Astrofori One Facilities

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Astrofori One had comfortable accommodations for about fifty thousand permanent residents, though its launch population was far smaller. There was also a sizeable transient population (traders, explorers, and so forth).

Mission Facilities

  • Astrofori One General Council Assembly Room
  • Starfleet Mission Commander's Office
  • Diplomatic embassies for several species, including the Romulans, Tholians, Kubarey, and Va Wreth.
  • Convention Center
  • Security Center
  • Intelligence and Strategic Operations Suite
  • Sickbay, including an emergency department and long-term care ward

Astrofori One in 2394

Civilian Facilities

Commercial Quarter

A sector of the station notable for its open architecture, with many boulevards, plazas and gardens. It was the main area for civilian commerce on Astrofori One, and with much of the Menthar Corridor's legitimate trade redirecting through the station after its opening, many of the civilian establishments formerly located on Deep Space 10 either migrated to or opened an additional establishment in this sector.

Entertainment Establishments

  • Jalanda Palace: An elegant and welcoming restaurant, the Jalanda Palace serves a variety of Bajoran foods and drinks.
  • The Lusty Libra: A rough-and-ready bar and gambling/gaming establishment.