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Atlantis Mission Logs


Foxtrot Protocol
  • 5x01: Stardate 239705.11


Val Teasai
  • 4x02: Stardate 239612.22
    • The crew of the Atlantis is tasked with escorting the new Valcarian ambassador to the Federation to Deep Space Twenty Six. Upon arrival in system the ambassador invites the crew to join in the festivities currently happening on the planet.
The Return
  • 4x01: Stardate 239609.23
    • The missing Chon outpost, known as Deep Space 26 has now re-emerged from subspace in close proximity to a Caraadian House world.


In 2394, Atlantis was made part of the Andaris Task Force. Mission summaries for the Atlantis would be incorporated into the ATF missions, found here.


Crimes Of Passion
  • 3x01: Stardate ?
    • The actions of one crewmember threatens more than one career, while some crew attend a funeral.
The Secret Of Outpost Bravo
  • 3x02: Stardate ? - 239205
    • The frozen wasteland of a distant planet hides a dangerous secret beneath. Can the Atlantis crew survive?


Cloudy With A Chance Of Madness
  • 2x01: Stardate 239102 - 239105.07
    • Will a simple escort mission to Krayav involving the Grenushi ambassador, and a peace gift, end as a milk run?
Welcome To Uzoka 4
  • 2x02: Stardate ?
    • Will shore leave on Uzoka IV be complicated by an alien presence or a criminal seeking asylum?
  • 2x03: Stardate ?
    • Returning to DS26, a fun exercise uncovers EJS presence. Meanwhile on the Atlantis, a hidden enemy strikes at the crew.
Dark Wonderland!
  • 2x04: Stardate ?
    • Your favorite fairy tales... with a twist of goth and gore!
Bravo Signal
  • 2x05: Stardate ? -
Blast From The Past
  • 2x06: Stardate ?
    • A ship returned from the past is not what it seems.
Loss Of Command
  • 2x07: Stardate ?
    • The mixture of Romulan politics and military force Blueheart to make a devastating choice.


The Paaran, part I
  • 1x01: Stardate 238204.09-238205.29
    • A terrorist threatens the welfare of the Federation. Can the ATLANTIS stop him before it's too late?
The Paaran, part II
  • 1x02: Stardate 238205.29-238207.03
    • Chasing the terrorists through a nebula, the ATLANTIS finds herself in unexplored space, and face to face with a mysterious stranger.
Hidden Hand
  • 1x03: Stardate 238207.03-238210.04
    • Two Away missions put ATLANTIS crew in peril, and the death of a local dignitary leaves ATLANTIS as the prime suspect.