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Amity Outpost
Position Attache
Gender Female
Writer ID C239112CA0

Arinadell is currently serving as a Attache from the Kathesis Pact stationed on Amity Outpost.


  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight:  ???
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Build: Lithe

(Background/Personality/Career History)

Standing at roughly 5' 3", Arinadell is perennially energetic, and dresses much like you would expect a maid from Ancient Earth (read: 20-21th century) to be. She's enthusiastically a reenactor of ancient Terran culture, and part of that is cultural force to live another culture to keep it alive, and half of it is that she sees noting wrong with being confusing.

Regardless, she's also one of the more hard working attaches, hence her posting to Amity Outpost to help set up a formal embassy with the secure communications they need to post a full ambassador.

She has succubus like horns, a smile, black hair, and is tanned both from natural skin tone and spending time outside. She always has a smile, even if sometimes it's a very clear warning she's got something planned. Like most of her species, she's above average in strength, reactions, and eyesight, but unlike most she's not very interested in direct service, so she doesn't have the discipline to be more than just above-average in general, and in any case, she's more interested in using it to do her work or set up pranks, or play tia'kition, a game much like volleyball except that it's played in a zero-g environment. She's more lithe than any other build, typically on the move, and her black eyes seem to always have a mischievous twinkle in them.

Arinadel is a Kanaisi, a species know in the Pact for it's obsession. In fact, being called a Kanaisi is often being told they are obsessed. If you ask them, they'd say that viewing everything through an artificial prism makes you think deeply about what you encounter. And, often, people underestimate you. A Terran might say they are as crazy as a fox, but many who cling to religion might think they are demons - as they look like succubi, some with red and blue skin. The Kanaisi are primarily traders and diplomats, but many are idiosyncratic explorers and builders, building truly bizarre sights only possible via abuse of modern technology. Their home planet is a shattered world, and they live in many space habitats and sealed cities throughout Pact space.

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Chief of Mission
Rivi Vataix
Chief of Staff
Keehani Ukinix
Vaje Kizat.png
Dep Chief of Mission
Vaje Kizat
Civilian Scientist
Samantha Richards
Chief Medical Ofc.
Jansen Orrey
Chief of Operations
Nathan Richards
Asst. Chief of Ops
Scotty Reade
Operations Officer
Vailani Zoyara
Engineering Officer
Charlena Vanlith
First Officer
Wil Ukinix
Harrison Blackwood
Chief Sci Ofc. & 2O
Robin Hopper
Jr Science Officer
Niev Galanis
Ikaia Icon.png
Medical Student
Ikaia Wong
Asst. Sec/Tac Chief
Rebecca Iko
Sec/Tactical Ofc.
Kaito Moore
Torvi Ylvor.jpg
Sec/Tactical Ofc.
Torvi Ylvor
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