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Note: This page is currently under construction.
This notice was placed here by AlleranTan, so go bug them to finish the page if nothing's happening.

The Art Library is a place for UFOP members to host UFOP-focused resources for themselves, their crews and the fleet in general.

About the Art Library

What goes here?

Art assets which you think the members of the fleet might find useful. Generally speaking, 'art assets' is a broad-brush classification that includes stock images, ship renders, Photoshop tutorials, sample forum banners, fonts or anything that is "useful" when it comes to creating Starbase-118 themed art.

Important Note: As with the whole of the Starbase 118 Wiki, any materials uploaded to this page are automatically placed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Creative Commons permissive licence. That is to say (in simple terms) that anyone may download, change and distribute anything you make as long as they credit you appropriately, do not attempt to sell what you have created, and give everyone else the same courtesies.

You can learn more about the Creative Commons licenses here.


Forum Banners

Here are several blank forum signature banners that can be used to create your own custom banner like this: Sigbanner sample.jpg

Command (red)

Sigbanner RED blank.jpg

Operations (gold)

Sigbanner GOLD blank.jpg

Medical (teal)

Sigbanner TEAL blank.jpg

Science (blue)

Sigbanner BLUE blank.jpg

Marines (green)

Sigbanner GREEN blank.jpg

Intelligence (grey)

Sigbanner GREY blank.jpg

3D Models

Ship Renders





Character-Page Wiki Tips


Fancy Headers

If you want a fancy header for your character page, there are templates for you to use. They are used in the following manner:


{{FancyHeading|Whatever You Like|Maroon|White}}


Whatever You Like


The default parameters for the background and text colour are 'Maroon' and 'White'.

Users of this template often choose to have their colours represent their duty post. To set the background colour, simply add an extra parameter. A full list of colours can be found here.

Colour guide:

Red (Command):

{{FancyHeading|Whatever You Like|Maroon}}

Whatever You Like


Green (Marines):

{{FancyHeading|Whatever You Like|DarkGreen}}

Whatever You Like


Blue (Science/Medical):

{{FancyHeading|Whatever You Like|DarkBlue}}

Whatever You Like


Gold (Engineering): (Note: White text on gold background is hard to read. The following code also sets 'black' text colour.)

{{FancyHeading|Whatever You Like|Gold|Black}}

Whatever You Like