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The Artemis Duty Roster is where any member can see the various out of character tasks that are necessary to keep the Artemis running smoothly. Members interested in participating in these efforts are encouraged to check this page frequently, to see which positions are open. If a position is available, and you are inclined to fill that vacancy, speak to Commander Addison MacKenzie, Commander Genkos Adea, or your mentor for more information.


Mentors are absolutely vital to the success of the ship, and the fleet at large. As experienced members at or above the rank of lieutenant, mentors offer feedback and guidance to new and returning players. You can find out more about this position, its duties and its value here. We are always on the lookout for excellent mentors!

Captain Addison MacKenzie (talk)
Lieutenant Commander Talos Dakora (talk)
Commander Genkos Adea (talk)

Wiki Operator

The Wiki Operator role is, as one might imagine, connected to the maintenance of the wiki. An Operator would maintain wiki pages related to the Artemis, add relevant information to them, and generally take responsibility for their upkeep. This may include, but is not limited to; updating the awards page when new awards are presented, adding details to the deck listing page, adding and removing crew members from the main roster as needed, and cleaning up pages that are cluttered or inaccurate. Previous experience with the wiki is preferred, but is not necessary (there is no need to interact with anything besides pre-designed templates, unless you feel comfortable enough to attempt it).

  • Currently seeking volunteers

Mission Archivist

Where the Wiki Operator has a more general focus, the Mission Archivist is tasked with keeping the Mission Archive, as well as maintaining the current event's page. Responsibilities include adding to the summary of events regularly (including all relevant plot information), and placing links in the "Artemis In The News" page when an Artemis crew member is featured in an article. "Regularly" in this case means an update approximately every week, or more, if the plot becomes particularly complicated or compacted. As with the Wiki Operator, previous experience for this role is not required- simply an ability to accurately recount events!

Lieutenant JG Gila Sadar (talk)

Forum Manager

One of the goals of the forum manager is to stir up interesting topics on the forums. This can take the form of questions, discussions, polls, quizzes, trivia- anything the moderator feels would encourage activity on the forums. This role is a little more nebulous than others but is a great way to help build familiarity, camaraderie, and esprit de corps among our wonderful writers.

Another goal for the forum manager is to post, or encourage others to post, interesting sims or quotes from sims to the Appreciations area of the forums. This is a great way to let others know of the great work the Artemis crew is doing.

Commander Genkos Adea (talk)

Graphic Specialist

Inspired by the unceasing efforts and wonderful work of the Image Collective, this position would focus on creating images and graphics for the Artemis on a mission-to-mission basis. Responsibilities of this position would include creating mission thumbnails, maps, objects, and other visually relevant images. Depending on the skill and ambition of the Specialist, more complex scenes, such as battles, may be attempted at the Specialist's discretion.

Lieutenant Hallia Yelir (talk)

Achievement Coordinator

The Achievement Coordinators are tasked with keeping track of which crewmember has earned which Achievement. Achievements are a type of recognition that some ships in the fleet used. Some of these Achievements are required for promotion to the next rank, while others are entirely optional. The Achievement Coordinators keep track of whom has earned what, and record that in the appropriate location. The Coordinators are also on the lookout for Achievements that their fellow officers may have earned without realizing it.

Lieutenant Commander Talos Dakora (talk)

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Talos Dakora
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Vitor Silveira
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Kel Solas
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Genkos Adea
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Gila Sadar
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