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USS Astraeus NCC-70652


Astraeus has a crew of 1,291 (350 officers and 814 enlisted, with 127 civilians). This number is significantly higher than earlier Galaxy class starships due to the additional crew carried now that more of the ship's internal volume is filled out, and because of her higher maintenance requirements.


The 350 officers aboard the Astraeus represent slightly less than a quarter of the ship's total complement. To become an officer, these individuals have either graduated Starfleet Academy or earned their commission through the Officer Candidate School after having attained their education in their field elsewhere.

Officers assume leadership roles within their departments and are responsible for training and supervising both junior officers and the enlisted personnel under their command.

See also: Starfleet Rank Index: Officer for more information about officers and officer ranks.


The 814 enlisted personnel aboard Astraeus make up the majority of the ship's crew and are distributed across the ship's departments in various technical specialties and duty posts distinct from officers, who they are under the command of. For instance, medics and lab technicians are enlisted personnel whereas physicians, nurses, and scientists are commissioned officers (see officer duty posts above). All enlisted personnel are eligible for NPC/PNPC play.

See also: Starfleet Rank Index: Enlisted for more information about enlisted personnel and enlisted ranks.

Non-Starfleet personnel, Civilians, and Guests

Non-Starfleet personnel such as those from other Federation agencies (Federation Security, Federation Diplomatic Corps, etc.) are occasionally attached to the ship on special assignments.

The bulk of the civilians aboard are the family members of Starfleet personnel. Though not members of Starfleet, it is required that these people have undergone safety and procedural training for what to do during emergencies aboard a starship, and most work in jobs aboard ship that do not require Starfleet training, such as barbers, teachers, and journalists. Occasionally, scientists or diplomats may also be carried aboard for specific missions.

Interested in simming for a civilian or non-Starfleet character? Contact the command staff to discuss your idea for a character!

Complete Ship's Roster

  • Enlisted duty posts and personnel are listed in italics and are all eligible for NPC/PNPC play.
  • Officer duty posts marked with an asterisk are eligible for NPC/PNPC play.
  • Player Characters(PCs) are listed in bold.
  • Player NPCs (PNPCs) are listed with their writer's PC in parentheses.
  • General NPCs are listed in plain text with (NPC) after their names.
  • If you wish to write for an NPC/PNPC to fill a duty post listed below that is not currently taken or "filled to capacity," you may do so by simply simming the character directly and then adding the character's name to the roster below.
  • Numbers listed within each department are not static. If you have an idea for an NPC or PNPC you wish to introduce for a duty post not listed or already filled, please don't hesitate to contact the command staff to discuss further.
  • The wiki is considered an out-of-character (OOC) resource to document what is actually simmed. If you add a character to the wiki roster but do not actually introduce that character IC into our sim, then others are allowed to introduce their own character and update the wiki to reflect the actual ship complement accordingly.

Crew of the USS Astraeus
Total: 1291 (350 Officers, 814 Enlisted, 127 Civilians)

Captain Officer Enlisted Non-Starfleet
Starfleet Personnel Demographics (Total: 1164 - does not include civilian contingent)
70 433 661
Command Sciences Operations
30 302 131 206 327 128 127
Command Science Medical Operations Engineering Security/Tactical Civilian
350 814 127
Officer Enlisted Civilian

4 Shift Rotation

  • Alpha Shift: 0700-1300 hours
  • Beta Shift: 1300-1900 hours
  • Gamma Shift: 1900-0100 hours
  • Delta Shift: 0100-0700 hours

Officer duty shift staffing varies according to departmental needs as assigned by the department chiefs.

The typical number of enlisted personnel from a particular duty post during a shift is listed after each enlisted post in parentheses: (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta).

  • Example: 3 Ship's Research Library Aides (1/1/1/0)
    • 3 total library aides on board with 1 on duty during Alpha shift, 1 on duty during Beta shift, and 1 on duty during Gamma shift, and 0 on Delta shift.
  • Shift schedule rotates monthly.
  • All off-duty personnel are on standby during Yellow Alert.
  • All off-duty personnel report to backup or emergency stations during Red Alert.

Command Division


15 Officers, 15 Enlisted

  • 1 Commanding Officer: Captain Mei'konda
    • 1 Captain's Yeoman:
  • 1 First Officer/Executive Officer: Commander Serala
    • 1 First Officer's Yeoman
  • 1 Strategic Operations Officer:
    • 1 Command Master Chief Petty Officer:
  • 1 Chief Helmsman:
  • 9 Relief Helm/Navigation Officers (3/2/2/2): Ensign Patrick Callahan (Serala)
  • 1 Records Officer*:
    • 6 Records Assistants (2/2/1/1):
  • 2 Mission Specialists: Lieutenant Commander Kasil Kesex (Thoran)
    • 6 Mission Specialist's Assistants (2/2/1/1):


40 Officers, 0 Enlisted

  • 40 Shuttle Pilots (10/10/10/10): LtJG Jelanna Zarax (Serala), Crewman First Class Davis James (General NPC)

Sciences Division


62 Officers, 240 Enlisted

  • 1 Chief of Sciences: Lieutenant Noa T'Nessa Levinson
    • 1 Science Administrative Assistant (Enlisted)
  • 59 Scientific Field Specialists: Ensign Slav Shewytch, Lieutenant Commander Timothy Alentonis (Zephyr), Petty Officer Second Class Delvan Rynna (Serala), Lieutenant Zurav La'Ren (General NPC), Lieutenant Saques Myril (General NPC), Lieutenant Junior Grade Dosei Zett (General NPC), Ensign Eilen Draal (General NPC), Ensign Sam Paxton (General NPC)
    • 225 Lab Technicians (80/75/35/35): Lieutenant Darris Kalvannis (General NPC), Petty Officer Third Class Shidek sh'Ver (General NPC), Crewman First Class C'haga (General NPC)
  • 1 Stellar Cartographer/Astronomer:
    • 3 Stellar Cartography Technicians (1/1/1/0): Crewman First Class Arieus Jodor (Thoran)
  • 1 Ship's Librarian: Lieutenant Junior Grade Rertak (General NPC)
    • 5 Ship's Research Library Aides (2/1/1/1)
    • 6 Research Technicians (2/2/1/1): Crewman Second Class Pics (General NPC)


62 Officers, 69 Enlisted

  • 1 Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Snow
    • 1 CMO's Assistant (Enlisted):
  • 20 Medical Doctors*: Ensign Jesse De'Vere, Ensign Simon Bentham, Ensign Greywin Fergus (Zephyr), Lieutenant Commander Ishkabella Journs (Thoran), Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire (Zephyr), Lieutenant Varza Remai (General NPC)
  • 40 Nursing Officers*: Lieutenant Faryul Nishal (General NPC), Ensign Calys Vera (General NPC), Ensign Brian Stenner (General NPC),
    • 40 Nursing Aides (16/12/8/8):
    • 12 Paramedics (4/3/3/2): Ensign Dirk Ennen (Kiax), Petty Officer First Class Torfax (Solok)
    • 8 Medical Lab Technicians (2/2/2/2)
    • 8 Medical Assistants (2/2/2/2)
  • 2 Counselors: Commander Jaelyne Isa (Serala), Ensign Sylvie Doucet

Operations Division


18 Officers, 188 Enlisted

101 & 000
  • 1 Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Esa Kiax
    • Chief Operations Officer's Assistant (Enlisted):
    • 6 Relief Operations Officers (2/2/1/1): Ensigns 101 & 000, Lieutenant Azaila Tevon (Thoran), Lieutenant Neshala (Helm/Comms)[Serala]
    • 75 Operations Assistants / Specialists (25/20/15/15): CWO2 Tird Freelleenx (Solok), Ensign Neeta Rajendra (General NPC)
    • 6 Diplomatic/Galley/Lounge Attendants (2/2/1/1):
  • 9 Shuttlebay Operations Officers (3/2/2/2): Lieutenant Elise Fields (General NPC)
    • 60 Shuttlecraft Maintenance Technicians (20/20/10/10):
  • 1 Transporter Chief: Lieutenant Emma Lindsay (General NPC)
    • 14 Transporter Operators (4/4/3/3): Petty Officer Second Class Trurel Vego (General NPC)
    • 19 Transporter Technicians (8/4/4/3):
  • 1 Quartermaster: Petty Officer Third Class Phillipa Phillips (Kiax)
    • 12 Logistics Assistants (4/4/2/2): Crewman Second Class Lance Kyle (General NPC)


128 Officers, 199 Enlisted

  • 1 Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters
    • 1 Engineering Administrative Assistant (Enlisted):
  • 1 Assistant Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Carter Greyson (Zephyr)
  • 86 Engineering Officers* (26/20/20/20): Lieutenant JG Wyatt Ral, Chief Petty Officer Ravesa (Thoran), Lieutenant J.G. Francis Michaels (General NPC)
    • 9 Components Engineering Technicians (3/2/2/2): Crewman First Class Tarva Naprim (General NPC)
Propulsion Systems
  • 3 Propulsion Systems Officers* (1/1/1/0):
    • 7 Warp Field Specialists (3/2/1/1):
    • 7 Impulse Systems Specialists (3/2/1/1):
    • 16 Propulsion Systems Technicians (6/4/4/2): Crewman Third Class Yelchin (General NPC)
Computer Systems
  • 7 Computer Systems Officers* (3/2/1/1):
    • 14 Computer Core Technicians (6/4/2/2):
    • 24 Computer Systems Technicians (8/8/4/4): Crewman Third Class McGregor (General NPC)
Maintenance/Damage Control
  • 30 Maintenance/Damage Control Officers* (10/10/5/5):
    • 40 Maintenance Specialists/Damage Control Team Leaders (20/10/5/5): Lieutenant Jamie MacNemar (Mei'konda)
    • 75 Maintenance/Damage Control Technicians (25/20/15/15): Crewman Second Class Novek (Andorian, General NPC)


25 Officers, 103 Enlisted

  • 1 Chief of Security/Tactical: Lieutenant Commander Anjar Thoran
  • 12 Security/Tactical Officers (4/4/2/2): Ensign Hayden Cayne, Lieutenant Sameh Neam (Snow)
    • 45 Security Crewmen (15/10/10/10):
  • 1 Master-At-Arms: Chief Petty Officer Andrew Davis (Serala)
  • 12 Weapons Officers (4/4/2/2): Lieutenant Commander Michael Goodwell (Thoran)
    • 30 Armory Technicians: (10/10/5/5):
    • 12 Torpedo Bay Crewmen (4/4/2/2):
    • 16 Phaser Control Technicians (6/4/4/4):

Civilians and Guests


Arno Bisset

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