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Artemis Manual


Artemis Manual

1: Expectations
2: Sim Format
3: General Tips
  • B: the Posting
1: Ship 101
2: The Borderlands
3: The Crew
  • C: Operating Procedures
1: Missions
2: Shoreleave
3: Mission Submission
4: Staff
  • D: Advanced Topics
1: Promotions
2: Secondary Characters
3: Department Heads
4: Mentors
5: OOC Activities
6: Player Achievements

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Starfleet officers assigned to the USS Artemis-A wear uniforms displaying the color of their division:

  • Command (Red) - CO, XO, Diplomacy, Helm
    • Intelligence (Black) - Intelligence
  • Operations (Gold) - Ops, Engineering, Security/Tactical
  • Sciences (Blue) - Science, Medical, Counseling

The Starfleet combadge and uniform worn on the USS Artemis-A is the standard duty uniform introduced in the 2400s - though Starfleet has instituted the uniform rollout gradually through 2400, so it is not uncommon to see officers still donning standard 2390's-era uniforms as well.

2400s standard duty uniforms 2390s-2400s combadge

The Crew

Learn more about your new shipmates. Click on an officer's name on the left to display their brief bio on the right. You can click on their names/pictures on the right to access their full biographies.

Command Division:

Operations Division:

Sciences Division:
  • Adea, chief medical officer
  • Jovenan, chief science officer
  • Sadar, medical officer
  • Gnai, science officer

Addison MacKenzie

Addison MacKenzie

  • Rank: Captain
  • Duty Post: Commanding Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 36-year-old Human Female
  • Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts, Earth

Dr. Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS is the Commanding Officer of the USS Artemis-A. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Earth), Addison is one of the leading specialists in Microsurgery in Starfleet. A non-traditional officer, MacKenzie was educated at some of Earth's finest institutions, earning degrees in sociology, anthropology, and epidemiology, and completed a medical fellowship in microsurgery after attending Starfleet Academy, thus resulting in a slight delay in her commission. It is her hope to one day become Chief of Surgery at Starfleet Medical.

JK - Red Picard v5.jpg
Lt. Commander
Talos Dakora

Talos Dakora

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: First Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 35-year-old Betazoid Male
  • Birthplace: Medara, Betazed

Lieutenant Commander Talos Dakora is currently serving as First Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A. After his enlistment in the Starfleet Marine Corps, Talos rose through the ranks at a slow, but steady pace. His innate tactical sense and a strong desire to constantly learn and improve himself separated Talos from the rank-and-file. Dakora entered Starfleet Academy as part of a mustang program and graduated with a specialization in Counter-Intelligence. He dedicated several years to service as an Intelligence Officer and eventually assumed the role of Chief Intelligence Officer before securing the position of second-in-command aboard the USS Artemis-A.

Sil-Picard Uniform.png
Vitor Silveira

Vitor Silveira

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief Tactical Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 34-year-old Human Male
  • Birthplace: Funchal, Madeira Island, Earth

Vitor Silveira was stationed on Starbase 118 after his graduation. After some time, including missions aboard Starbase 118 and the USS Excalibur-A, he took a period of extended leave for health and personal reasons. Returning to Starfleet, serving aboard the USS Juneau and USS Resolution, Silveira would eventually find himself back on the Excalibur, where he served until transferring to the USS Artemis-A along with much of the Excal crew.

Hallia Yellir Picard Uniform.png
Hallia Yellir

Hallia Yellir

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief Engineer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 25-year-old Yelikan Female
  • Birthplace: Capital District, Vamong, Yelik

Hallia Yellir is a Yelikan and the current Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A. Previously, she was assigned to the USS Excalibur-A, in wake of the destruction of the USS Resolution.

Lieutenant Commander


  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Engineering Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 57-year-old Vulcan Male
  • Birthplace: Kwil’inor, Han-shir Province, Vulcan

Lieutenant Commander Salkath is currently serving as Engineering Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A.

Jeseb Chevalier Ensign.png
Jaseb Chevalier

Jaseb Chevalier

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Operations Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 23-year-old Human Male
  • Birthplace: Elthari III, Eltharia

Ensign Chevalier is currently serving as Operations Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A.

Ensign Savel.png


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Security Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 22-year-old Vulcan Male
  • Birthplace: Alpha Centauri

Ensign Savel is currently serving as a Security Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A.

Genkos Adea.png
Genkos Adea

Genkos Adea

  • Rank: Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 31-year-old Betazoid Male
  • Birthplace: Dekoa, Betazed

Commander Genkos Adea is currently serving as the First Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A. Crippled by a transporter malfunction as a young adult, Genkos' left calf and foot were, until recently, biosynthetic created by Genkos and Yiggtissi, and he relied on a cane for support. As of December 2397, and an operation / replacement by Addison MacKenzie and Geoffrey Teller, he is fully mobile and cane-less. Well, that was until his recent trip to the Skarbek universe courtesy of his own brain. Now he's reliant on a cane, again. He is a driven young Betazoid, full of hopes and aspirations. He recently discovered that his father had crippled his telepathic development to hide his crimes, and as such, is struggling to cope with his new powers.

Jovenan LtJG 2400.png


  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief Science Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 27-year-old Edo Female
  • Birthplace: Rubicun III

Lieutenant Jovenan is an Edo Starfleet officer. She is currently serving as the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A. Born on the Edo homeworld in 2373, she enrolled in the University of Hurkos in 2390, when the planet was ending its isolation. Upon graduation with degree in Planetary Sciences, she entered the Starfleet Academy. In 2399, she received the commission as ensign and was posted on the Excalibur, later transferring to the USS Artemis-A with much of the Excal crew.

Lieutenant JG
Gila Sadar

Gila Sadar

  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 34-year-old Mizarian Female
  • Birthplace: Pozaron, Mizar II

Dr. Gila Sadar is a disgraced Historian from Mizar II, who has since gone on to earn a Degree in Xenobiology and Xenology from Starfleet Academy, and a Medical License from Starfleet Medical. In the time that she's served aboard the Artemis-A, the nervous Mizarian has just been keeping her head down and doing her job. Time will tell how long she can keep this up...



  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Science Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 26-year-old Galadoran
  • Birthplace: Anan City, Galador 2

Ensign Gnai (/ɡnaɪː/) is a Galadoran currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A.

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