Anders, Baylen: Personal History

Lt. Commander Baylen Anders

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CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES Baylen grew up in a spa, his Parents owned one of the two spas in town, They were good friends of Loralai and Hewitt Flynn. So Baylen became good friends with there oldest son. Antero Flynn. They two use to have a lot of sleep overs when they were little and would sit in the living room floor of one of there parents home and watch Risian Holo-Cartoons in there Underoos. Later as they grew up they took up surfing lessons together and found a love for endless days of surfing, and playing in the Ocean. Many days spent scuba diving and exploring underwater treasurers and caves.

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They had many days as beach bums sitting on the beach waxing the surfboard and drinking little mixed drinks and listening to music. They also loved going Rock Climbing on some of the cliffs and mountains, then once at the top, camping out and then base jumping back to beaches.

Baylen and Antero would flirt endlessly with guest of the Planet Risa. They felt it was there duty.

TEENAGE YEARS When Baylen was Seventeen years old his mother and father picked up and moved to Earth, they opened a Risan Spa in the Trade District of New Orleans LA. He grew up in the New Orleans culture, the Anders had a beautiful plantation in the Garden District. Learning a lot of the Earth ways and falling deeply in love with New Orleans. Baylen attended the Tulane University school of Therapy. He worked long hours in the Paradise Point Resort. After graduation from Tulane, Baylen took on a full time roll in the Spa. He saw the Spa grow from a small three room spa to one with over 100 massage sweets and a pool and hot tub. A gym was added and a few bars and other such services where add. People from all over earth came to taste a little of Risa right in there back yards. Once the Spa was a major success, three hotels and condos where built along with Gardens and open air shopping courts.

The Spa is now the largest resort on Earth and one of the largest in the sectors. There is even a second Sisko's locations in one of the Casinos along with a replica of Quarks from DS9. Right in the center of the compound is the largest Holodeck on Earth, being over six story's tall. Baylen loved the Spa and loved being a part of its growth.


Star Base 118 Ops


  • December: Shore Leave, Star Base 118 Operations

The USS Albion returned home under tractor beam, a beaten and broken shell of what she once was, blown to hell by the USS Stormcrow. It was not unlike the time the Enterprise returned to Spacedock after a battle with her own Federation Star Ship. One docked, Baylen left to pick up his Pug, Baxter. Then a hot shower and a very long nap. He sat out on the beach and read a book for a bit and then changed and went and meet up with Theo Whittaker and Nira for drinks and chatting, while they waited for the rest of the crew to fill in. Baylen almost lost his breath when he walked in the Keals Pub and saw the beautiful young Chief Engineer sitting at the bar. Baylen could feel his heart racing, he felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then walked over to join them with Risian Purple Haze Spirits that he poured into three shot glasses for everyone to enjoy.