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Image of an Argelian dancer
Four Letter Code ARGL
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Argelius II
Encountered TOS: Wolf in the Fold
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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  • Proper Name: Argelian
  • Pronunciation: Arg'eL'ian

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Argus Sector (coordinates A26-0002-1301)
  • Proper Name: Argelius
  • Pronunciation: Arg'eLìus
  • Star: It orbits a class G (Yellow) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 283 million km
  • Companions: 6 other planets. It is the 2nd planet in the system

Home World

  • Proper Name: Argelius II
  • Pronunciation: Arg'eL'ius II
  • Diameter: 13,379 km (8,362 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.01 standard gravity with a density of 5.3
  • Axial Tilt: 6%, no appreciable tilt and no seasons
  • Orbital Period: 341 days
  • Rotational Period: 22 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 59%
    • Atmosphere: 1.02 is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 2% trace gases
    • Climate: Warm semi-tropical with tropical at the equator.
    • Population: Just over 4 billion


Outwardly identical to Humans, the Argelian race is known for its hedonistic, peace-loving nature, which was acquired after undergoing a period in Argelian history known as the Great Awakening circa the 2060s. At this time their society was fundamentally reformed from violent to placid. Since the Great Awakening, the Argelians have adopted a pacifist way of life, deploring any form of violence.

This pleasure-loving cultural trait makes it necessary to import administrative officials from other worlds to maintain order. This pacifist philosophy almost resulted in a planetary judicial crisis when in 2267 three murders were committed, a crime for which the punishment would have been death by slow torture due to laws from before the Awakening. Fortunately the Argelians did not have to execute anyone as the murderer turned out to be a non-humanoid life form identified as the Redjac entity.

Over a century later, Quark wondered about putting an Argelian massage facility in Garak's old storefront if he didn't want to reopen his shop. It is probable that Captain Sisko did not approve of such an "interesting" establishment on the Promenade.


The Argelians have little ability or desire for administration and usually hire outworlders for most low and mid level government jobs. Those that have proven themselves as both trustworthy and efficient then get promoted to senior positions. If someone proves to be unable to perform the test they were hired to do then they are usually fired and shipped off world on the first available transport. The highest position in their government is that of Prefect. It is an administrative official, who acts in a supervisory position for the entire planet.


They appear to be terrans with the same amount of variety in height, weight, eye and hair color. Some Argelians possesses psychic powers, but it is not a common characteristic to this race.


While they may appear to be human, certain hormones and other key chemical aspects of their physiology is markedly different. Also the size and locations of most of the internal organs are also different.


Some Argelian women are known to have certain empathic and low-grade telepathic abilities. Other than this they are fairly similar to terrans when it comes to mental health and stability.


Since the Great Awakening they have changed a lot. Currently, there is no organized religion anywhere on the planet. For that matter, according to the records that survived, even before the Great Awakening over 300 years ago, there was no real form of religion practiced anywhere on the planet.


All the myths that have survived are from before the Great Awakening, and even then they are not considered anything more than interesting stories to tell the children.


A society devoted to peace and pleasure. The resorts of Argelius are known for their warm hospitality, good food, and virtually nonexistent crime rate. The people themselves seem to be very laid back, relaxed and dedicated to enjoying the pleasures of the flesh.


Since the Great Awakening they have developed a greater respect and love of the finer arts. Music seems to hold the favoured top position but various other art forms are also practiced. While it may not be considered an art form, the many years dedicated to the creation and formation of the many large and elaborate gardens have resulted in a true tourist magnet.


None of the Pre-Great Awakening customs survived the marked and radical changes to their society. As a result they seem to have no wide spread customs and very few local ones. Even those are usually restricted to a small area.


They stay a few steps behind most of the truly advanced member worlds in the Federation. Not much expense is put into technology development. They will trade for those advances needed to keep them competetive in the tourism industry.


The key element to their economy is tourism. Next to Risa, they are the next most popular vacation spot for members of the Federation. They also export a few luxury goods and import other key resources.


Since the Great Awakening over 300 years ago, they no longer have any military forces. Prior to that, there were a large number of small, highly aggressive, well armed and much used miniature armies.

Federation Intelligence Files

For more data see the Federation Intelligence File # TOS-2267-1534 and DS9-2371-0568

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