Avandar Waverider

The Borealis is a waverider atmospheric shuttle, it was transfered from the USS Aurora to the USS Avandar. Instead of being held in a shuttlebay, it is docked to the ventral side of the primary hull. This craft's aerodynamic shape is designed solely for operating within a planet's atmosphere, and lacks both impulse and warp engines. Such a vessel is necessary to land on the surface of a planet whose atmospheric conditions make it far too hazardous to use transporters or traditional shuttlecraft.

The Ova Class' Waverider, named the USS Borealis, has a specific docking port on the ventral side of the USS Avandar's saucer, in a recessed hatchway just aft of the ventral sensor array. The Waverider is a large secondary craft, with the capability for long-range travel and the protection, armament, and sensor capabilities superior to that of a standard auxiliary shuttle. Facilities include two sleeping bunks and a standard runabout-type passenger cabin. A replicator and flight couches provide for the needs of the passengers and a two-person transporter allows for beaming of personnel or cargo when needed.

Specification Image
  • Crew: 4, plus 5 passengers
  • Length: 24.8
  • Beam: 29.6m (including wingspan)
  • Height: 4.10m
  • Decks: 1
  • Armaments: None
  • Deflectors: 6 symmetrical subspace graviton field grids
  • Hull: Single light Duranium/Tritanium
  • Warp Speeds: None