Andastre Ruane

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USS Apollo-A
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Andraste Ruane
Position Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank Commander
Species Laudean
Gender Female
DOB 236208.06
Age 35
Birthplace Vorgal, Devi, Til'ahn

Commander Andraste Ruane is currently serving as the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Apollo-A.


  • Height: 5'5
  • Hair: Black with chocolate brown highlights. Shoulder length, with tight curls and lots of volume.
  • Face: Large forehead, prominent nose, huge smile. Her ears, and the skin around her hairline is purple, which is typical for Laudeans though colour may vary.
  • Eyes: Goldenrod
  • Skin: A deep, golden bronze tone.
  • Build: Curvy with sculpted arms and legs.


Adelaide Williams.png

Adelaide Williams
Close friend

Andraste met Adelaide and her husband Wallace at an Embassy function one evening and developed a great rapport over a shared love of theatre. This soon blossomed into a close friendship and the duo made a routine of seeing something at the theatre and enjoying a meal together every month. Adelaide gave Andraste the nickname 'Rue' as a term of endearment on a girls night out one night when they were both a little tipsy and it has stuck ever since.


Wallace Williams

Wallace and Andraste met in the gym at the Embassy of Duronis II where they were both stationed. Since they tended to work out on the same days and times, they often bumped into one another. With Wallace being so friendly by nature, striking up a friendship was easy. This developed into spotting one another and then some friendly competition to push each other to be in the best form possible. They also bumped into each other here and there as duty required. He later introduced Andraste to his wife, Adelaide who went on to become one of her closest friends.


Gogigobo Fairhug

Andraste first met Gogi at the Embassy of Duronis II, where they were both stationed. During the line of duty, Andraste sometimes had intelligence to share with the security team that Gogi was a member of. They also bumped into each other at Embassy functions and struck up a rapport over their shared love of a good time.

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Awards and Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy
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SIM Archive

  • 239602.18 - Start of a fresh adventure: Commander Ruane has been reassigned to the USS Apollo-A, an Odyssey class ship assigned to the Delta Quadrant. It's been a long journey and she's getting restless aboard the Talaxian trading vessel that's taking her on the last leg of her journey to join her new crew.
  • 239602.18 - Is it really you?: Andraste arrives on the bridge to a big surprise! Someone she left behind on the Embassy of Duronis II is here and among the first to welcome her aboard.

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Regional Commander
Commanding Officer
Andastre Ruane
Executive Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug
Chief of Security
Khatri Darshana
Daniel Cain.png
Security Officer
Daniel Cain
Wallace JG.png
Security Officer
Wallace Williams
Tactical Officer
Conrad Adler
Wiar Sh'zatrahr.png
Engineering Officer
Wiar Sh'zatrahr
Davine D'fini.jpg
Chief Science Officer
Davine D'fini
Dar toral.jpeg
Science Officer
Dar Toral
Medical Officer
Sakira P'au
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