Amity Outpost Layout/Wet Goods Tavern & Karaoke Bar

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Interior of Three Stripes - Bar Area
Interior of Three Stripes - Band and Karaoke Area

Wet Goods Tavern & Karaoke Bar is a tavern and Karaoke bar located in the Grand Mezzanine on Amity Outpost. It is owned and operated by Cian Flanagan.

The entrance to the tavern has wooden doors. Across the top above the door was the name in Gaelic and Federation Standard.

Booths are located inside that have a privacy screen for patrons. It has a kitchen at the rear of the establishment, for those wanting quick meals.

There is a stage set up for karaoke, and provides for the option of having a live band play on occasion. There are tables in front of the stage for paying customers.