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The Argo Class Shuttle is one of the newest class of shuttle in the Federation, This shuttle is known to be one of the marines favourites. The Argo was designed with recessed warp nacelles and fold-down wings. These wings were designed to assist in atmospheric maneuverability. The shuttle was equipped with an all-terrain buggy that could transport up to three passengers over rugged terrain. The buggy was secured aboard the shuttle's cargo hold via wheel clamps. The shuttlecraft could also be remote controlled from a device on the buggy.

Specification Image
  • Crew: 4
  • Length: 14.50m
  • Beam: 8.80(including wingspan)
  • Height: 6.10m
  • Decks: 1
  • Armaments: 2 Type VI phaser banks, 1 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 20 torpedoes
  • Deflectors: 6 symmetrical subspace graviton field grids
  • Hull: Single light Duranium/Tritanium
  • Warp Speeds: Cruising 5, Maximum 7.5 (sustainable for 6 hours)
Argo shuttle.jpg

Argo shuttle and buggy.jpg