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PC's First

One of the most important things on healthy and active ships is to build rich, fulfilling relationships between our PC characters. Those relationships might develop into friendship, romance, tension, or animosity - the important thing is that they develop. Writing for PNPC's can be a lot of fun, however, always keep in mind that they are meant only to be supporting characters to our PC's.

Got An Idea For A PNPC

If you have a PNPC you would like to see added to list, you should email the CO to discuss your idea. In adding a PNPC you are essentially adding a new character to the show. That's a pretty big deal! It is important that you and the CO have a chance discuss your PNPC's background, purpose, role on the ship and how they might influence the experiences of our main PC's on the ship. Therefore, all PNPC's, whether specific or shared, must get the green light from the CO before being added to the list and simmed on the ship.

The PNPC Roster

USS Blackwell NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti Human female Ambassador-at-Large Ash MacKenna
Rolla Haneer Human Female Captain's Yeoman Theo Whittaker
Lieutenant JG Danni James Human female Engineering Officer Rune Jolara
Ensign Thordic Sende Ulthex Ferentis Pakhwa'thanh male Engineering Officer Randal Shayne
Ensign K'Torin Raj Bajoran Male Engineering Officer Na'Lae Mandak
Matthew Human Male Warp Core Spec. General NPC
Lieutenant Sanara Pran Trill female Security Officer Theo Whittaker
Chief Petty Officer
Raewa Rigelian Male Master-At-Arms/Armoury Officer General NPC
Serisina Drass Bolian Female Acting Chief Science Officer Jarred Thoran
Ensign Rachel Sinclaire Human Female Science Officer Na'Lae Mandak
Lieutenant Commander Cayden Adyr Trill female Intelligence Operative Kali Nicholotti
Petty Officer Third Class Lucia Maria Aquilina Coverian Female Intelligence Analyst Jarred Thoran
Savok Vulcan Male Botanist Anath G'Renn

USS Darwin-A NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By

Deep Space 26 NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Asongis Se Betazoid Male Commanding Officer General NPC
YriKrell Zh'Athrun Andorian Zhen Runabout Pilot General NPC
Lieutenant JG Natia Drinthar Andorian Zhen Chief Paralegal Noa T'Nessa Levinson
Edward Muntz Human Male Chief Engineer General NPC
Lt. Commander
Ashbee Perkins Human Male Engineering Officer General NPC
Lieutenant Fruor Ghanel Tiburon Male Engineering Officer General NPC
Lieutenant JG
Cahar Gyl Melthusian Male Operations Officer General NPC
Lt. Commander
Jolan Barod Bolian Male Security Chief General NPC
Lt. Commander Orala Rageo Rigelian Female Security Deputy Chief General NPC
Lieutenant Akeem Hafiff Human Male Security Officer General NPC
Sorik Vulcan Male Security Officer General NPC
Lt. Commander Crill Porlax Edosian Female Chief Medical Officer General NPC
Lieutenant JG
Melody Green Human Female Station Counselor General NPC
Tidas Cuuzar Orion Male Nurse General NPC
Hayden Faule Human Male Nurse General NPC
302nd Tactical Fighter Wing
Civilian Byron DeWitt Centauran Male Captain of the Pyrrha Toryn Raga
Civilian Sa'has Rathmin Andorian Male Xenocultural Specialist General NPC
Civilian Jordan Stone Human Female Teacher General NPC
AnsPon Robertson Human Male Xenoarchaeologist General NPC
Civilian Sulia Imari Betazoid Female Xenoanthropologist General NPC
Civilian Valan E'htar Laudean Male Xenoanthropologist General NPC
Civilian Fulp Lurian Male Transport Merchant General NPC

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Commanding Ofc.
Theo Whittaker
Executive Ofc.
Jarred Thoran
Chief of HCO & 2XO
Randal Shayne
Diplomatic Ofc.
Mirra Ezo
Intel Ofc.
Na'Lae Mandak
Intel Ofc.
Talos Dakora
Acting Chief Sec
Chief Tac
Krindo Pandorn
Chief Engineer
Luna Walker
Chief Science Ofc.
Ash MacKenna
Chief Medical Ofc.
Anath G'Renn
Medical Officer
Saden Lor
Dir. Behavioural Sci.
Rune Jolara
Hal Mika
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