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Starbase 118 Ops and USS Albion
Ensign Ashley Yael

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Ship: Starbase 118 Ops / USS Albion
  • Position: Counsellor
  • Race: 1/2 Denobulan/1/2 Human
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 236103.03
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 155lbs
  • Eye color: Amethyst
  • Hair Color: Purple w/ Blonde Highlights
  • Skin: Fair
  • Build: Trim, Runner
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards DutyPost ValiantHeartAward 2011.jpg

Order of the Valiant Heart

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Ensign Ashley Deneve Yael is currently assigned as a Counsellor aboard Starbase 118 Ops and its support vessel, the USS Albion.



  • Physical Appearance: Heavily influenced by his Denobulan side physically, he has all the classic facial, ear and body ridges, with dirty blond/grey hair with natural purple highlights. The ridges around his eyes are quite pronounced, but he does not have the defensive Denobulan “blowfish” ability. He is of average height, near the height of the average Terran male, and of slight build with a thin runners physique. Though generally healthy in appearance, he doesn’t exercise. If one takes a good look past the uniform, they might consider him too lean for his height/stature. He is almost always in uniform. When in civilian clothing he rarely wears anything flashy, and rarer still that he would wear anything revealing. He is also not prone to wearing jewelry.
  • Blood: Denobulans have BLUE BLOOD. - Denobulans being descended from shelled oceanic invertebrates means their blood carries hemocyanin in the hemolymph fluid around the blood cells. This causes the blood to take on a light blue, matte hue. Conversely, Terrans oxygenate their blood through hemoglobin which traps oxygen molecules inside the red blood cells. Due to his hybridized lineage, being part Terran and part Denobulan, Ashley has a unique dual capacity to oxygenate his blood. Having the ability to process oxygen through both hemoglobin and hemocyanin gives him an advantage in low-oxygen environments against the risk of hypoxia.


  • Demeanor: Happy, usually has a smile. Unfailingly optimistic and perseverant, especially professionally speaking. He is soft-spoken and light footed, with an air of control, poise, and dignity about him.
  • Nature: Has a two sided personality. His open demeanor is productive, efficient, professional and charming. His less openly shown nature is unexpectedly chaotic compared to his calm exterior. His underlying complexities show themselves through secretly-destructive behavior. Regardless of his personal failings, his intentions are 100% positive and he would never bring harm willingly upon another person or his crew.
  • Personality: Confident in his field (if not especially so socially) and scientifically trained, he relies on his knowledge, natural charm and quick wit. He is warm, cheerful, makes friends easily, works well with others, and likes to see other people happy. His professional pursuits are top notch, and he prizes a healthy skepticism. Very sociable (as Denobulans tend to be), but also very secretive of his personal business (like his holodeck activities) and medical information. How he is seen by others impacts him greatly, which is why he keeps his wilder behavior so well hidden. He sees his wild side as a personal shame to his Denobulan heritage (which is peaceful and calm), his personal adherence to pacifism, and his profession.
  • Behavioral Note: While he thinks his more chaotic behavior is due to his Terran heritage, he realizes it may be a deeper reaction to his chronic medical condition. The irony of having such a psychological twist to his nature doesn't escape him. However, most often, he is in control and capable of handling whatever circumstances occur. Behaviorally, he is able to span both Denobulan and Terran cultures with ease. Comes across as younger than he is, but is surprisingly wise and insightful into people and personal problems.
  • Hobbies: Archery is his newest discovery, though his focus is almost entirely on perfecting the "quick draw," due to the effect of his Theoron's Disorder. (Holding the bow taught would cause tremor to set in, whereas a fast draw/release remain smooth.) Reading new anthropology and psychology texts. He learned to cook from his mother, though he secretly hates it. He likes cute furry animals (and isn’t afraid to admit it, squeeze it, love it and call it George). Secretly he thrives on exciting holodeck club nights and risk taking activities.


  • His dedication to his work, family, and friends is beyond simple loyalty. While he is quite sociable, he actually takes most things very seriously. His high energy and productivity reflect this.
  • His natural optimism is not easily broken, and recovers quickly when it is.
  • He is a pacifist.


  • He has a near-phobic dislike of being touched by others. (Chiraptophobia, common on Denobula)
  • Destructive hidden personality (secret behaviors, smoking, drinking, clubbing, etc).
  • He is a pacifist.

Personal Quotes

"My childhood? No, I don't mind at all. My parents separated when I was young. There was no animosity in this for me, as it was perfectly civilized. Between Earth and Denobula, I received the best of training from the best of both worlds by the best of parents. I had a perfectly normal upbringing filled with perfectly normal life trials, was never beaten or bullied or mentally disparaged. While I had everything I could need, I was neither spoiled nor overly-protected. Perfectly boring for you to hear, no doubt."

"Of what worth is a vow of pacifism when it is made in the protected sphere in which we exist? We know neither hunger or strife, we don't struggle for our daily needs. The Federation skirts the borders of chaos that exist so prevalently elsewhere in this vicious universe, but even still, we are protected. When faced with willful cruelty, what good is my vow? Did I make it without true perspective? If I'm faced with harm, why shouldn't I pull the trigger? Every answer I can think of is selfish."

"In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death." Anne Frank said this once. In the light of what we have faced, I could not craft better words."


  • Mother: Lina Yael(Human). Doing well as a restaurateur, has some controlled health problems. She was Phax's second wife.
  • Father: Deneve Phax (Denobulan). Alive and healthy, in the medical community on Denobula.
  • Ashley’s parents separated on good terms when he was 7. He typically spent the Earth summer with his mother, and spent the remainder of the year on Denobula (in school) with his father. His parents relationship was civil but cool, and they refrain from contact unless it is required of them. Ashley's mother is in regular contact with him, while his father is in contact on an irregular basis.

Personal History

  • Born March 3rd, 2361.
  • Parents separate at 7.
  • At 17, took 2 years to ‘explore’ space. Backpacked across several solar systems.
  • At 19, enrolled on Denobula for Masters program of Cultural Anthropology.
  • At 21, published first peer reviewed journal article concerning the evolutionary path of the Tak-Tik saber-toothed squirrel, a highly vicious but arguably sentient species.
  • At 23, received first degree (Cultural), accepted into Starfleet under Counselors Division.
  • At 25, spent 3 months break on Edo studying the effect of the “death sentence” on its people, published second peer reviewed journal article.
  • At 27, received secondary degree (Psychology), and graduated Starfleet Academy. Assigned shortly to the USS Ronin, then to the USS Thunder - Duronis II Embassy.
  • At 28, transferred to Earth, Starfleet Headquarters and Main Counseling Offices, while on Leave from the Duronis II Embassy. Just before his 29th birthday, requested transfer back to the Embassy.

Medical Note - Theoron's Disorder

A neurological condition which is genetically inhereted, it is considered fatal, but can be treated for the long term. Those diagnosed in time can be treated via daily medication, exercise, neuro-therapy, and in the worst case scenario surgical intervention can be attempted bilaterally in the brain. Most persons with Theoron's Disease are able to live a relatively full life with common sense restrictions in activities, though life expectancy is halved from what might be considered the norm. Ashley is currently still in the Early Stage of the disorder due to regular treatment, and is able in most circumstances to hide the most visible symptom, the tremor. He typically walks with his hands clasped behind him to keep them from view and hold them steady. His life expectancy being a Terran-Denobulan hybrid is an open question, and if treatment were ended the disorder would progress to Late State within an undetermined but short amount of time.

  • Early symptoms include a voluntary motion tremor (not while at rest), typically worse in the non-dominant side. Holding delicate objects or firing a weapon accurately can be difficult (though not impossible), and general clumbsiness is to be expected. Ashley has been medically exempted from basic weapons training for safety reasons.
  • Moderate symptoms, or symptoms of a flare up if under duress, would progress quickly without consistent treatment. It would include worsening tremor, tremor while at rest, difficulty speaking or walking, an inability to hold objects steady. Losing visual and auditory ability is the "Point of No Return" for treatment reversing the neurological damage.
  • Severe symptons occur only in the late stages of the disorder. Physical impairment is conjoined with a degeneration of mental state as the disorder effects the portions of the brain that control involuntary functions and memory. Late stage sufferers typically pass from unrecoverable organ failure.

Active Duty History - Extended Write Up

Ashley started out as an oddly confident ensign, quite impervious to the intimidation of the rank structure that usually paralyzes most ensigns fresh from Academy. His talents spoke for him in his clever insights and professionalism. A natural socialite and studied psychologist with a side passion for cultural anthropology, he was intellectually respected by his new crew on the Ronin, and then later, on the Thunder with her dual duty post on the Embassy of Duronis II. He prided himself on his spotless reputation and ability to aid his crew, even when they were resistant (as crewmembers can naturally be to psycho-analyzing). He cultivated friendships among his crew easily, and even began to think of Commander Tallis as a fatherly figure.

His personal life was not so perfect. Combating his inherited Theoron's Disease, his personal life crumbled over time. Being a Denobulan without a family, and fearing starting his own for cursing his own future children with his own incurable disorder, he was left feeling empty despite his professional success. As a minor complication on the side of his serious health issue, he battles moderate chiraptophobia (the fear of being touched), as many Denobulan males do. In the place of the family he couldn't have, he took to dangerous behaviors.

Doctor Saveron diagnosed his drinking as a problem and attempted to alter his behaviors for the better, but eventually had to forcibly treat him for alcoholism. Despite his commanding officers disappointment in him personally, he was promoted to full Lieutenant for his skill and was well cared for by his friends among the crew.

However, when he could no longer drink away his troubles, Ashley turned to his less common vice, recreational drugs. His dealer, a Laudean civilian by the name of Shanq, turned out to be far more criminal than the average drug pusher. Shanq had worked for a major criminal named Gaev, who the crew had to defeat at length and great effort. When his leader was taken down under Captain Toni Turner and Commander Tallis Rhul's command, he lost great wealth from their ended joint underground activities. Unable to be pinned by the Laudean government directly for the crimes, he was released, only to take his next visit from Ashley as an opportunity for revenge.

Ashley's drug habit resulted in a terrible beating, the removal of his right pinky finger by knife, and the carving of taunts against the Federation into his flesh. Shanq finished his work with a brutal sexual assault. This marked a low point for Ashley. He faced a long recovery, his secret behaviors were now common gossip, and was no closer to personally dealing with his unique health problems.

After the unfortunate events involving the Laudean Shanq, as well as the legal problems inherent, Ashley was encouraged by Starfleet to take an extended LOA from the Duronis II Embassy. He remained on active duty but transferred to Earth, where he spent his time furthering his psychological studies in San Fransisco, working from the Head Counseling Offices of Starfleet Headquarters, and taking regular opportunity to visit his Terran mother, Lina, in Alaska. Having spent a year on Earth he took it upon himself to request a new transfer... to return to the Duronis II Embassy, where he could not only rejoin his crew, but also face his past demons. After a short duty stint on the Embassy, he felt ready for a new assignment, this time on a space-faring vessel, and was assigned to the USS Darwin upon its relaunch.



  • Profession: Counseling (primary) & Science (secondary).
  • Degrees in Psychology & Cultural Anthropology.

Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Teal.jpg Cadet 1st Class 238708.01 Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Cadet
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 238708.01 - 238801.23 USS Constitution-B Counsellor
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 238801.23 - xxxxxx.xx USS Ronin Counsellor
Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant 238802.25 - 239020.10 USS Thunder-A / Embassy Counsellor
Lieutenant 238802.25 - 239020.10 Chief Counsellor
Civilian xxxxxx.xx - xxxxxx.xx Leave of Absence
Ensign 239202.23 - 239204 USS Darwin-A Counsellor
Civilian 239204.xx - 239205.30 Leave of Absence
Ensign 239205.30 - Present Starbase 118 Ops / USS Albion Counsellor



The Order of the Valient Heart - 2011


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