’ve left us, but who hold a place in our history as individuals who have contributed greatly to our common cause. This year, we present the award to a man who, although a sometimes polarizing figure, was dedicated to ensuring that we kept on course, in difficult times. Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh is currently Missing In Action, but we thank him for his years of service and hard work for this fleet. His next of kin will receive the award itself.

::There was solemn applause as the Admiral moved to his seat. Sidney, in turn, stepped forward.::

RILEY: This concludes this year’s fleet award ceremony. I offer my personal congratulations to all who have been decorated this evening. Good luck to you all of you. Dismissed.

::As if on cue, the lights which had dimmed, came back up and the orchestra began playing light background music. The party was beginning and would last well into the night. Hundreds of those assembled began moving through the room, to the buffet or the dance floor. Stepping off the stage, the newly promoted Fleet Captain went to congratulate her colleagues.::

The following awards are presented Out Of Character to maintain the spirit in which they are written:

DATA ARTISTIC AWARD: Written by Captain Toni Turner

“The bi-monthly UFOP: Starbase 118 Writing Challenge competition is one off-duty activity that I have long supported, because participants have the opportunity to display their storytelling skills in a different venue. During the past year the competition has been steep, but one officer consistently supported it with a submission for each challenge regardless of whether he won or not. His consistent, action-packed, and insightful stories never failed to give others something exciting to read, and his determination and support of the challenges has not gone unnoticed. I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2387 Data Artistic Award goes to the USS Challenger-A’s favorite Andorian, Commander Tal Tel-ar. Congratulations!”

THE KALENDRA AWARD: Written by Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf

“Each year, we hand out the Kalendra Award to someone who has been particularly creative and perhaps even devious in their writing. The award is named for the character who destroyed the original StarBase 118, before it was rebuilt into the base you know it as now. Her writer lead a great goose chase for the crew at the time, and as such, we recognize how that type of delightful and surprising fun helps draw a crew into collaborative plotting. For her work in 2010's time-travel plot on the Constitution-B, LtCmdr. T’Lea is this year’s Kalendra Award recipient.”


“I want to say a few more words on Sidney’s dedication to our fleet, outside of the In Character ceremony. Sidney has been one of our most active staff over the past two years, having taken over the Training program in mid-2008 as Academy Commandant — one of the most grueling jobs in the fleet. Meanwhile, she has been an active voice on the Councils, and has already mentored one officer to Captaincy, with another on the way. For those reasons, she’s a great candidate for the rank of Fleet Captain.”

XALOR CLAN XIFILIS AWARDS: Written by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley

“It is my pleasure this year to present Lieutenant Guy Hunt and Ensign William Tindall with the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award. This award is given to any simmer who overcomes any disadvantage while simming. Both of you through your perseverance in the sight of personal adversity are very deserving of the award this year. Your dedication to the fleet and your ships is commendable. Congratulations!”

THE BOOTHBY AWARD: Written by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley

“Commander Vetri, as Academy Commandant, I am very pleased to present you with the very first Boothby Award. The Boothby Award will be presented annually to trainers who go above and beyond their Academy Training Requirements. The trainers receiving this award display an outstanding example of dedication to bringing new cadets to our community. You are a shining example of the training team and your dedication to the fleet is appreciated. Congratulations Commander Della Vetri.”

THE FEDERATION PEACE MEDAL: Written by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley

“The Federation Peace Medal is for commanding officers who set a personal example of fostering, peace, mutual respect, and cooperation among divergent species. These commanding officers, set the example for others in the way they run their ships and conduct themselves in the group. For his dedication and the peaceful and harmonious way in which he runs his ship, I am pleased to present the Federation Peace Medal to Captain Samuel Perkins. Congratulations Captain Perkins.”

THE JAMES T. KIRK CROSS: Written by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley

“I can not say enough about our next award recipients dedication to the fleet. She is the Assistant Academy Commandant of the Training Academy and her dedication to the fleet through her OOC work is very well known. Captain Turner, it is my honor to present you with the James T. Kirk Cross for your unfailing dedication to the fleet and your outstanding potential as a new Commanding Officer.”


A Lifetime In Moments” by LtJG Alleran Tan, USS Independence-A