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Artemis Manual


Artemis Manual

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Shore Leave

If missions are like the episodes of Star Trek, Shore Leave is like the glimpses of life we rarely see on an episode. They are stories that allow you to develop the histories, interactions, and little things about your character that make them tick. While missions tend to be more plot-driven, like an episode of Star Trek, shore leave is an opportunity to explore other sides of your character in a more "open world" format than during the mission proper.

Sometimes they will take place aboard the ship, other times, on an alien planet, space station, or whatever else we can think up. OOC-wise they should last anywhere from two to four weeks to give you, and anyone else you include, a little time to develop whatever idea you decide to flesh out.

Another benefit of shore leave is that the timeline can be non-linear. You are welcome to participate in multiple scenes at the same time without worrying about conflicting continuity. Occasionally, you'll see players write (( Time Index: First Day of Shore Leave )) or (( Time index: After the rock-climbing scene )) at the top of their sims, just to make it clear when a certain scene takes place. If another player invites you into a scene or leaves an "Any" tag, feel free to jump in.

Some other common shore leave activities, either solo or with other players as joint posts (JPs), could include:

  • Getting settled into your quarters. Ensigns typically share quarters, so I'd be happy to create an NPC bunkmate, or you and another Ensign could choose to bunk together. (You do not need to consider your quarters assignment on the Wiki as final!)
  • Exploring your character's relationship with their family via a subspace call home.
  • Running into your crewmates either in the mess hall, or on duty, or even on the holodeck.

These are great times to scratch an itch you might have that arises during a mission while interacting with another player.

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