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The Andaris Task Force Player Spotlight is an opportunity to get to know and recognise our fantastic players for IC and OOC achievement beyond promotions and awards. Each month a different player is featured.

List of Featured Players

Kael Thomas.png

Kael Thomas
April Spotlight

Aaron, the writer behind Kael Thomas, known commonly as 'KT' has been with the fleet for almost 15 years. He joined in 2380 and his first assignment was the USS Victory. Since then, he has served on a number of ships in a number of positions and has won sought after awards such as The Voyager Medallion, which recognises excellence in the Operations duty post.

He was the Darwin’s First Officer and he served in that role again when the ship was later relaunched making him one of our longest standing and most loyal players. Much like his character, KT is a true professional who has served as an Academy Trainer, where he has guided many players through their first steps in the game. In his capacity as mentor he’s helped many players get more enjoyment out of the game, develop their writing and simming skills and achieve their highest potential. As Calender Master, he ensured that all fleet events made it to the calendar so everyone could see what’s happening around the fleet.

We want to show appreciation for this most valued of players whose honesty, dedication and outstanding work ethic have benefitted us time and again. It’s hard to sum up just how much we appreciate Aaron and everything he has done and continues to do for us. Thank you!

Aaron was kind enough to answer a few questions to allow us to get to know him a little better:

How long have you been Role playing? I've been roleplaying through DnD and Simming for about 20 years.

What kinds of Role playing do you like most? (action, adventure, mystery, etc) I'm a big fan of Mystery. Although, I think Mystery also has to include action!

What advice do you have for new players? You should develop a solid backstory, but only so far as it establishes your position in life as it is right now, primarily your values and beliefs. It gives you something to grab onto when you are trying to think about how your character will react. Without it, it's easy to flip flop around and you'll find you aren't being consistent. Fighting moral dilemmas with yourself because your values are Good, but it doesn't match what you want to do is fantastic role playing!

What would people be surprised to know about you? That I once made a billy cart from scratch, which if you knew me would be surprising in itself. I then proceeded to find an stupidly steep hill and ride down it. Consequently losing control and hitting a police car down the bottom. Needless to that over the next month, that Police car was very clean.

What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about a lot of things, but probably around Youth and giving them a good start in life. A lot of kids come from families who are doing their best but it's often not enough. Our future is our youth so if we can give them all right tools and the right help they need then our country will be great! Too many unemployed, homeless youth out there and I'm very passionate about doing what I can to reverse that!

Why not get to know Kael Thomas better by reading this wonderful IC interview conducted by our very own Kendra Eberhart: Nervous Engineers and Friendly Reporters.