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Anna de Vos (born 24 April 2356) is a human journalist for the FNS. She entered the service in 2395 as a permanent member, empathising on Science & Tech articles.

Education and career

Anna is a graduate from the Paris University, holding two doctorates in Theoretical Chemistry and -Physics. She pursued a position as a High School teacher at the University of Amsterdam, and did so from 2380 to 2389. She then applied to a doctoral teaching position at Paris University, where she became Dr. of Physics. She eventually became department head of the Chemistry department in 2394.

She applied for a job at the FNS in late 2395, in order to help the Federation news network in their understaffing of scientific reporters. She eventually got in for a permanent job, with her first article appearing in the first week of 2396.

Personal life

De Vos was born on Earth in the city of Amsterdam in 2356. She was born to a Dutch father (Anton) and a Irish mother (Kathryn), learning Federation standard from a young age. She got together with her husband, Anton during high school, and they married in 2383. She had two daughters, Linda and Marie in 2384 and 2388, respectively. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband and her two daughters. She enjoys educating, writing stories, science, and playing games.

FNS articles published