Annihilation Approaches (Denali Station)

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A routine day on Denali Station becomes dangerous as strangely unnoticed, fast-approaching asteroids are set to make an impact faster than the survey team on the USS Eagle can redirect them all.


Senior officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Oddas Aria Fleet Captain
Tomas Falt First Officer
John Kendrick Chief of Security & Tactical Returned from LoA 240001.22
Alex Forsyth Tactical Officer
Neshala HCO Officer
Dekas Chief Engineer
Kettick Engineering Officer
T'Lea Science officer
Freck Science officer
Sasus Raimor Medical Officer Joined 240001.24
Ashley Yael Counselor
Gogigobo Fairhug Marine Captain
Name Position Notes
Ebiss Ton Intelligence officer on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Oddas Aria
Ozai Y'zyr Security Officer on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Ashley Yael
Nan Hesan Marine Gunnery Sergeant on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Tomas Falt
Faela Pirate Captain of The Reaver MSNPC simmed by Gogigobo Fairhug
DaiMon Kaybay owner of the FSS Gold Feather MSNPC simmed by Kettick
Om-Zora Medical Officer on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Dekas
Francisco Villa Marine Corporal on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Gogigobo Fairhug
Gwen Kingsley Marine MWO on Denali Station PNPC simmed by Oddas Aria


A seemingly normal day

Fleet Captain Oddas visits the still-in-progress Transportation Station where Dekas, Kettick, and Neshala are all working to have a conversation about the specifics of the progress.

Around the same time Marine Captain Gogigobo Fairhug holds some cross-security training exercises with Alex Forsyth, and Ozai Y'zyr.

And over on the USS Eagle Lt. Commander Tomas Falt runs some astrometric surveyance with T'Lea, and Freck and finds some odd dust clouds in the process.

Dust clouds which turn out to be some fast-approaching asteroids that mysteriously couldn't be picked up on sensors, and the asteroids are on their way to make a few impacts with the Ring faster than they can redirect all of them.

This couldn't have waited until Tuesday?!

In a time frame that feels altogether too quick, the team on the Eagle and the teams on the Station all have roughly 10 minutes to coordinate a way to keep the suspicious asteroids from creating an extinction event on the Ring.

Marine Captain Gogigobo splits the team and works with Alex Forsyth on a plan to coordinate the city to as close to underground bunkers as they can, while Ozai Y'Zyr goes with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Nan Hesan to work on security from their side.

Engineers Dekas and Kettick try to figure out a way to boost that shielding despite everything against the Station as a whole.

Up on the Eagle, the survey team realizes the asteroids are made out of alucanite, which is magnetic. Something very helpful in trying to deflect the asteroid. In the midst of this epiphany, Dekas reaches out to them for any information that might help make their side of things easier, and Freck relays the information.

The Eagle also reasons out a way to bounce the asteroids off the Ring's odd platforms in a way akin to skipping a stone on a pond, albeit on a wildly different scale, while modulating a tractor beam to make it spin and hopefully bounce off and back into space. Saving an extinction event, although it will still cause problems with the day-night cycle facilitated by the platforms, and some radioactive debris from the impact.

Along the way, Lt. Commander John Kendrick returns from a brief leave of absence and reaches out to the Eagle when he gets the asteroid readings on his own ship's computers to help out.

With the magnetic information, and the suggestion to polarize the shielding, the Engineers plan to just that, and work with Gogigobo's team to use the shuttlecraft Nenana, other shuttlecrafts, and some drones to use as a center point to create something of a Halbrach array; a magnetic field on one side but not the other.

Lieutenant Neshala connects all coordinating teams to easier talk to each other from where she is in Operations with Captain Oddas, Lt. Commander Stelek, and the new Ensign arrival, Doctor Irwin Goldner.

In the meantime, the time coordinating gives roughly five minutes left to get it all in order before the asteroid inevitably hits.


The asteroid makes impact, and puts a hole through one of the Ring's day-night cycle platforms. John Kendrick is beamed from his falling shuttlecraft onto the Eagle before anything too bad can otherwise happen.

Not long after, people are split into various teams to minimize damage. A new doctor on the station, Sasus Raimor, joins the team made up of Dekas, T'Lea, Kettick, and Ozai Y'zyr to get onto a shuttlecraft, and help fix the damaged platform.

On the Station Oddas, Neshala, Yael, Fairhug, and Forsyth help to put a triage in place for potentially injured people, and to maximize safety measures on the Station.

On the Eagle Tomas Falt, Freck, and John Kendrick seek out more information on the potential people in play for who or what caused the Asteroids to head their way, to begin with.

Somewhere watching in the distance is Pirate Captain Faela, the orchestrator of the attack. Enjoying the show.

Damage Control



With damage to the platform causing havoc with the weather, a storm quickly forms and knocks out power to most of Anchorage. Fleet Captain Oddas and Lieutenant Neshala are forced to jury rig tricorders and reroute power from the Clinic in order to be able to reestablish communications with the rest of the crew.


As debris from the damaged platform and chunks of the splintered asteroid begin falling on the makeshift deflector array made up of shuttles, drones and any other available small craft, Marine Captain Fairhug begins coordinating teams to help defend the station and also get anyone still outside, to safety.

Counselor Yael and Gunnery Sergeant Nan Hesan find an injured crewman and carry her to the relative safety of Möbius. Once there, they discover that they have been contaminated by radiation from the chunks of asteroid that managed to get through the Station's defences and its decided that the club is unsafe. Along with proprietor Leyisa Yhanne, they plan to beam all those present to the underground levels of Fairbanks where the Marines have set up a temporary medical facility.

FSS Goldfeather-

Newly arrived Aurelian Lieutenant Om-Zora beams up to DaiMon Kaybay's ship the FSS Goldfeather in order to negotiate use of the ship's facilities, particularly those of a medical nature, with the Ferengi owner.


The Eagle-

Having deflected the first of the asteroids that pose the biggest threat to Denali, The crew of the Eagle moves on to the next one, which is charged with the highly volatile explosive known as TH-79. Having discovered that the alucanite found in some of the asteroids is able to neutralise the TH-79, some samples have been brought aboard, however, the second asteroid's volatility makes it impossible to beam anything into it, leaving Lt. Cmdr. Falt in the unenviable position of having to send Lt. Cmdr. Kendrick and Ensign Freck to deliver the radiation infused chunks of asteroid via shuttle.

The Reaver

To fill in


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