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Anen Sonbef
Medical Officer
USS Excalibur-A
Gender: Male
Race: Laudean
DOB: 236207.03
POB: Maahes, Til'ahn
Aventine in flight.jpg

About the Writer
Like many of my characters, Anen has little tidbits, homages and alludes to other things.

The Names

  • As the Kingdom of Bryque is apparently Ancient Egyptian inspired and carries their naming conventions, I decided to just dig though a list of Ancient Egyptians instead of finding a somewhat symbolic name for him.
    • Anen [1]was a court official of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, who was also a priest and brother in-law to Pharaoh Amenhotep III. He was therefor uncle of the Pharoah Akhenaten and great-uncle to Tutankhamen.
    • Khay [2] was the Vizier of the later part of Ramesses II's reign. Like Anen (the character) Khay had pretty important parents including a foreign father and an incredibly important mother.
    • Sonbef [3] was an apparently minor Pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty. He is virtually unknown outside of a few steles that bare his name.
    • Imyremeshaw [4] was another minor Pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty and very few records of his reign still exist. Imyremeshaw was supposed to be Anen's last name but instead of torturing everyone (including myself) on how to pronounce it, I changed his surname to Sonbef and made him a member of House Imyremeshaw.