Arlo Thornton

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USS Exalibur-A
Arlo Thornton
Position Astrometrics Specialist
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237107.23
Age 30
Birthplace Brisbane, Earth
Writer ID C239203TW0
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg

Innovation Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon

Arlo Adrienne Thornton is a Starfleet Science Officer, formerly assigned to the USS Gorkon where she rose to the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer before taking an extended leave of absence in order to deal with repressed trauma. Thanks to a creative use of the Reserve Activation Clause, she was assigned to the USS Resolution as an Astrometrics Officer shortly before the destruction of the ship. Along with the rest of the Resolution survivors she was transferred to the USS Excalibur-A to serve as an Astrometrics Specialist.


  • Height: 1.7m (5"7').
  • Weight: 60kgs (132lbs).
  • Hair: Auburn.
  • Eyes: Blue-Green.
  • Build: Slim
  • Handedness: Right.


Arlo’s voice can be best described as having a slightly raspy quality. Although born on the island of Australia she does not possess the local accent having grown up in the multi-cultural city of Brisbane. Additionally, her parents never developed the accent despite having lived in Brisbane for twenty years. However, she does have a tendency to slip into ‘strine twang’- an ancient tendency amongst Australians to adopt a nasal way of speaking that often makes statements sound like questions.

She was noted for her prickly demeanour and for the fact that she kept people at arm's length. She speaks her mind and is always honest with her opinions. As a teen, this often got her into trouble. Over the years, however, she learnt to only offer opinions and blunt assessments when she is asked for them. Some value these traits and she is usually the person that somebody turns to when they need to hear the truth and not be mollycoddled.

Starfleet Statistics

  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy, Earth.
  • School of Study: School of Arts & Sciences
  • Specialisations: Astronomy and Xenology
  • Minor: Subspace Mechanics
  • Starfleet Serial Number: JW - 391 - 883
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Current Assignment: N/A



  • Mother: Rowena Thornton - Cafe Owner.
  • Father: Liam Thornton - Cafe Owner.
  • Elder Sister: Rebecca Thornton - Investigative Journalist, Cestus Herald

Arlo's parents are café owners and still reside in Brisbane while her older sister- Rebecca- is an investigative journalist for the Cestus III Herald. Additionally, Arlo is named for her paternal grandfather with whom the family were particularly close to before his passing when Arlo was 3 years old. She only has hazy memories of him as a result, but cherishes them greatly. She is close with her both of her parents as well as her sister. Her parents forbade the use of replicators in their house and even refused to allow their daughters to eat anywhere that had them. They wanted them to appreciate the value of home cooked meals. Arlo did not sample replicated food until her first year at Starfleet Academy- and instantly disliked it.


Hobbies & Interests

  • Hobbies: Theatre and Xenobotany.
  • Favourite Colour: Navy Blue.
  • Favourite Scent: Lavender.
  • Favourite Musical Style: Trill fado.


  • Restrictions: Caffeine intolerant, vegetarian.
  • Favourite Beverage: Apple tea (decaffeinated).
  • Favourite Food: Hasperat.


Childhood & Teenage Years

Arlo Adrienne Thornton was born on stardate 237107.23 at the Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital, Brisbane on Earth to Rowena and Liam Thornton. The youngest of two daughters, she has an older sister- Rebecca- who is an investigative reporter for The Cestus III Herald. Arlo attended public school until the age of 18 and was noted for her interest in the sciences, most notably astronomy. As a small child, she developed a significant fear of the dark which she eventually overcame. As a teen, she worked part-time in her parents’ café which overlooked the scenic Brisbane River in the city centre. Part of her responsibilities involved ensuring that the café’s plants were watered, which triggered her interest in Xenobotany which became her hobby. Although she originally intended to attend university and begin a career as a civilian astronomer, she was convinced to apply to Starfleet by her secondary school astronomy professor- a retired officer- who believed she would thrive better within the organisation.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Arlo took the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy shortly after graduating from secondary school and passed on her first attempt. Enrolling as a Science Major she chose to specialise in Astronomy as well as Xenology with a minor in Subspace Mechanics. Many of her professors noted that Arlo was an eager and engaged student but one who struggled with balancing deadlines. In her second year she was cajoled by her roommate in to auditioning for a role in a performance of the Gilbert & Sullivan opera Iolanthe that was put on by the Academy’s Drama Society. She enjoyed the experience so much that she joined the society and it became something of a hobby for her. She graduated 21st in her class- although she barely scraped a pass on her Subspace Mechanics minor. During her final year, she was involved in an accident during a training mission aboard the USS Temecula. She was later questioned as a suspect in the explosion and later discovered that two of her friends framed her as the culprit. When she discovered the truth, she closed herself off from friendships.

Helaspont Station

Helaspont Station

Upon graduating from Starfleet Academy, Arlo was assigned to Helaspont Station as a science officer. During her three years there she helped to conduct several deep range surveys of the nearby Helaspont Nebula and participated in a number of investigations of protoplanetary masses within its boundaries. Although her poor grasp of advanced subspace mechanics was highlighted as an area of improvement by her superiors, Arlo was commended a number of times for her diligence and her willingness to take point during group projects. Her department chief recommended her for the Assistant Chief position on the basis of her burgeoning leadership skills, although she was unsuccessful at that time.

She was promoted to Lieutenant (J.G.) upon completion of a mapping expedition of a previously uncharted protoplanetary cloud within the Helaspont Nebula on stardate 239403.22.

Assignment to the USS Gorkon

USS Gorkon

Though largely happy during her time assigned to Helaspont Station, Arlo felt herself becoming complacent with her role and therefore she chose to challenge herself. Applying for a transfer to starship duty, she was assigned to the USS Gorkon as Assistant Chief Science Officer for which she was promoted to Lieutenant before her arrival.

Shortly after reporting for duty she was involved in an "experiment" involving a member of the Q Continuum and found herself in an alternate reality where she was an Maquis insurgent aboard the Skarbek. After being returned to the proper time and place, Q offered no explanation as to the nature of the "experiment". (GORKON: Together In Electric Dreams).

Arlo's first assignment as a member of the Gorkon's crew was to assist in aiding a team of terraforming scientists at the Giáng Sinh colony deal with an unexpected winter, the after effects of an unexplained solar flare. Having grown up in a sub-tropical climate, she was initially unenthused by the the arctic conditions but grew to appreciate the beauty of the planet to the point where she remarked she would miss the planet when Gorkon was reassigned elsewhere.

Shortly after Gorkon's assignment was complete, the ship was tasked with investigating a string of strange occurrences on the strategically important Romulan colony of Vaeron. Arlo was assigned to lead an away team to investigate a strange sensor 'dead zone' that had appeared at the lowest levels of a Federation-administrated mine known as Calrich's Overhang. It was during this mission that her childhood fear of the dark came back with a vengeance- which was only compounded by the presence of mutated Denebian Slime Devils and strange fungal aliens. Her team eventually discovered a secret 'duckblind' which appeared to link all the strange occurrences and encountered a kidnapped Starfleet officer- Rachel Flores- who had been subjected to alien experimentation. They identified that the aliens used a species of mycelia as a power source and shut down the duckblind by inducing a metre on cascade in the power systems which destroyed the mycelial spores. (GORKON: Serpent Heart, Flowering Face).

When the Gorkon crew were tasked with assessing the safety and viability of a privately owned palaeontological reserve/theme park, Arlo was assigned to assist in evaluating the scientific aspects of the endeavour, which used revolutionary but mysterious cloning technology to create a wide variety of dinosaurs. She was suspicious of the technology and believed that the park's Chief Scientist- Doctor Bertrand Hankins- was less interested in scientific progress and more in the acclaim that would come with his discoveries. Nevertheless, she helped to save the life of an infant dinosaur by recognising that it had an extreme sensitivity to light and arranging for it's pen to be shrouded in darkness. During the tour, a series of malfunctions put everybody's lives in dangers as did an ion storm. After numerous encounters- and escapes- from carnivorous dinsoaurs, the away team plus Doctor Hankins fled from the science complex to the park's weather control centre where they discovered an infestation of GS54- a bioluminescent swarm that were preventing any changes to the asteroid's weather systems. Arlo's devised a backfeed to 'sour' the electromagnetic variance of the EPS system to, which forced GS54 out the electrical systems and into several battieries provided by Doctor Hankins. With the infestation removed, Arlo was able to reboot the weather modification network and dissipate the ion storm. They were rescued a short time later by the USS Triumphant (GORKON: Welcome to Dinosauria). For her efforts during the Trueno crisis she received a Silver Lifesaving Ribbon, an Innovation Award, a Good Conduct Ribbon and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Leave Of Absence

She revealed the truth of the events aboard the Tecmecula to Counsellor Corliss Fortune and then took an extended leave of absence in order to fully process what had happened and the effects that it had upon her.

Assignment to the USS Resolution

Genkos Adea used Starfleet's Reserve Activation Clause to end Arlo's leave of absence and had her assigned to the USS Resolution as an Astrometrics Officer. Although mildly annoyed by the manner of her return to Starfleet, she was grateful for the opportunity. She joined Adea in welcoming a visiting scientist to the station while the ship was investigating strange goings on aboard Rinascita Station. She was present when Ben Rackham betrayed the crew and beamed a Genesis Device aboard the ship- and was present when he was assaulted by an out-of-control Vitor Silveira. She abandoned the Resolution with the rest of the crew in an escape pod and was rescued by the crew of the USS Carpathia, where she recommended Silveira be arrested and confined for his assault on Rackham.

Assignment to the USS Excalibur-A

She assisted newly appointed Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Etan Iljor in parsing several months of long range data to try and find out the cause of strange goings on in the distant Cytarix system. She discovered strange sensor abnormalities and used the readings to construct a reconstruction of what appeared to be a strange object leaving the uninhabited system and displacing hundreds of small asteroids in the process.

While much the senior staff were engaged in a deep cover operation on Demes II, Arlo remained with the Excalibur. She had been cataloging sensor information from the Cytarix system when Genkos Adea recalled the crew back to the ship in order to pursue the fleeing Rear Admiral Regillensis. She immediately made for the bridge and offered her assistance to Adea, Yogan Yalu and Adriana Morgan and proposed a method tracking the Admiral's masked warp trail.

Later, Arlo responded to a call for relief bridge crew when the entire senior staff disappeared during a celebration. She quickly grew irritated with the presence of the Ferengi psychologist, Gott, but kept her opinions to her herself. She was present when the Excalibur apparently moved through time to the day of the Roman Supernova and then participated in several of CloQ's 'experiments'; one aboard a 23rd century starship facing down a Doomsday Machine; the USS Honorious being pursued by Cardassians during the Federation's border conflict with that species and finally as a commissioned officer aboard the HMS Excalibur. She was able to determine that the entire area had been saturated with chronitons, allowing CloQ to move them them through the space-time continuum. Once the experiment had ended- without warning or any context- she found herself back in Astrometrics and called Commander MacKenzie for confirmation, having encountered during the final scenario.

Alternate Realities & Timelines

ArloThornton Skarbek.jpg
  • Arlo was present in an alternate reality created by Q where members of the crew of the USS Gorkon were members of a Maquis cell in 2371. In this reality she was a hard-drinking sensor analyst whose aboard a Maquis interceptor called the Skarbek who had never attended Starfleet Academy. After the vessel was boarded by Cardassians, Quinn “Spooks” Reynolds secured Arlo in the ship’s engineering compartment and tasked with her finding a medkit. When Reynolds returned for her, she found Arlo asleep- having found the medkit and a bottle of tequila that had been stashed with it. The two made plans to board the Cardassian vessel to rescue captured members of the Skarbek’s crew. She helped Reynolds to engineer a warp core break aboard the Cardassian vessel and subsequently rescued the captured insurgents. Before the warp core breach could occur, Q appeared and returned Thornton and Reynolds to their correct time and place. (GORKON: Together In Electric Dreams)

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 238912.01 - 239212.28 Graduated Starfleet Academy Science Officer
DS9style-ens teal.png
Ensign 239301.10 - 239408.22 Helaspont Station. Science Officer.
DS9style-ltjg teal.png
Lieutenant JG 239408.22 - 239610.31 Helaspont Station. Science Officer
DS9style-lt teal.png
Lieutenant 239611.10 - 239709.28 USS Gorkon. Assistant Chief Science Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr teal.png
Lieutenant Commander 239709.28 - 239712.20. USS Gorkon. Assistant Chief Science Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr teal.png
Lieutenant Commander 239712.20.02 - 239809.02 LEAVE OF ABSENCE N/A
DS9style-ltcmdr teal.png
Lieutenant Commander 239809.02 - 239709.13 USS Resolution. Astrometrics Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr teal.png
Lieutenant Commander 239809.13 - PRESENT. USS Excalibur-A Astrometrics Specialist