Ashmore, Connor

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Vital Statistics

Name: Connor Ashmore
Position: Chief Magistrate
Assignment: Wheeler Colony
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye color: Gray-black
Hair color: Black, very short
Build: Tall, thin - imposing
Skin Tone: Quite pale


Connor Ashmore is a man of opposites; he will seem very by-the-book one moment, and will do something wildly maverick the next. He is not below taking advantage of the good situation, as he believes he works for the side of right. He is mostly correct in that supposition; he does not covet extreme power for himself, but he believe that his ideas of right and wrong are ... well, the right ones. Once his mind is made up, there is little that can be done to sway him, though he will try with all his might to bring others to see things his way. His chief character quirk, and perhaps flaw, is stubbornness.

At nearly six and a half feet tall, Connor towers over nearly everyone, and he does use it to his advantage whenever possible. He can be quirky, as evidenced by his title/name combination; by rights, he should be addressed as 'Magistrate Ashmore,' but he prefers to use his first name following the title. The reason for this is unknown, though he has been heard more than once to say (most likely tongue-in-cheek) that the title of any law profession followed by the name Ashmore belongs to his parents, not to him.


Connor Ashmore trained originally as a Federation circuit judiciary, serving a number of colony worlds near the Romulan border. He was one of many such judiciaries, but when the Dominion War broke out, many of those positions were dissolved, or the judiciaries moved somewhere more war-related. Connor was removed to an area of space near the Free Trade Union, the only judiciary for many, many colonies already on the edge of anarchy. He performed his role well, however, and when the war ended, he was offered a position closer to the heart of the Federation, as a judicial estate executor. However, Connor turned the offer down, surprising his entire family; he replied that he was pursuing law, as his family wished, and that how he carried it out was his affair.

Other judiciaries were assigned near the Free Trade Union, and Connor began to spend more time near the Wheeler Colony, one of the most unstable worlds in the region. He lacked the necessary power to depose the dictators that would pop up from time to time, and when the last was overthrown with the help of the USS Independence, he moved down to the capital once and for all, established himself as the world's 'Chief Magistrate' (a title he invented himself), and set out to guide the developing world down the prudent path of wisdom and justice.

Additional Information

Magistrate Connor Ashmore is simmed by Lieutenant Commander Lily Ventu / her associated writer.