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Ammonia planet.png
Stellar Cartography
Sector Tempest Sector
System TBD
Sun(s) M4V (Red Dwarf)
Moon(s) TBD
Class Q
Atmosphere Not Breathable
Hydrosphere 12%
Climate Poison Tropical
Gravity 1.1g
Primary terrain Vegetation
Points of interest None
Length of Day 23hr
Length of Year 245 days
Native species Unknown
Other species Unknown
Official Language NA
Population NA
Technological Classification NA
Major cities NA
Imports NA
Exports NA
Affiliation None
Government None

Planetary Description

Located near the center of the Tempest Sector. The planet has a planet-wide ammonia ocean with a single continent in the northern hemisphere. The ammonia oceans are deep brown, due to dissolved metals, while the vegetation is colored black, rather than the normal green, to accommodate the lower light levels of the red dwarf sun and the different chemical photosynthesis based on ammonia.

Black vegetation
Coastline, showing brown ammonia ocean

K'Thon Vessel

An abandoned K'Thon ship sits in an ancient volcanic caldera on the southern part of the landmass.

The ship's drive and many other systems are ruined and it has been modified to run on geothermal power drawn from the heart of the volcano. The shields are operable, though not at full power, while weapons are offline for a lack of power. Life support systems are designed for the silicon-based K'Thon race, though they can be modified for other lifeforms as well.

As seen from orbit

Abandoned KThon Ship

The huge ship has a pressurized hanger deck in the large circular end that can accommodate ships up to nearly 500 meters in length.