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* '''Height''': 1.91m (6'<nowiki>3''</nowiki>)
* '''Height''': 1.91m (6'<nowiki>3''</nowiki>)
* '''Weight''':  
* '''Weight''': 195 lbs.
* '''Hair Color''': Sandy blond
* '''Hair Color''': Sandy blond
* '''Eye Color''': Grey
* '''Eye Color''': Grey

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Crew of the USS Eagle
Armand Van Decapprio.jpg
Armand Van Decapprio

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Berellian/Kerelian
  • Spouse: None
  • Family: None

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Ensign Armand Van Decapprio, is currently a science officer aboard USS Eagle.



  • Height: 1.91m (6'3'')
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Sandy blond
  • Eye Color: Grey


  • Spouse:
  • Children:
  • Parents
    • Father:
    • Mother:
  • Siblings:

Personal History

Armand has not recollection of where he was born, Yet he does recall having traveled with his parents and family to many planets throughout the 4 known sectors. He recalls being taught mostly by hired governesses. Yet there was high turn over because his parents insisted they spend most of their time on their talents instead of just general studies. Yet, Armand had more interst in science, mathmatics, warp theory and the latest science finds, especiall nano-tech. He was also very familiar with the latest technologies.

After travelling around with his family and reaching the ripe age of joining some academy, Armand announced that he would go to the Vulcan Science Institute and study science and medicine. Spending 4 years there, he rejoined his family and travelled with them for a year at their insistance and then he stood up to them and stated he would go and join Star Fleet on Earth. He told them that hisinterests were not to be a musician but to use his abilities and with mediocre marks in regular subjects but excelling in science, medical and operations.


  1. 237308.01: Graduated from the Vulcan Science Institute
  2. 237406.21: One year with parents
  3. 237408.01: Joined Starfleet Academy
  4. 238012.31: Graduated Starfleet Academy
  5. 238101.05: Attained his PH.d in Astrology
  6. 238608.01: Assigned to Starbase 118 as a science officer.
  7. 238609.30: Re-assigned to the USS Eagle

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