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* '''service ribbons''': Presented for IC performed by a specific ''character''.
* '''service ribbons''': Presented for IC performed by a specific ''character''.
**Service ribbons can only be displayed on that specific character's page.
**Service ribbons can only be displayed on that specific character's page.
==Most Recent Fleet-level Award Recipients==
===[[Duty Post Awards]]===
|{{Recent Recipient|Prantares Ribbon}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Natasha Yar Pin}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Voyager Medallion}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Sisko Tactical Cross|AWARD NICKNAME=Sisko Tac. Cross}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Phoenix Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Cochrane Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Pilot's Sextant}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Order of the Valiant Heart|AWARD NICKNAME=Valiant Heart}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Semper Fidelis Award|AWARD NICKNAME=Semper Fidelis}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Black Cross}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Lwaxana Troi Medallion|AWARD NICKNAME=L. Troi Medallion}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Strange Medallion}}
===[[Special Awards]]===
|{{Recent Recipient|Locutus Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Sarpeidon Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Boothby Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Rising Star Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Kalendra Award}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Xalor Clan Xifilis Award|AWARD NICKNAME=Xalor Clan Xifilis}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Great Bird Award}}
===[[Staff Awards]]===
|{{Recent Recipient|Staff Member of the Year Award|AWARD NICKNAME=Staff of the Year|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearRibbon 2011.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Chief's Citation Award|AWARD NICKNAME=Chief's Citation|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff ChiefCitationRibbon.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|James T. Kirk Cross|AWARD NICKNAME=Kirk Cross|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff KirkCrossRibbon 2011.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Sarek Star|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff SarekStarRibbon 2011.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Christopher Pike Pendant|AWARD NICKNAME=Pike Pendant|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff PikePendantRibbon 2011.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition|AWARD NICKNAME=Shuvalis Diamond|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff ShuvalisRibbon 2011.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Kathryn Janeway Award|AWARD NICKNAME=Janeway Award|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff JanewayRibbon 2011.jpg}}
|{{Recent Recipient|Picard Award|ALTERNATE RIBBON=Awards Staff PicardRibbon 2011.jpg}}
==Displaying Awards==
==Displaying Awards==

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Fleet Staff Ranks

Service Ribbons
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Awards are given in recognition of out-of-character (OOC) achievement.

There are five categories of awards given at different levels:


Awarded to all members who meet the requirements.


Awarded to one member per vessel at the end of the year.


Awarded to one member from the entire fleet at the end of the year.

The difference between awards, badges, and service ribbons:

  • awards and badges: Presented for OOC accomplishments by an individual simmer/writer.
    • Awards and badges can be displayed on any and all characters' pages of that simmer/writer.
  • service ribbons: Presented for IC performed by a specific character.
    • Service ribbons can only be displayed on that specific character's page.

Displaying Awards

To easily display awards on a bio or service rack, use Template:Ribbons or Template:Ribbons Rack.

To display all of your collected awards and service ribbons in a display case for your bio, use Template:Ribbons Display.