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Andorians are divided not by countries or political boundaries, but by family and clan groups. The clans, known as keth, each specialise in an area of expertise, as well as representing a portion of the Andorian government. Below is a sample of some major Andorian clans and their specialisms.

Clan Specialism
Aldin Sciences
Athrun Piloting
Birev Engineering
Dara Black Ops
Dovoro Business and Trade
Idrani Armed Combat
Idisha Theater and Bladesmithing
Kor Negotiation
P'Trell Medicine
Talliryen Industry

One Andorian clan of note is Reiji, a near-forgotten clan who devote themselves to representing the old way of life. They have been known to take part in an archaic form of gambling in which they stake their own teeth.

Clans meet in keeps, underground fortresses that are formed either naturally in the case of volcanic caves, or else are man-made. A representative from each keth, known as a Presider, is sent to represent the clan on the Andorian government.

The upper floor of council chamber contains an eight-sided room known as the Heroes’ antechamber. The Andorian Chancellor and the Federation Ambassador are both elected by members of the keth and serve on the Andorian government.