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Artemis Manual


Artemis Manual

1: Expectations
2: Sim Format
3: General Tips
  • B: the Posting
1: Ship 101
2: The Borderlands
3: The Crew
  • C: Operating Procedures
1: Missions
2: Shoreleave
3: Mission Submission
4: Staff
  • D: Advanced Topics
1: Promotions
2: Secondary Characters
3: Department Heads
4: Mentors
5: OOC Activities
6: Player Achievements

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Player Achievements

Show off what you've done

The Artemis uses the Player Achievements system used by several other vessels throughout the fleet. The Achievement system is designed to help guide players to find fun activities, determine interesting ways to interact with each other, and possibly provide a spark of imagination for future adventures or sims.

Some things to note:

  • There are achievements required for promotion, these are laid out in the Promotions section. These are things the command staff feel are necessary for well-rounded characters to advance in rank.
  • If you are stuck thinking of something for your character to do, browse the achievements section, there are some achievements for most divisions.
  • Once you reach the rank of Lieutenant JG you can add your own achievements - and we encourage you to do so! This is a great way to show off some of those little quirks you've built into your character.

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