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Time on the Excalibur

With his experience in variable mission profiles and sensitive assignments, Anen was drafted to serve on the newly relaunched USS Excalibur-A under the command of his former Commanding Officer, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. Upon arrival, he and the 700 odd crew of the Excalibur witnessed a rousing speech by the Fleet Captain, where Anen noticed that she had obviously changed physically since their last encounter. Just after the ceremony he was introduced to Dian Iskandar, another Doctor aboard the Excalibur who had served on it previously until its decommissioning. Dian informed Anen of the apparent death and rebirth of Captain Nicholotti, which piqued Anen's interest. Given just an hour to organize everything, Anen pushed his curiosity aside and immediately went to work organizing Sickbay, taking a position as 'first among equals' of the present Medical Staff.

Finding Sickbay under stocked and a bit out of date, Anen tried to hurry the process of reactivating the Excalibur's Sickbay in under an hour, not a herculean task on paper but certainly near impossible given the time frame. During this hectic process Anen performed his first official duty as one of the Excalibur's Doctors by giving a quick scan and clean bill of health to Ensign Claryx Vahl. Reaching topics of mutual interest like art and the planet Betazed, both Anen and Claryx were called away to other matters just after completing her physical.

Receiving cryptic but explicit orders from the Captain, Anen was tasked to preform a physical, off the record and off the networked systems, of Major Irina Pavlova. Discovering the breadth of the Major's backstory, like her time on Ketja II, her escape on board the Discovery and her belief that she was being hunted down by rogue elements of Starfleet determined to get their hands on whatever data they could from Irina's body. Doing as he was told, Anen falsified his records and kept everything he truly learned off the record, keeping up the illusion that Major Pavlova had been in stasis the entire 217 years on the Columbia. Having just been transferred from Til'ahn, the conversation naturally turned towards Anen's involvement with Starfleet and his own people's turbulent politics. Anen remained cryptic but he got along well with the Major who revealed her intense desire to return to her own time and her love for her fiancé Aurora James.

Upon taking the Major up on her offer of a drink, Anen became near comatose when the bottle of vodka she shared with Anen produced an extreme allergic reaction. This led to a series of treks and minor incidents in Sickbay, which occurred without his knowledge. Eventually Doctor Dian Iskandar and the rest of the Sickbay staff were able to bring him out of it. This is when Doctor Sonbef first met Doctor Nikki Ryan and was clued into just what his earlier meeting with Counselor Rune Jolara meant. Counselor Jolara was suffering from a pre-mature Season, the Al-Leyan mating cycle and after some detailed analysis, they discovered this was done intentionally but not the culprit.

Another mystery abounded by the end of the mission to Mercadia, but the mission was cut short before all questions could be answered.

Excalibur Colleagues

Irina Pavlova, the Excalibur's Chief of Marines

Colleague/Acquaintance: Irina Pavlova

Anen feels he has found a kindred spirit in the Excalibur's Chief of Marines. Both face a greatly expanded universe than the ones they new until recently and both are from worlds they know they can never return to (there's no accounting for Irina's desire and attempts to however). More than his duty, Anen feels strongly in his attempts to help the Major in her quest to elude certain elements of Starfleet and the Federation who are seemingly out to get anyone with a glimmer of the secret for immortality. Having transferred from the Duronis II Embassy to the Excalibur, Irina is also more knowledgeable about the current events of Til'ahn than he is and his brief conversations with her have relayed to him the volatile nature of the situation there. Anen and Irina are also both connoisseurs of alcohol and Major Pavlova offered Anen a drink. Unfortunately for him, a very, very old bottle of Terran Vodka did not sit well for him and this produced a rather severe (but not life threatening) allergic reaction that had Anen down for the count for the better part of a day.

Kalianna Nicholotti, the Excalibur's Commanding Officer

Colleague/Commanding Officer: Kalianna Nicholotti

Anen's tenure on the Excalibur was not his first time under the command of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. Having interned on Starbase 118 during the second half of 2389, Anen observed many of the more turbulent events of her command of the Starbase, and also her promotion to Captain. When he was told that he would serve under her again, he was unsure if she would remember him and now Anen is certain she does not, on the account of her apparent death and rebirth that has deprived her of her memories. Anen has a kind of minor hero worship of the Fleet Captain, admiring her both as a fellow Doctor who rose to command, and an impeccable commander that led Starbase 118 through some very turbulent times.

Anen Sonbef
Science Officer
USS Excalibur-A
Gender: Male
Race: Laudean
DOB: 236207.03
POB: Maahes, Til'ahn
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