Andrew Davenport

Andrew Davenport is a civilian freelance journalist who was active in the Menthar Corridor from late 2391 until his disappearance in 2392. Prior to this, Davenport spent nearly all of his life in the Sol system. Davenport spent nearly three years as a captive of the Maquis Reborn until his escape in 2395. He is once again active as a Freelance Reporter, currently writing on current events in the Sol sector.

Andrew Davenport
Position Journalist
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 236010.31
Age 40
Birthplace Starbase 1


Though not yet well known in most circles, Davenport doesn't have many friends in Starfleet, even after living on a Starfleet ship for several months. His most well-known work remain a series of features on Romulan refugees of the Hobus star incident, many of whom passed through the Sol system before being sent to other planets. The articles were somewhat critical of Starfleet's humanitarian response to the crisis, highlighting the plights of many refugees who lived in camps for months at a time, even in the Sol system. The articles were factually accurate, but, as his critics claimed, unbalanced. They are still occasionally cited by politicians and other entities looking to cast doubt on the Federation's reputation.

Davenport claimed to have inside knowledge of a wide-reaching conspiracy that involved members of the Federation council. The exact nature of this supposed threat was vague, but during the Maquis Reborn's attack on DSX in late 2391, Davenport insisted that someone attempted to assassinate him specifically because he had been asking the wrong questions. He claimed to be searching for evidence of this conspiracy and its connections to the Cardassian government until his disappearance.


In 2392, shortly after receiving quarters on the newly launched Astrofori One, Davenport disappeared. Station security found no evidence of foul play, but he was declared officially missing by Stardate 239205. In mid-2395, Davenport reappeared in Federation space at the helm of an old Federation runabout, presumed destroyed during the Dominion War. Upon rescue, Davenport revealed that he had been held captive by the Maquis Reborn, who apparently hoped to use him to gain sympathy for their cause. As Davenport repeatedly refused to write propaganda for the terrorist organization, the reporter was punished and eventually marooned on an uncharted desert world deep in the Badlands. After nearly a year on the planet, Davenport found the crashed-but-salvageable runabout and was able to restore enough systems to escape the planet and return to Federation space. A book detailing his experience is scheduled to be released on November 1, 2395.