Astraeus Crew Logs

Titan of Dusk

Lt. Commander
Lael Rosek

First Officer's Log Stardate 239605.27

Shortly after arriving at Karakka, we discovered that Lenik had taken control of a freighter, the SS Belfast, in place of his own Miran’s Tifar, the remnants of which were discovered crashed on the planet. While the team separated to scan for survivors, I was targeted by Lenik’s group and taken hostage. He wanted the code to gain control of the Montreal, but I was able to prevent him from getting it.

However, in a most unfortunate turn of events, Lenik set the Belfast on a collision course with the planet and we were forced to sacrifice the Montreal to prevent a disaster of astronomical proportions. If we’d failed, it would have devastated the Shoals and the Federation for years to come.

In light of the Montreal’s destruction, Commander Mei’konda has been summoned for a court-martial. Though I understand it’s standard procedure when a ship is destroyed, it’s more difficult when it’s someone you’ve worked with day in and day out for nearly two years. I’ve provided my name and contact information to the officer representing Mei in case there's a need for a character testimony.

German Galven

Chief Science Officer’s Log, Stardate 239606.13

Now that I have a bigger department than what I had on the USS Montreal, I feel that it’s time to start having better time management and communication skills with the old and newer crew members. With over 300 personnelle, I need to know who is best suited where and how well they will be at their jobs.

Of course I won’t be in every single place. It takes a team to run a department. However, right now I need to send out an email to the scientists for a meeting. A meeting… of the minds.

Lieutenant JG
Kawakame Shin

Personal Log Kawakame Shin, Entry 1, 239606.15

Entry one. Since boarding the Astraeus I have done a lot of thinking about the last events I experienced on the Montreal. I was admittedly bothered a little at having to take a mans life in such a crude manner as I had too in that last mission. I have since gotten over those misgivings and I believe I have no regrets about anything I did while serving on the Montreal, except for one thing; the incident in the brig with crewman Borq. She has been on my mind ever since. I have decided to try and begin a proper relationship with her, and too certainly avoid another 'random' encounter as we had the first time. In addition to this, I have decided to discuss my potential for advancement with Captain Mei'konda as soon as his schedule calms down and the crew has settled in.

German Galven

Galven’s Personal Log, Stardate 239607.01

I’m now a Lieutenant Commander. That means even more responsibility and better worth ethic. I’ll need to work harder than before during this new chapter because the next chapter and so on will be great challenges. Something that I’ve always wanted to accomplish. I told Captain Mei’konda that I wouldn’t let him down and I mean it more than ever.

My Starfleet career has only just begun.

Mei'konda Delano

Captain’s log, Stardate 239607.05.

It’s been approximately two weeks since we left Ferasa Prime, and the crew continues to get used to their new posting. Overall, I have been impressed by the ship’s performance. Our computer specialists have confirmed that the occasional failures of secondary and tertiary systems we’ve been experiencing should be ironed out relatively soon, and are related to the ship working to regain its… self-awareness, for lack of a better term, after such an extensive refit.

The metaphor I’ve heard used the most frequently is that it would be like waking up one day as another humanoid species. There would be many similarities, but many things you’d learned over time that you would have to adjust or re-learn.

Ship and crew are functioning well, and Lieutenant Harkrow’s teams seem to be getting a handle on the malfunctions. We were not able to use the slipstream drive as much as I would have liked on our way to Bajor - apparently, there are some recalibrations that need to be finished.

End Captain’s log.

Mei'konda Delano

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239608.25.

The Son’a disengaged pursuit late last evening, and we were able to slow enough to retrieve the shuttle Alliance before resuming our journey. After a trip of roughly five hours at warp, followed by four and a half through Cardassia system traffic, we’re about to arrive in orbit of the Cardassian capitol, where we will complete one part of our mission - turning over the information we’ve gathered about the Son’a and rogue Cardassian collaboration.

We’ve successfully rescued the Bajorans, and while they’re under medical care aboard ship, and what psychiatric care we can offer them, I hope to return them to Bajor as soon as possible so that their real healing can begin.

Commander Rosek and Ensign Wrader have gotten me some names from our prisoner, and thankfully, it does not appear that the Cardassian government was aware of these slaves. That makes it less complicated - but not less important - to see justice done. Once that’s done - all that will be left is the issue of Commander Tel-ar.

Lt. Commander
German Galven

Chief of Science’s Log, Stardate 239608.28.

With the end of the mission, it’s time I start collecting mission reports from the department and prepare for our journey into unknown territory. This is what I signed up for to explore new areas of space and with my department at my side, I know that we will do our very best in gathering scientifical data for future generations alike. There’s not much known about the Eagle Nebula, but what the late 20th Century Terran scientists found is more than enough for me to take part in and continue their… excuse me, our research.

Chythar Skyfire

Personal Log Stardate 239609.13

We’re arriving in the Eagle Nebula, and for the first time in a long time, I am accompanying an away mission. I lost track of how long it’s been since I’ve taken part in an away mission, but I am going to do my best civilian scientist impression and at least pretend I know what I’m doing. I haven’t used my xenobiology degree from the academy in some time… so who knows how it’ll go?

Lt. Commander
German Galven

Chief Scientist’s Log, Stardate 239609.15 Lieutenant Hamasaki has come up with the idea for survey missions along the border of the arriving Eagle Nebula. My department and I have set up intense monitoring systems aligned with the sensors. We’ll be able to detect anything. That’s in theory though. I’m positive that my hypothesis with proceed with conclusive reports.

Expect The Unexpected

Mei'konda Delano

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239609.29

We’ve shut down the slipstream drive, and are now mere hours from the outer edge of the Eagle Nebula. Due to the difficulty of taking readings from inside the slipstream corridor, we only discovered upon our arrival that we’ve lost subspace communications with Starfleet due to some sort of subspace blanketing that is enveloping our local region. My Chief Science Officer does not believe the phenomenon is natural.

So, we had a choice. Turn around and attempt to explore the borders of this interference, learn more about its nature from the outside - or continue, and find out what is causing it from the inside. This is a ship of exploration, and I have decided on the latter.