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Date Event
Pre-1284 Andoria is torn by planetary civil war. Clans form alliances, attack other clans, then break allegiance and fight each other. Chaos ensues.
1284 A clan lord, Krotus, succeeds in conquering Andoria by defeating the most powerful opposing clans before turning them against the weaker remnants. This act unites Andoria and puts an end to the hundreds of years of bitter fighting. Krotus ushers in an industrial age. Andoria begins to prosper.
1332 Krotus is assassinated by his daughter. She seizes control of his clan, but is by no means as successful at maintaining control of the planet. While technological advances continue to be made, the planet's political situation begins to rapidly destabilise.
1597 Disputes over the Tharan Mountains trade route ignite hostilities between warlords, resulting in 100 years of bitter warfare that destroys nearly everything the Andorians had built. This came to be known as the Time of Lament.
1692 Lor’Vela, a 14 year-old girl, slays her mother and takes control of her keth in response to a fever-induced dream. She calls together the leaders of the clans to the Council of Tarsk, and persuades them to forego attacks on each other in an attempt to restore Andor to its former glory. The government she set up during this time remains in effect even to this day.
c.1910 The Vulcans make first contact with the Andorians, whom they believe show promise despite their tendency towards strong emotion. The Andorians quickly reject their offers of aid and collaboration due to what they perceived as overly meddlesome behaviour.
c.1950 The Andorians and Vulcans begin a border dispute that will last for the next 200 years. The Vulcans are unsettled by neighbours that they consider to be barbaric and casually violent. The Andorians believe that the an invasion may be imminent, and rely on their ability to stage a massive counterattack as a deterrant.
c.2050 Andorians terraform Weytahn, a class-D planetoid, that lies in a strategic location close to the Vulcan homeworld. When the Vulcan demand to inspect the colony to ensure there are no military installations on the surface is denied, the Vulcans decide to forcibly evacuate the planet. The dispute rages on for many years.
2097 A treaty is signed in which the Vulcans claim Weytahn, and rename it Paan Mokar. A surveillance sattelite is placed in orbit to monitor the planet's surface.
2104 Andorians discover a hidden settlement of Aenar located below the Issan ice cap, also referred to as the Northern Wastes. Until this time, the existence of the telepathic Aenar, a subspecies of Andorians was thought to have been a myth.
2118 Andorians Develop warp travel.


An interior view of the covert Vulcan monitoring station at P'Jem.
The Vulcan fleet engages the Andorians at the Battle of Andoria.
Jonathan Archer forms an alliance between the Andorians and three other races. This foreshadows the Coalition of Planets.
The signing ceremony for the Coalition of Planets.
The founding ceremony for the United Federation of Planets.
Date Event
2151 Andorians make first contact with Humans at the Vulcan sanctuary of P'Jem. While hostilities arise in the first instance, Captain Jonathan Archer's involvement in exposing a secret Vulcan listening post ingratiates him with Andorian Commander Shran.
2151 Commander Shran saves the human Captain Jonathan Archer from rebel forces on the planet Coridan, despite Vulcan interference almost compromising the operation.
2152 Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer mediates negotiations that lead to a ceasefire between Vulcan and Andorian forces on the colony world of Weytahn, despite resistance from both sides.
2153 An Andorian vessel under the command of Shran, the Kumari, enters the Delphic Expanse in search of the starfleet ship, Enterprise. On learning that the Xindi are developing a super-weapon that is intended to destroy Earth, the Andorians attempt to harness the weapon to use in their own defense force.
2153 The Vulcan High Command begins plans to invade Andoria.
2154 The Vulcan High Command authorizes a fleet of Vulcan ships amassed near the Regulus system to open fire on an Andorian Task Force. The attack, which had been engineered through Romulan interference, became known as the Battle of Andoria.
2154 After the Vulcan High Command is dissolved and replaced by a new regime, the Vulcans enter into a more peaceful stance with the Andorians. The Cold War is finally over.
2154 The Andorian Empire is among the galactic powers involved in preventing the destabilization of their region of space by a Romulan drone-ship. The Romulans had been using an Aenar to pilot their vessel by telepresence to prevent the Vulcans from being able to make visual contact.
2155 Formation of the Coalition of Planets, an agreement of mutual defense and co-operation between the Andorians, Tellarites, Vulcans and Humans.
2156 Andoria becomes involved in the Romulan-Earth war as a member of the Coalition of Planets.
2160 The Romulans are routed at the Battle of Cheron. This leads to the establishment of the Romulan Neutral Zone, an area of space into which neither side may cross lest it be considered an act of war.
2161 The Coalition of Planets is consolidated to become the United Federation of Planets.
2164 Captain Jonathan Archer is inducted as an honorary member of the Andorian Imperial Guard by Shran
2169 Jonathan Archer becomes the Federation Ambassador to Andoria.
2230 The Atlin Zoological park is founded. The zoo is said to contain more than 500 different animal species from many different Federation worlds.
2247 Andorian Captain Igrilan Kor begins service on the U.S.S. Eagle, an all Andorian-crewed starship. The crew receives more decorations and awards than any other in the fleet.
2268 Andorian Ambassador Shras attends the Babel Conference, and supports Coridan's entry into the United Federation of Planets.
2286 Andorians now hold two seats on the Federation Council, more than ever before.