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Artinus Serinus

  • Height: 181 cm (5'11")
  • Weight: 81.7 kilos (180 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A-
  • T/E Rating: 0


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: Multiple partners of multiple genders, now identifies as straight.







  • SD 239708.17


  • Alcohol: 1-2 glasses of wine per month, on cheat days.
  • Recreation Drugs: None
  • Other: Caffeine daily.


  • Parent 1 (Mother): None
  • Parent 2 (Father): None
  • Siblings: None


  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Chief of Security
  • Diet: Healthy, tailored to athletic lifestyle.
  • Exercise: Weights, cardio, movement drills, martial arts/2 x day, 6 days per week.


  • SD 239607.28- Medical Officer: Anath G'Renn, MD, USS Columbia
  • Medical Assessment: Patient presented for onboard physical. He reported no new injuries, and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

  • SD 239701.27 - Medical Officer: Solok, MD, USS Eagle
  • Medical Assessment: Ensign Serinus reported in overdue for his annual exam. He reported being bogged down with his new responsibilities, I told him that he must still attended to his healthcare appointments. He was found fit for duty, and asked me to provide combat medic training for his section, which I told him that I would find most agreeable.

  • SD 239708.30 - Nurse: Sivok, USS Arrow
  • Medical Assessment: LJG Serinus reported for his shipboard physical. He reported no new injuries, physical or otherwise. No significant changes of routine. Patient states that his family history is current. Patient is in peak physical condition, and upon request he gave me an overview of his exercise regimen and diet. When asked about what he does to exercise his mental acuity, after a small misunderstanding, he told me about some situational awareness exercises he practices, as well as an elaborate holodeck war game that he invented.

On a more personal note, he has expressed interest in learning kal-toh.

Lieutenant Artinus Serinus presented for a pre-travel examination and vaccination. He reported negative for pain, physical injury, respiratory symptoms,and psychological issues with the same prompt and polite professionalism that he is known for. At this point, Dr. Mason arrived and took over as attending. Patient was administered Stokaline, Mirazine, and one localised vaccination via hypospray. He then went on his way.


  • SD 239701.21 - Emergency Counseling Hologram, Counselor: , USS Eagle
  • Counseling Assessment: Ensign Serinus reported in overdue for an in-fleet counseling session. He reported feeling overburdened with responsibilities. Ensign Serinus finally came to visit after his colleague, LJG Kano Risha, was promoted ahead of him. He reported momentary bitterness, but then placed the blame on himself. He reported otherwise having a good working relationship with Risha. Next, I asked him his feelings on the losses incurred on the most recent mission. At first, he reported not having much time to think about it, but with some further questioning, he expressed regret over the waste of life, as well as bitterness of what occurred and how much worse it could have been. I asked him if he had feelings of paranoia, which he denied. Asking him if he was certain, he told me that I didn't understand, for which I apologized. I told Ensign Serinus that it was okay to feel vulnerable at times. He addressed how Security personnel are trained to be wary at all times. I asked if he ever had trouble turning off such hyperfixation, and he reported having more trouble recently. Next, we discussed his uneasiness at how lax security and intelligence standards can be. I pointed out how this line of thinking can lead to draconian measures. Ensign Serinus acknowledged this, but reiterated his loyalty to the Federation values. I asked him if I could give him a word of advice, which he was agreeable. I told him that he should occasionally "let himself off the hook," he then informs me that he's unaccustomed to anything but a rigorous and disciplined lifestyle. I explained that none of us could have seen an embedded Cardassian spy in such a high rank. I explained to Ensign Serinus that he did what he had to, and he enquired what that was. I responded that he had done his duty. He thanked me, and went on to reiterate his dedication to self improvement. I reminded him that nobody is omnipotent, and that he must not be too hard on himself. He nodded his acknowledgement. At this time, I reminded the Ensign that he performed his duties best in the moment instead of focusing on the past. At this point the session began to wrap up. The Ensign declined to schedule a follow-up appointment, but I told him that I would be here for him if he needed me. He returned this courtesy, and showed himself out.

Patient arrived promptly at 1300. After asking him how he was, he stated that he was well enough, considering what we had been through in the last couple of weeks. As he took the seat I then offered, he still seemed quite tall. He expressed that the nature of the current mission had made his work as acting section chief much harder than he had expected on a smaller ship, and that he felt overworked, even as a self described workaholic.

Patient then described a hallucination that he had on the job. A vision of being cast into the void of outer space and trying to hold on to life for as long as possible.

When I asked how has was doing now, he answered that he found that he so busy that he didn't get much time to think about it. He found this to be a positive side effect of being overworked.

He affirmed having a medical appointment recently, but did not tell the screener about the hallucination,because he has never displayed any telepathic abilities before, and believes that the vision was induced by the same entity that wreaked havoc in the Science Lab at about the same time, a conclusion he reached upon talking with Ensign Zicv.

He refused my offer of help for sleep, or disconnection therapy. He stated that he's sleeping fine, and that he feels the hallucination gave him something of a rebirth "a religious or spiritual experience"

He stated that the positive effects have mostly worn off, but he still stays much too busy to think about it too often.

When I asked if there was anything else he wanted to talk about, he said that he did have something, but that he could in no way do so.

I asked one more time, and then he saw himself out.

Lieutenant Artinus Serinus arrived at the Counseling Suite for a pre-travel clearance. He greeted me, and took an Espresso when offered a beverage. He told me that he had relived his hallucination in a nightmare, and had confided in a subordinate, and this improved their relationship markedly, a situation that I quite approve of. I asked him if he would like to relive it again, which he once more declined. We then began to discuss the amazing resilience of the crew of the Arrow, as well as some of the hard decisions those in leadership roles are forced into. He told me about a serious offense by two of his enlisted subordinates, one of whom died later defending the ship. He felt like he had a challenge ahead of him dealing with the combined repercussions of their actions. We then had a discussion on our respective animal companions, and it seemed like he was the one giving me advice this time. He brought up the possibility that mine could have been genetically engineered, or bred to have it's abilities, then told me a tale of a lovely sounding picnic that ended up with a demonstration of flowers that displayed a person's mood. We began to wrap the session up, and he departed after getting my clearance for travel.