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* '''Weight''':  
* '''Weight''':  
* '''Hair Color''': Black
* '''Hair Color''': Black
* '''Length of Hair''':  
* '''Length of Hair''': Short
* '''Eye Color''': Green
* '''Eye Color''': Green
* '''Skin Tone''':  
* '''Skin Tone''': Light Green
* '''Birthmarks, Scars''':
* '''Build''': Athletic 
* '''Build''':  
* '''Face''':
* '''Eyes''':
* '''Mouth''':
* '''Arms''':
* '''Legs''':
* '''Carriage''':
* '''Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head)''':
* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''':
* '''Shoes''':
* '''Voice''':
* '''Handedness''': Left
* '''Handedness''': Left

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Introductory text goes here. For example: Ensign Arias Cavvar, an Orion/Terran, is currently a security officer aboard the USS Excalibur-A.



  • Height: 2 m (6'6")
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Light Green
  • Build: Athletic
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters:
  • Favorite Room:
  • Habits:
  • Mannerisms:
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion:
  • Hobbies and Pastimes:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Ambitions and Goals:
  • Achievements in Life:
  • Disappointments in Life:
  • Temperment:
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias):
  • Physical Limitations:


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Verkick Cavvar
    • Mother: Elia Standford-Cavvar
  • Siblings: None

Personal History

  1. 232001.01: Event.
  2. 232001.02: Event, etc.

Born in transit to the colony of New Shrewsbury- known as one of the most boring colonies in the universe and subject to high temperatures, Arias was born to mixed parents, his father from Orion and mother from Earth. His younger years in the colony were extremely stressful and in time after being relentlessly teased due to his mixed heritage he retracted from society. He displayed great enjoyment with the simple task of peeling potatoes, this caused some concern from his parents but in time they came to accept it as one of his many quirks. As he grew taller and stronger he displayed great interest in martial arts and sports. At age 16 he enrolled in the planetary defence forces youth program where he received commendations for his skills as a tactician and combatant. He enrolled in Star Fleet Academy at age 18, star date 238609.03.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy:
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Excalibur-A
  • Duty Post: Security Officer

Awards & Commendations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
  • The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement 1: Date awarded.


  1. 232001.01: Event.
  2. 232001.02: Event, etc.