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The USS Ronin responds to an urgent distress call from the planet Grus Beta Three, where a large, high-intensity wildfire has broken out, to help evacuate the planet's unaligned colony and investigate the mysterious fire itself. With no one quite sure how it started, it is proving to be more dangerous than originally anticipated and even stranger still.


Grus Beta Three

Grus Beta Three is a planet with mines of maleconite, and an atmosphere that makes it difficult to communicate over comms. Chosen on purpose by the inhabitants so as to have as few dealings with Starfleet and the federation as they can get away with. But recently some mysterious and intense wildfires have sprung up and Starfleet answered the call for help.

Captain's Log, Stardate 240101.10

Responding to an urgent distress call from the unaligned colony on Grus Beta Three, the Ronin has been presented with a humanitarian crisis and a bizarre mystery all in one. Approximately four days ago a large and high intensity wildfire broke out on this planet's southern continent and has been making it's way steadily outwards in all directions ever since. All local attempts to contain or extinguish the blaze have failed and projections currently show the firewall will begin consuming the outer edges of the colony in a matter of days. The local government has asked for help fighting the fire and to begin evacuating civilians, efforts which have been significantly stymied by unusual atmospheric interference created by the dustclouds being kicked up by the fires.

Notable Characters

Primary Characters

Senior officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Karrod Niac Commanding Officer
Toryn Raga First Officer
Ian O'Connor HCO Officer
Kirsty Lee Carpenter Chief of Security & Tactical
Marty Tucker Acting Chief of Engineering
Is’Kah‎ Engineer Joining the mission on 240101.17
Alieth Chief Science officer & 2O
Luxa Lorana Science officer
V'Len Kel Chief Medical Officer
Quentin Beck Medical Officer
Dekas Chief Counselor
Hiro Jones Counselor/Medical Officer Joining the mission on 240101.01


Name Position Notes
Rox Nurse from the USS Ronin PNPC written by V'Len Kel
Vailani Zoyara Flight Ops Officer from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Luxa Lorana
Clara Quinn Engineer from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Luxa Lorana
Gra'vel Pilot from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Karrod Niac
Simon Vomek HCO from the USS Ronin PNPC written by V'Len Kel
Kiran Rork Engineer from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Marty Tucker
Tzim-Shah Security from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Alieth
Poagie Science Officer from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Ian O'Connor
k'Oar-€l Science Officer from the USS Ronin PNPC written by Ian O'Connor


Name Position Notes
F'red Lattice Alliance High Command, LAS Refraction As written by Karrod Niac
V'iolet Lattice Alliance Territorial Reclaminator, CO of the LATF Scourge As written by Dekas
Emzai Colony Administrator of Grus Beta Three As written by Luxa Lorana
Drisila Adminstrator Assistant of Grus Beta Three As written by Luxa Lorana
Kipal Scientist of Grus Beta Three Written by Luxa Lorana
Kos Farmer/Former Miner of Grus Beta Three As written by V'Len Kel
V't'r'us B'ek Terraforming Specialist on the LATF Scourge As written by Quentin Beck
B'hab Sheliak Lattice Alliance Captain on the LATF Scourge As written by Marty Tucker
Teryn Lo Refugee and Orphan from Grus Beta Three As written by Luxa Lorana

Mission Summary

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Act One: We didn't start the fire!

Evacuation team

The team made up of Karrod Niac, Kirsty Lee Carpenter, V'Len Kel, and Quentin Beck assist with evacuations and medical attention before making their way to talk with the Colony's Administrator Emzai.

The conversation only poses more questions than answers and the crew realise that they may not be entirely welcome on this planet - despite being called for help.

While this happens, Niac is advised that they have lost contact with the science team. He and Doctor Kel take the Argo-Type ground vehicle to make haste across the fiery terain of Grus Beta Three.

Carpenter and Beck are ordered to continue the evacuation efforts, as well as find any answers to their questions.

Whilst Beck conducts research into the maleconite, and discovers that it's a rare substance which is banned in Federation space due it's unpredictable nature, Carpenter surveys her surroundings. Specifically the shady nature of Emzai's Klingon assistant Drisila who watches over them.

Some of the colonists treat them harshly, and resist any help they offer. They seem to refer to a previous encounter with Starfleet and a phenomenon called The Blight.

As the Act wraps up shots are heard firing through the main evacuation area in Landing City. Carpenter and Beck rush to provide aid, and discover an Andorian firing shots. At this point Carpenter seems to come under the influence of the maleconite and begins to hallucinate as she faces off this new threat.

Science team

The team made up of Alieth, Luxa Lorana, and Hiro Jones head to the outskirts of Kite Springs, up close and fairly personal, near the edge of the fire itself in hopes of gathering more information about it, preferably without getting hurt in the process.

Lorana is separated from the group when a wild animal attempting to escape the fires runs through them. When a burning tree crashes through the ground, she falls into an underground network of tunnels below the planets surface.

As the fire gains in speed and ferocity Alieth and Jones must race against time to find their crewmate.

Ronin Team

The team made up of Toryn Raga, Ian O'Connor, Marty Tucker, Dekas, and joined fairly early in by Is’Kah‎ are in orbit above Grus Beta Three, coordinating with the ship's Marines, the Valkyries, and med teams to help with the evacuation. They are also waiting for communications with the other teams on the planet, as they haven't been heard from in hours. Eventually they are updated that even those on the planet cannot get ahold of Alieth's team near the Kite Springs.

The Ronin has to dip into the atmosphere and smoke, with flames that seem almost appear hundreds of meters high, to phaser a trench to hold off the flames a little longer so they can hopefully get word from them, and get them out of there safely.

A Fiery Rescue

Niac and Kel crash through into the underground tunnel network in order to get too the recently reunited Lorana, Alieth and Jones.

As the Ronin phasers the ground in order to act as a firebreak, the ground team (Niac, Alieth, Jones, Lorana and Kel) manage to return to the Rhine. Lorana appears to have been affected by her exposure to the substance known as Maleconite.

The Evil Windchimes, (and B'hab)

Tholian Terraforming Specialist B'ek is onboard The Scourge, he is summoned to the bridge by Sheliak Commander B'Hab, who survives on the incredibly hostile internal environment by entering a specially adapted chamber.

They are pleased with the results of the first 'seed' which is apparently causing the mysterious fires. There is some mild concern over the appearance of the Starfleet vessel.

When Tholian Command Master V'iolet arrives there is some apparent conflict between the Tholian and Sheliak leaders and whether or not they should deploy the next seed or take action against the Ronin.

Instead they recall the existing seed, in fear of it falling into Starfleet hands. This triggers an unusual signal that the Ronin are able to intercept.

From All Sides

Act Two: But we tried to fight it

With Act One closing, the Rhine is able to barely make it back to the Ronin, with some risky piloting by Niac. Lorana is rushed to sickbay for treatment. The strange and unusual signal is identified and the fires appear to be more than they seem.

With the colonists becoming increasingly hostile, with the maleconite causing hallucinations and perhaps irrational behaviour the pressure is on to evacuate the planet.

The Rhine then combusts whilst in the Shuttlebay, and it consists of the same material as the fires on the surface!

Teams TBD

Act Three: It was always burning since the world's been turning

Teams TBD

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

*  Stardate 240102.23: USS Ronin evacuates a non-Federation colony under threat of prolific and unnatural firestorm

REV SD 240104.01
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