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On Leave
Aribelle Tagren


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Unassigned - On Medical Leave
  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Race: El-Aurian/Human

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Doctor Aribelle "Ari" Tagren currently serves as Chief Medical Officer on the USS Tiger-A. A woman who looks much younger than she really is (thanks to her unique heritage), Dr. Ari finds herself trying to mingle back into the young crowd as she enters her "second beginning" as a Starfleet Officer. Originally a painter, Ari joined the Academy and studied Medicine in memory of her father, the late Commander Tristan S. Tagren.


  • Full Name: Aribelle Clare Tagren, MD
  • Nicknames: Dr. Ari, Ari, Belle (she hates to be called "Belle")
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Ship Serving: USS Tiger-A
  • Race: El-Aurian/Terran
  • Date of Birth: Unknown. Between the years of 2330-2345. Looks early to mid-twenties. Note that based off Starfleet records on her father, Commander Tagren, her birth year is most likely 2330.
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T0/E6. Her empathy is considered mild at best. She is highly sensitive to others and is tactful in her interactions, especially when it comes to her patients. Her empathy level and capacity is not that of a Betazoid, more based as an innate intuition in the mannerisms and presentation of others.


  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 117 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Auburn. Sometimes looks more red than brown. Sometimes, her hair looks more light brown than red.
  • Hair Length: Long, just past her shoulder blades in flattering layers.
  • Eye Color: Hazel, Deep Gold Amber/Green. Because her eyes are hazel, they have the appearance of changing colors. One day it will be more brown, others amber, others green and then, on most days, a mixture of all the above.
  • Facial Features: Delicate, almost airbrushed looking.
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Build: Fit with healthy curves.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None visible.
  • Scars: None visible.
  • Handedness: Right


Ari in civilian clothing.
  • Clothing Taste: Professional, but likes to dress up when the occassion calls for it. She has a sense of style that mingles with ancient El-Aurian and Terran tastes, overlaying with the modern. She has a flair for fashion, though she does not openly flaunt it. She has a style of her own.
  • Shoes: Regulation boots on duty. Prefers ballet flats, sandals or fashionable heels off duty.
  • Jewelry Taste: Wears none on duty, but off duty Ari will wear large earrings and her Enaria ring (see Notes, Secrets and Spoilers). Has a cross necklace.
  • Cosmetics: She can wear little make-up as she has excellent skin tone, probably because of her El-Aurian heritage. On duty, she will wear little to none. Off duty, she will go for a smoky look to natural, though it is never over done.
  • Voice: Her voice has a bit of quirk. If you called her a cartoon character she'd let you have it though. There is a hint of a Kiwi accent, something she picked up from being around her father.
  • Physical Presence: Quiet but reflective, takes in her surroundings and others. She looks young but there is an air about her that speaks El-Aurian, which is somewhat comforting, warm and mysterious at the same time, though this sometimes conflicts with her "lone wolf status", as she often holds individuals at arm's length when it comes to a personal nature. She also has a quality that says "artsy" without overstating it. Walks with grace. Warm and motherly as a Physician to her patients.

Personality and Other Details

Aribelle is blend of vulnerability and strength. While she is warm and inviting, she has been known to be a bit of a loner. It’s not that she doesn't seek out the company of others, rather, Ari chooses the company of a smaller crowd versus the larger. She is an incredibly private person and while she may appear reserved, she is a thinker and highly active under the surface. She has a quiet strength and leads subtly.

She is also hesitant to make lasting relationships, fearing a human connection and commitment that will end in loss or failure. She secretly fears getting too close or attached to anything or anyone. The passing of her Human father left her thinking about life and what hers meant, as it concerned others. While she decided to become a Physician to give others a "fighting chance", Aribelle does realize that death is a part of life. But what does that mean to her, physically appearing almost eternally youthful, while those around her continue to age and die? It makes her almost feel empty and is one of the reasons why she keeps people at arm's length.

She does not openly reveal this in sim but it was exploited by the Reapers during her first mission.

Her El-Aurian mother calls her, “hard-headedly Human”. Aribelle doesn’t always understand her El-Aurian side and the mysterious intuition that comes with it.

For her patients, she has an excellent bedside manner.

She speaks her mind as well, especially about points she becomes passionate about, which has also gotten her into trouble in the past. She will voice her opinion even if others do not agree on any particular situation. She will state her points and reasoning.

  • Personality Type: INFJ (Myers-Briggs). Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.
  • Humor: Has a somewhat dry sense of humor.
  • Likes: Art, medicine, studying and expanding her knowledge on infectious disease and how if affects one species to another. She has a bleeding heart for others and experiences life much deeper than the surface.
  • Dislikes: Large crowds and disrespectful people. She does not like war or putting someone down.
  • Strengths: She is altruistic and will help anyone the best she can. She is highly intuitive, though this could be in part of her natural heritage. Ari is also dedicated and hardworking. And, quite literally, she quite strong for her size. She can lift, push and pull things that are ridiculously large, bulky and heavy without straining.
  • Weaknesses: Flusters occassionally, especially when she feels someone is not listening, and is slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to a task. She tends to over think matters and keeps going on, thinking of the "what-ifs". This could be considered a strength because she likes to think not only the big pictures but the details as well. However, this trait can become weakness because she can overly bog herself in all those details.
  • Hobbies: She keeps this a secret. It has been said that she likes the outdoors and horseback riding.
  • Religion: Since she celebrates Christmas, it has been said that she is Christian, though she does not state her views or religious orientation openly. Her father was an out Christian.


Aribelle is half El-Aurian (maternal) and half Human (paternal). Physically, both species appear the same. Aribelle does have a unique low-grade to mild empathy and an innate sense of time and space, as inherited by her mother. She also has the appearance of a fresh twenty-something when she is, in fact, almost doubled, if not tripled, that in actual Terran years. When a genetic scan was done on her out of medical curiosity in 2363, it stated that she had an "abnormal gene" that the scientists and medical community could not explain. It also revealed she could live up to 700 years but is prone to human conditions. Since the hybrid children of El-Aurians are still a bit of a mystery, it is hard to determine how they will age. Aribelle has been quiet about her earlier years, as she did not enter Starfleet until 2384. It was reported, though, that she aged slightly physically slower than a Terran, though her mental and emotional development matched if not exceeded that of a Terran.


Photo Relationship Details
Mother Lelian is Aribelle's mother, though she sometimes tries to pass off as her sister. She was on the SS Lakul in 2293 and briefly visited the Nexus. She has passed her innate sense of time and understanding to her daughter, who doesn't always understand what she "feels". She met Tristan Tagren while on vacation on Betazed. He was a fresh faced Ensign, and she was many years his senior, but that did not matter. Their love lasted through the course of 30 years. They joked about having a "May/December" romance. Aribelle is her, and Tristan's, only child. She was devastated after Tristan's passing shortly after Aribelle opened her first art exhibit, though she handled this grief differently than her daughter. This has caused a bit of a rift between the two, as Ari felt that Lelian handled the death too well.
Father Commander Tristan S. Tagren, born November 11, 2302, originally from Auckland, New Zealand, is the deceased father of Aribelle. He was a Commander and Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Valkyrie. He passed away shortly after contracting a deadly illness in 2369. The details on the matter remain classified. Aribelle was close to her father. His death was sudden and traumatic for her. Though she does not cry every day presently, it did leave her with a bit of depression after the fact. Commander Tagren remains to be a highly regarded officer and his funeral was elaborate.
Grandfather (Maternal) Zan is Lelian's father and is full-blooded El-Aurian. More details to come as they are told in sim.
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None

Professional History

Aribelle was an accomplished artist before enrolling into Medical School. She is a specialist in Infectious Disease and has worked at the Xenopathology and Infectious Disease Institute on Earth, helping to design innovative treatments for patients as well as creating tools and safety measures for the healthcare providers treating them. Enrolled in Starfleet in the year 2384.

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Blue.png Cadet 238909.27 USS Centris-A Cadet Cruise
01-Ens-Blue.png Ensign 238909.29 - 239002.06 USS Tiger-A Medical Officer
02-LtJG-Blue.png Lieutenant JG 239002.06 - Present USS Tiger-A Chief Medical Officer

Mission History

  • Stardate 238910.01 - 239001.24: Bilire IV. The Romulans and Klingons are at war, and conditions are dire on Bilire IV. After discovering that the planet is ravished by an unrelenting plague, called the Wrath, Ari becomes adamant in finding a cure while keeping the crew safe. When she comes to the planet on an away mission led by Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, her heart breaks at the conditions the Romulans are in. A storm also unleashes its fury onto the world, bringing with it a wall of water. This water crashes into the hospital, sucking Aribelle out, and leaves her barely alive on the rocky cliffs, where a Reaper waits and brings her to his unreality. There, a badly injured Aribelle is held in a cell and experiences her reoccurrent nightmare on steroids. She envisions herself standing over Borg bodies she has supposedly slain, when a bright light replaces them with the sick Romulans she was unable to help. A vision of her father, infected by the Wrath, appears and accuses her of slaughtering them. When she finally wakes from the nightmare, she escapes the cell into a darkened corridor where she runs into Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Mihn and Ensign Brayden Jorey. She first believes that they are a part of the haunting reality, until T'Mihn brings her around with a motherly embrace, bringing back some of Ari's sanity. It is then she discovers she has an injury to her inner thigh and that her crewmates are real. Working together, the trio triumph over personal nightmares, tailored by the Reapers that pulls from past experiences and insecurities. The trio eventually decided to do something unprecedented: a three mind meld, to try and reach out to the crew of the Tiger. There, she is met by the version of the leather-clad warrior version of herself, where they "become one". They are eventually saved by Captain Riley and an away party. When Aribelle returned to the ship to sickbay, she was disorientated and it took time for her to wear off the high from the meld, leaving her slightly "changed" though she does not know the extent in the experience's wake. After her physical wounds and bruises heal, she works with Sickbay on a standard post-exposure follow-up for the Wrath so the crew can have much needed leave time on Deep Space 17, without worry.

Awards & Commendations

Awards and Ribbons
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Winner 239002.01
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg Prisoner of War Ribbon 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg Purple Heart 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg Romulan Campaign Medal 239002.06
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg Ithassa Region Campaign Medal 239002.06
KlingonInvasion.jpg Klingon Invasion Ribbon 239002.06

Personal History

Her Parents

Aribelle has the sense that, as said by her mother, "connects her to the fabric of space and time." She is not always aware, but her human side makes her slightly pessimistic and afraid to make lasting friendships.

Lelian and Commander Tristan S. Tagren had an on-again/off-again romance that lasted three decades. It was a love that lasted through the test of time, distance and physical appearance. Lelian is a full-blooded El-Aurian woman, who is a free-spirit that corresponds with the Federation and is held in high regard. Lelian was on the SS Lakuland was rescued, having briefly visited the Nexus.

Commander Tristan S. Tagren served on the USS Valkyrie and met Lelian first as an Ensign on shore leave on Betazed. They had a brief fling and from there, they kept running into each other. Lelian told Tristan that she once dreamt of them and they had a child. When she became pregnant with Aribelle, she said her dream had come to reality.

Childhood Years

While the love of Lelian and Tristan was passionate, they never married and were hampered by his duty as a Starfleet Officer and her instinctive “need” to gallivant across the sea of stars. They made a point to be together and bring stability to their young daughter, who's birthplace and actual date has yet to be revealed.

Aribelle wanted for nothing as a young child, splitting her time between her parents. She was shielded from the woes of the universe as her parents delicately treated each issue with a reassuring smile and calming words.

Almost every Christmas, Aribelle would visit a cabin in the Rocky Mountains with her parents, exchanging gifts and singing songs. It was their chance to get away from the constant duty in their lives and spend a special time with their small family. The memories of this time are very important to Aribelle, and she cherishes them.

As a small child, Aribelle had flowing, wavy red hair and always wore a smile, maturing physically at almost the same rate of any Human, but her level of wisdom and intelligence above average for a Human.

A view from the cabin at the Rocky Mountains.

Teenage Years and Early Adulthood

She pursued studies on the planet where her parents first met: Betazed.

Aribelle became a brilliant painter and sculptor, her work bringing realism and such haunting emotion that it was celebrated by art critics.

Sadness soon followed after her first art exhibit. Word came that her father contracted a deadly illness that did not seem to pass from human to human. It was unclear on the details, but Aribelle became bitter after his death a few months later.

She could no longer paint.

After years of traveling with her mother, Aribelle decided that she wanted to know more about space-bound illnesses, and how it would infect and affect one species to another.

Again, she enrolled into studies, but this time it was Medical School. Her passion fueled her work ethic. Soon, she enrolled into the Academy, completed a Residency, all under the love of her mother and the want to continue her father’s legacy.

Present: Starfleet Officer

While a doctor first, Aribelle finds herself struggling between her medical training and her duty as a Starfleet officer. She feels out of place among the younger officers even if they physically look the same.



  • T'Mihn Ah'mygahn - Aribelle's first encounter with this unusual Vulcan was during her initial boarding of the USS Tiger-A. To celebrate promotions, the junior officers had a party in the Tiger's Den. It was a morale boost before arriving to Bilire IV. T'Mihn got drunk off of chocolate and Aribelle practically carried her to Sickbay, where she was treated and they talked a while about T'Mihn's unique history. Aribelle finds a kindred spirit in T'Mihn, almost sisterly.
  • Lance Firestarter - Aribelle respects her Chief Medical Officer, Lance Firestarter, right from the start, when she boards the USS Tiger in late September, 2389. They seem to have a mutual understanding and respect each other's work ethics. Aribelle finds herself looking up to Firestarter, looking and turning to her for advice and guidance, because while Aribelle has been a doctor for years, she is still new to the world of Starfleet. Balancing her medical background and following Starfleet regulations and protocols can be conflicting to Aribelle.
  • Alex Blair - Alex earned Aribelle's respect when he stopped her from leaving a small gathering of Junior officers at the Tiger's Den, right before arriving Bilire IV in September of 2389. She had been overwhelmed by all the new people. Because of his selflessness, she could see that his character was genuine and has earned the early start of a friendship.
  • A'ern Zerxes - A'ern was assigned to the away party in 2389 to Bilire, with Fleet Captain Sidney Riley and Aribelle. Because of his work as a security officer, and past meeting in Sickway when Mr. Zerxes first came on board, Aribelle finds herself finding similarities between him and her, and slowly begins to trust him.

Romantic Interests

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn, born April 15, 2336 in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a retired Federation Captain. He formerly served as the Commanding Officer on a Sovereign class vessel, the USS Poseidon, and now works for himself by taking on oddball jobs or assignments that the Federation simply does not have the time or interest for. Aribelle and Quinn have known each other for just over twenty years, having met in 2367. A former romance has been implied between the two in sim, and he once proposed to her in 2382, but due to his promiscious nature and Ari's inability to make a commitment, the two do not venture down that path. Currently, Aribelle wants no contact with him.

Notes, Secrets and Spoilers

Enaria Stone ring, an El-Aurian heirloom that has survived time and space.
  • For a woman who focuses so much on mortality, this was one of Aribelle's driving factors to become a Physician. It was to not only research disease but to give others the best chance they have with loving care. She prides herself in good bedside manner.
  • Prefers to be called "Ari" versus "Belle".
  • Prefers to be addressed as "Doctor" versus by rank.
  • Has a large stone ring, a heirloom given to her by her mother. This ring is made from Enaria stone and is one of the few El-Aurian artifacts that lasted past the invasion of the Borg. The stone flashes an array of reds, golds, and oranges and seems to turn lighter to deeper shades without warning. Ari does not know why, neither does her mother.
  • Worked as a locum tenan while she attended the Academy.
  • Hates Gagh. She has a physical response whenever she sees or smells it.
  • Is terrified of the Borg or anything Borg-like. She has had nightmares and reoccurring dreams of them ever since she was a small child. Often in these dreams she is a leather-clad warrior, weilding a curved handled weapon with various jagged points.

Notable Sims

A New Ensign

Mission 1: The Wrath of Bilire IV

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